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Host Cancellation Policy Not Worth Paper it is Written On

Just a warning for you hosts out there. Airbnb can refund 100% of the rate you have agreed upon with guests, and will not even inform you about it. The first you will know is when you receive a statement saying they have taken the money from your bank account, or deducted it from a […]

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Airbnb Steals Your Money And Then Makes You Angry

We just found that Airbnb didn’t transfer our money a few days after the client paid until we contacted them about this issue. Later, they cancelled one payment from another guest who actually already checked in and was not entitled to get any refund; we had a strict cancellation policy. We charged a very low […]

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I really need the money, but can’t stand this any more

When I retired I bought my dream house in a popular US vacation destination. It’s a relatively large house and I spent a fortune remodeling and putting it together. In 2008 I lost the remainder of my savings in the big crash, and now have to support myself and my house on half of what […]

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Won’t Host on Airbnb After Disgusting Guests

I was a host on Airbnb and after my latest experience with them I am only using VRBO now. We have been renting our ranch on Airbnb for years and I have never seen our home in such disarray. Our cleaning team sent me a list of all the issues (photo provided) including but not […]

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Total Frustration Uploading Photo IDs on Airbnb

Talk about total frustration. I tried the night before at least 15 times to upload a passport photo using Airbnb’s interface and taking a snapshot of the photo using my computer. The photo image uploaded came out nearly perfect. However I got a message stating the picture was not clear. I tried taking a picture […]

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Drunk Guest Messed up Apartment, Lied to Airbnb

I use an electronic lock to let guests in as a largely absent host. The guest locked himself out by inadvertently entering a code that disables the lock until you open it from the inside. This had never happened before in years of using the lock. He called me at 9:27 PM on a Friday […]

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Your Personal Safety Comes First With Airbnb

I have heard hundreds of horror stories from neighbors, guests and hosts alike. First of all, I cannot believe the number of people who give total strangers the keys to their home. Unless these hosts are changing the locks after each guest, they are asking for huge problems. A guest could easily have a copy […]

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Apartment in Brussels Illegally Rented on Airbnb

I am the owner of an apartment in Brussels. A couple of months ago I discovered that the person who rents my apartment has listed it on Airbnb. First of all, it is against the regulations in the apartment complex. I already had to pay a 500-euro fine. After calling the person who rents my […]

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Superhost Gets Super Bad Treatment From Airbnb

On July 11th, 2017, I received an award from Airbnb for being a Superhost for four quarters, something I have consistently achieved over two years and seventy guests. I have since received appalling ‘service’ from Airbnb. There are two types of Airbnb hosts: the rich landlords who own multiple properties and offer nothing but a […]

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Airbnb Terminated Account Based on Guest Complaint

I have been an Airbnb host for more than four years and in two countries. My review history ranged between 4-4.5 stars. Generally speaking I received lower ratings from those nitpicky guests this very website warns you about and great ratings form seasoned travellers who appreciate our friendly approach and willingness to assist guests with […]

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Claim Made 20 Days Ago, Still Waiting For Our Money

We had a guest stay at our property using Airbnb (we live next door) and several things went wrong. First, they had way more people than agreed; they brought in a dog and damaged some of our personal property. When the guests left, we went inside to find blood soaked bed sheets, duvet cover, and […]

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Incorrect Compensation for Working Hot Tub

We had been scheduled to host three people for a month. Before they checked in we asked them if they wanted us to fill up the jacuzzi for them but they said we could just show them how it worked when we met at check in. We instructed them about this the moment they arrived […]

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Hosting Companies Are Slowly Ruining Airbnb

I am neither a host nor guest although I have used Airbnb as a guest and had great experiences. I applied for a casual job as a cleaner for an Airbnb house. In applying I dealt with the owner. After weeks of delays and masses of emails the house was finally on the market. It […]

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Airbnb Payment Cannot be Transferred to my Account

My disturbing story begins with hosting on Airbnb. I made my account and made the listing, with everything so precise. Then I added my transaction number (as a new customer I had no idea about these administrative things). After a couple of hours, a guest booked my place and I accepted. Everything was going in […]

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Account Disabled, Money Withheld from Long Time Host

Before I give my story regarding Airbnb, I want to state here that I am looking for other hosts that have similar stories, in hope of starting a class action lawsuit against Airbnb. Attorneys will only take a case against Airbnb if there is the potential of a large payout, and this can be accomplished […]

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Airbnb Guests Throw Party And Damage Our Home

I am sharing my story because I feel all hosts need to know how important it is to protect your home from unruly guests. We recently had our first guest in our vacation home on the Columbia River by the Gorge Ampitheatre. Sadly, our first experience did not go very well. We met the group […]

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Host Didn’t Show, And No Help From Airbnb

For a one-day meeting in Boston I scheduled an Airbnb stay with an early morning flight out. The agreement was for me to arrive “around 5:00 PM” which is what I did; at 5:02 PM I showed up in front of the locked door of the apartment building. The profile didn’t say which apartment, and […]

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How Long Do I Have to Wait for My Refund, Airbnb?

