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Stolen Guest Airbnb Account Used to Rob Me

Here’s my horror story; it’s nice to know I’m not alone. I had a person Instant Book my place with a stolen Airbnb account. The account holder was in Belgium and this guy was from Canada where my property is. I texted her to see how things were going only to find out she had […]

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Customer Service Nightmare: Not My Listing

All of a sudden there was a listing for a place in Amsterdam on my Airbnb account. I started getting emails about the space – 183 to be exact. I called Airbnb and waited about twelve minutes until someone came on the line. I explained that somehow someone else’s rental was showing on my account. […]

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Another Airbnb Debacle: What do Mediators even do?

I called Airbnb to let them know that I had a signed contract with my guest, Ms. Ponga, which superseded theirs and any dispute was to be handled with the American Arbitration Association. I have never called to notify them of this before, but I knew this guest was trouble. My big mistake was caring that […]

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Airbnb Insurance for Damages is a Joke

This is a real story that proves that Airbnb insurance is a fraud. Although they state that they cover all costs for any damages caused by guests up to $1,000,000, when it comes to paying they simply don’t. I have a house in Crete, Greece, and hosted a family this August. During their stay, they […]

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Airbnb: Worst Customer Service In The World

I was a host with Airbnb and for whatever reason they disabled my account with no explanation. I tried contacting them over 100 times, and all I got was a runaround and no explanation as to why they took the actions they did. Airbnb is making billions of dollars right now so I guess they […]

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Airbnb Built on Institutionalized Fraud

Airbnb takes the full payment amount from guests when bookings are made. Then they keep the money for however many days, weeks, or months before the guests actually arrive and are supposed to pay the host as follows: “Airbnb releases your payout about 24 hours after your guest’s scheduled check-in.” What actually happens is that […]

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Airbnb Nightmare Before and After Christmas

I didn’t want to repeat my entire nightmare, but I do not wish this drama upon anyone. This was the nightmare before and after Christmas. We feel very upset about all the effort we have made to try and accommodate this family. So here is the letter I have written to them instead of an […]

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Guests Refuse to Use our Plates, Cup and Cutlery

We have been hosting with Airbnb for two years now and have had over 400 guests (we live near an airport in the UK) from 30 different countries. There have been mostly very good experiences but obviously with over 400 guests you do meet a few weirdos. This one booking was for six weeks for a […]

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What has happened to Airbnb? Why are guests so bad?

I’ve been hosting for three years. The last guest turned up at my house drunk, took his shoes off to release a cheesy foot odor that I could taste but still declined a shower and drank another bottle of wine while I sat with him. Then within one hour after I went out, he broke […]

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Airbnb Cancelled My Account and All Bookings

I was a superhost. My listing was always booked which means I was making Airbnb the 18% commission they get from each booking. My reviews were amazing, averaging to 4.7 Stars. My location prevented getting 5 stars. I am 6 miles from the local attractions and most found that 6 miles was worth not giving 5 stars, […]

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Airbnb Refuses to Pay, Still Wants me to Host

I am new to vacation rentals. I signed up for Airbnb and VRBO in October but then had to suspend bookings as we were completing renovations; I needed time to get my affairs in order with them. When I signed up for VRBO I was instantly helped and hooked up. Ever since then my problems were […]

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Guest from Hell’s Complaints Neverending

I accepted an instant book for six nights starting in a few days time. I have hosted on Airbnb for nearly two years with great reviews (even from other hosts). My mobile home is based in Florida and is offered for sole use. Recently a guest brought in some bugs not native to the US […]

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Stupid Policies Keep Payment from Hosts

I am a host with Airbnb. I set up an account as a host, but I forgot to set up a payment method. I did not have a guest until November 30th, a 60-day stay. They told me that I would be paid a day after the guest arrived. When I did not receive payment […]

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Airbnb Laundered Over $100K into Unauthorized Account

We are a corporate housing provider. One of our employees opened up personal Paypal accounts under their own name and Airbnb deposited over $100,000 into these accounts. It has been two weeks, several phone calls, and follow-up emails with still no response. We will have to engage a lawyer as Airbnb has shown no initiative […]

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Possible Prostitution from Airbnb Guest

I received a guest’s reservation for one person from 12/10-12/29. After the reservation was confirmed, Airbnb sent me an email saying he did not finish sending payment and the reservation was not confirmed. The next day, Airbnb sent an email saying the payment had been confirmed and the reservation was confirmed. Before arriving, the guest texted me around 6:00 AM […]

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Account Hacked, Payment Withheld by Airbnb