My last Airbnb guest left red spots on my two antique pillows. He left and didn’t tell me that he had spoiled my linen. I filed a complaint and he said he didn’t tell me because I was not talking to him. I don’t know how words we exchanged, sentences, and conversing is not considered […]

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Know What You’re Getting Into Before You Book

In the city center of Palma de Mallorca in the Balearic Islands of Spain, there was a cozy and quiet Airbnb apartment for rent in a building over 100 years old. It was newly renovated and in the historic center of Palma, located 150 meters from City Hall Square (Cort), 300 meters from the cathedral, […]

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Airbnb Colludes with Guests to Provide Refunds

I had a guest from Seattle: Canadian, liar, Harvard Extension student. She traveled via Airbnb to deliberately find problems with hosts in order to find a cheap place to stay and free food. You should have the full story. She had full access to the kitchen. The microwave was not in the kitchen (in my room) […]

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Airbnb Can Hold Hosts’ Money Hostage

I am going to make this short. My wife and I bought a short term rental property in central Florida. We joined Airbnb in May 2017. We got a lead from Airbnb for a guest to stay at the end of June through July 2017. We asked how we would get paid so we set […]

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Multicultural Hosts Slammed with Xenophobic Claims

This is a long story, one too long for me to live all over again as it still is stressful and leaves me anxious. However, I just discovered Airbnb Hell, so I decided to share my story and hopefully help future hosts. My wife and I have been hosts on Airbnb for a year. During […]

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Airbnb Guests Doing Illegal Drugs at our Apartments

I’m not too sure which point I should be focusing on, the bad guest experiences or the Airbnb management system, but I will be explaining both so readers can be the judge. First, I had a guest book one of my apartments and checked in at night around 11:00 PM. He rang me up and […]

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Could it be? A positive Airbnb customer service experience?

I was renting my property with Airbnb. I had already had several great guests and I had many more booked for the rest of the year. I was then informed by the freeholder of my property that he would no longer permit short-term lets and changed the lease. This left me with a problem, as I […]

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How Airbnb Refused to Protect Basic Human Rights

Note from Airbnb Hell editor: this post contains strong language I would like to tell you a story about how Airbnb has treated me when I was faced with homophobic abuse at my own house by one of Airbnb guests. Let’s start from the beginning: I am renting my spare room via Airbnb in Amsterdam, […]

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  1. Sooo….my husband and I rent a condo out through Airbnb in southern california and in the past month we have had terrible guests. These people have stolen things off the wall, they’ve stolen brand new sheets and towels. The worst is probably the people who’ve left garbage strewn around the entire condo, and then to top it off in the bathroom they dedicated on the floor next to the toilet. Perhaps they didn’t want use the toilet they had covered in layers of vomit. I’m totally disgusted by people and really don’t want to rent out through Airbnb anymore-

    • I’ve had similar experiences. I’m done with AirBNB. They attract an unsavory clientele. I’ve been renting my rooms out for 13 years, and I have had more “problem” customers in the last 1.5 years I have posted on AirBNB than I have in the last 13 years combined. Mostly millennials who think the world owes them.

  2. Christine – It’s not BnB fault you had terrible guests. I hope you lodged a complaint with BnB within 48 hours to cover the costs of the clean up and stolen items.

    If you decide to stay with BnB – then only take verified guests with host references and make sure you have clear discussions with them to find out more about them and their plans before accepting a booking

  3. Had an issue and needed to cancell my host statues. Computer problem so called into help desk. They refused to help or cancell my account . So I am going to have unwanted guest show up.

  4. Arbnb is not going to pay for anything. They may get the guests to pay, but they are not going to honor their policy. They have no morales in my experience.

  5. have been waiting a week for airbnb to unlock my disabled account no one is calling finally called them again rep said escalate call i said no i am getting nothing I am on hold right now I have just gotten another email escalating the call what a waste of time never in my life experienced such poor customer service

    • We have been “disabled” since December 12, 2016. We call & email daily with no response from trust & safety. Airbnb made our listing active for 1 day January 8, so we could leave a review. The following day the listing was disabled again. That reservation was made prior to December 12 & Airbnb was able to give me the contact # for the guest to communicate with them. Payments for 2 different stays have not been released. We were booked almost every weekend & some into the week.

  6. I not get payed
    had reservation for 60 days
    first month received money
    after creditcard crashed
    airbnb told me , they charge in2 stages
    ,..result up to me MY problem

    security keys gone and more ( tendand turnd nightly away)
    airbnb have a deposit for my room rented
    Bullshit !!!
    they never charge a deposit frm card
    i mke a claim
    no result
    and i am sure the result is : pay by your self

    i do not do any rental over 2 peridos more weith airbnb
    i do not let a guest in same day ..min 3 day advance booking for creditcard ok

    and i charge deposit at sight…if customer refuse ,easy can gohome again

    bcs a non existing deposit is none for me

    ahh airbnb told me deposits are not for peoplenot oaying rent , they only for damages
    but what
    they even not charge the deposit

  7. I have an open dispute with one of my guests. I want to write a review letting others know how horrible this guest was, but at the same time, I don’t want a negative response on my end. This kid dented my stainless steel fridge in two spots, clogged the toilet, puked on the bathroom floor, burned my bamboo chopping block, ate all my food, food and drinks all over the counters and floor, etc. In your experience (you reading) is it better to not write that review in fear of retaliation? I have perfect 5 stars and want to keep it that way. Also, I sent this dispute in a week ago and haven’t heard back from Airbnb. How long does this usually take?

  8. Make a claim with the American Arbitration Association. It costs Airbnb $3200 if you file a claim. They might just pay you instead of having to pay the fees.

  9. I have the worst experience in hosting my house.

    The guest name is Fernando, staying from 10 Jan-14 Feb 2017 in the house titled “Cheap and clean house in Bekasi, Bintara”

    I’m really upset about his behavior, his irresponsible act to throw a lot of tissues into my toilet till it was clogged. I spent Rp 350k for that and I decided to just let it be my cost.
    Second, he doesn’t put any effort to keep the house clean. Everything has always been messed out, all his clothes are scattered around the floor, and his hair after shaving is everywhere on the floor. He left the house in a condition where all my appliances ON, which is very dangerous. Can you imagine if there is any short circuit that can cause fire ignition?

    I have always asked for his permission whenever there’s a regular check and he said it is a snooping. It’s normal to have a regular check in my own house otherwise he would have broken all my stuffs.

    I do respect him as a guest in my country, but I don’t think he does the same to me. He has known from the beginning that my neighborhoods are majority muslim, and he didn’t seem to respect that.
    Last thing, I just can’t tolerate he brought a woman to have a sex with. Though there wasn’t any stated rule that prohibit adultery on my listing rules, it is an obvious covenant for muslim to never allow adultery happen in any way!!!! This isn’t a hotel, this is my house and It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED for adultery happened in my house and around that neighborhood!!!!
    And he should have known it because I have told him since the very beginning that the neighborhoods are majority muslim, and he definitely knows that muslims are prohibited to let adultery happen, but he just didn’t abide by the covenant!

    I have always tried to put my best to serve him as my guest. I’ve tried to fix anything he has complained, I’ve tried to fulfill his requests, and I’ve definitely asked for his permission when my family goes there to have a regular check. We’ve always emptied his trashes and cleaned the house.

    I apologize for this situation, but bringing a woman in the house is truly crossing the line.
    I have a lot of friends from US and all other parts in the worlds as my business partners, and this is truly the first disappointing experience for me. He is my first and my last guest because I’ve unlisted all my houses in Airbnb.

    And now, he is requesting for refund because the security chased that ‘illegal’ woman out of my house after his staying period are almost over!!!!

    After all he has done to my house, that’s really out of my sanity.

    I’m trying to call Airbnb call center in US, Malaysia and SG for so many times. I hang on the phone till 10 minutes and there isn’t any answer! It is so frustrating to have never reach Airbnb CS for resolving such problems!

    Kindly solve this please! Thanks.

  10. Perhaps AirBnB could let us see the Full Name of the guest. Then I could easily look them up in any of the social or business media. Since AirBnB users are mostly the millennials they are bound to have some internet footprint. I cancelled a guest reservation after my internet search found he was arrested recently for drug related activities.

  11. Airbnb disable my account and cancel all my upcoming rentals 21 to be exact of a total amount of 46.302$. Can someone tell me why or may help me? when i call airbnb they say thats are some technical issues and they will get bak to me. thats 2 weeks ago and I’m calling then every day for updates! horrible situation!!!