My account was hacked sometime before October 17th. I realized something was wrong one week later, because I could not receive the emails my future host was sending me, and I wrote Airbnb asking for help. There was no reply. On November 6th I realised, entering my account via Facebook, the system didn’t recognise my […]

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Left High and Dry by Airbnb App: No Contact Details

The Airbnb system is meant to provide the host’s contact details once a booking has been paid for and confirmed, but what happens if the system itself malfunctions and the contact information is withheld? On a recent trip, when on my way to my next host, I discovered that the Airbnb app was not displaying […]

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Guest Absconded, Airbnb Avoids Payment

Almost two months ago my guest absconded. No problem, I thought. Airbnb took payment for the month he was here and will cover the other two months by deducting payment from his credit card. However, Airbnb did not process the payment for the month the guest left. I have now phoned and mailed Airbnb so many […]

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Deceitful Guests with Unauthorized Dogs Given Full Refund

I own two La Jolla, CA beach area homes that I manage.I use HomeAway and also Airbnb. I’ve been hosting and managing the properties since early 2013 and haven’t had one negative review. I accepted an Instant Book – never again! – 65 days prior for Thanksgiving: November 22nd for 6 nights. During the summer, peak season […]

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Airbnb: Poorest Customer Service in the World

What a joke! We have been using Airbnb for about a year. I have to admit that we have been relatively happy about this. We had two annoying events: in July our account got disabled and it took us about two weeks to restore it. We don’t really know how they did it, but they […]

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Airbnb Cancellation Policy is Unfair to Hosts

I accepted a three-night rental in our one-bedroom apartment. In doing so, I blocked off those nights so that I could not accept any other inquiries for those dates. Then, the very day of check in, I received a message from the guest that he wanted to cancel, presumably because of a sick relative. They […]

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Three Weeks and Counting, No Response from Airbnb

I wish I could say what the hell caused this but no one at Airbnb has responded. I booked travel plans for one night in a pet-friendly accommodation. It turned out it wasn’t pet friendly, so I cancelled. I then received a message saying Airbnb will keep the booking fee. I submitted an objection to this policy and […]

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Airbnb UK Host Held Responsible for Fake Listing

Airbnb does not listen and does not care. I’ve just been sent an automated request for feedback on my experience. The guest has not even responded to my most recent communication four days ago and blamed my son – an excellent Airbnb host, as can be seen by the reviews by guests – for calls […]

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Crazy First Time Airbnb Guest in London

I live in a penthouse in central London and I was renting out my room; I mistakenly allowed guests for just one night. Someone decided to book at midnight for the next day and I accepted. As soon as I accepted she sent me a message asking me to light up the balcony with candles, […]

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Airbnb Non-Payment from Successful Stay

I had a guest for two days and Airbnb did not pay. They claim the payment did not materialize and now they have been “looking” at the issue for a week. A case manager is supposedly solving the problem with no results and no feedback on what is exactly going on. I called today and the […]

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  1. Sooo….my husband and I rent a condo out through Airbnb in southern california and in the past month we have had terrible guests. These people have stolen things off the wall, they’ve stolen brand new sheets and towels. The worst is probably the people who’ve left garbage strewn around the entire condo, and then to top it off in the bathroom they dedicated on the floor next to the toilet. Perhaps they didn’t want use the toilet they had covered in layers of vomit. I’m totally disgusted by people and really don’t want to rent out through Airbnb anymore-

  2. Christine – It’s not BnB fault you had terrible guests. I hope you lodged a complaint with BnB within 48 hours to cover the costs of the clean up and stolen items.

    If you decide to stay with BnB – then only take verified guests with host references and make sure you have clear discussions with them to find out more about them and their plans before accepting a booking

  3. Had an issue and needed to cancell my host statues. Computer problem so called into help desk. They refused to help or cancell my account . So I am going to have unwanted guest show up.

  4. Arbnb is not going to pay for anything. They may get the guests to pay, but they are not going to honor their policy. They have no morales in my experience.

  5. have been waiting a week for airbnb to unlock my disabled account no one is calling finally called them again rep said escalate call i said no i am getting nothing I am on hold right now I have just gotten another email escalating the call what a waste of time never in my life experienced such poor customer service

    • We have been “disabled” since December 12, 2016. We call & email daily with no response from trust & safety. Airbnb made our listing active for 1 day January 8, so we could leave a review. The following day the listing was disabled again. That reservation was made prior to December 12 & Airbnb was able to give me the contact # for the guest to communicate with them. Payments for 2 different stays have not been released. We were booked almost every weekend & some into the week.

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