  12. I have 2 listings which have apparently been disabled by airhell, though guests can see them. But when I approve, they are told by airhell they can’t book it. One of he guests told me they were offered USD 100.= to book elsewhere without explanation. What total morons run this organisation ? They are secretive, and offer no support for hosts. Thank God for the likes of, agoda, expedia etc.

  13. We just recently learned that airbnb does NOT average the star ratings.
    All they consider is the Overall Rating.
    So if a guest gives you a 3 star overall rating because they compare your accommodation with The Hilton for 5 *****, Radisson for 4**** and Holliday Inn for 3***
    It really doesn’t matter that the host gave you 5***** for cleanliness
    5***** for communication
    5***** for value
    5***** for accuracy
    5***** location
    5 ***** arrival
    All airbnb will give you as a rating is the 3*** overall rating which is extremely confusing to the guests who do not associate 5***** accommodations with YELP but with the 60 year old 5***** ratings started by Forbes for hotels.
    All along we thought we were doing great since we were usually receiving 4-7 five ***** out of the 7.
    And yet because they don’t average it, our star rating stays below 4.4…

  14. As a host I always feel like I’m held as a hostage for a good review…Recently I came up with an idea how to avoid it: if you feel the bad review is coming, just cancel a day or two prior for a bad guest check out…

    • if that the standard rule, if a host cancels a day or two before check out , the guest cannot write a review?

  15. A guest requested that I cancel their 1-night booking more than 24 hours prior to their arrival date.

    The guest initiated the cancellation request, and Airbnb sent me an automated request email which I immediately actioned.

    24 hours later my listing was suspended due to the cancellation, and my annual cancellation stats have now fallen below 90% as a consequence.

    This is the SECOND time in the past year that a guest-initiated cancellation request has resulted in ME being penalised, and I have now received a message informing me that a third cancellation will result in the termination of my listing.

    Why am *I* being penalised for reasonable cancellation requests initiated by my guests?

  16. BEWARE! VILLA WHITNEY SAMUI (Lamai beach, private pool) in Koh Samui, Thailand has serious issues. It sounds great on Airbnb, but not so great in person. I rented it for a week but left after 3 hours due to an overpowering mold/mildew odor that was making me feel ill. The sofas in the living room were so soiled and stained that I would not sit on them and parts of the kitchen needed more that a deep cleaning. The internet did not work either. A serious disappointment and Paul Neon, the owner located in Moscow Russia, will not issue a refund despite his misrepresentations. He stopped responding to me in fact. Paul Neon is not to be trusted. @Airbnb @PaulNeon @travelyllc @reverbnation

  17. As a host I always feel like I’m held as a hostage for a good review…Recently I came up with an idea how to avoid it: if you feel the bad review is coming, just cancel a day or two prior for a bad guest check out…

  18. I recently joined Airbnb with a couple of my rental units. In only one month I am sick of AirBNB guests. They expect Hilton quality at Hostile pricing. The people who want something for nothing write bad reviews. I had three guests complain about minor things when AirBNB’s automated pricing allowed them to book 3 nights on Memorial Day weekend including pets for $40 per night. Deduct the cost of cleaning up dog hair from all over furniture, doing laundry, missing linens, paying income AND 12% FL Hotel tax and I basically paid for some entitled melinial’s Florida vacation! This is a horrible rip off for hosts! I have deleted my listings and have nothing good to say about it!

  19. AirBNB doesnt authorize the guests credit card on file for Deposits if your listing states that. I had a guest who damaged property, agreed to pay for but his credit card declined, Airbnb never authorized the deposit amount of $300 and now there’s no way to collect. Like many others, I’m unable to get a response from the case manager after they said they have already been in communication with the guest about collecting and after pictures of damages were uploaded on the resolution center. How can Airbnb allow the host to feature a deposit amount when a deposit amount for incidentals is never authorized? makes no sense to me at all.

    For other hosts and even guests out there, have you ever charged or been charged for the deposit before allowing the guests into the unit or been charged before being allowed into the unit? Maybe via Paypal or Square? Please provide feedback, this seems like the only way to secure a deposit.



    From: Joe P
    Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 9:31 PM
    Subject: Re: Airbnb: Your Reservation with Jerry at 144 Homecrest, Ewing nj

    Although these photos weren’t take for a complaint, you will get the idea.

    First of all the owner is not around . I know that is not a requirement but , he hasn’t replied at all.

    Second – He never discloses that the unit is a trailer in his back yard.

    Third – There are numerous building code violations.
    1 there is no adequate lighting for the stairs
    2 there is no railing for the stairs
    3 there is no light switch next to the door
    The picture shows a light switch next to the door, but that is not a working door.
    4 the security code lock on the house did not work in the morning but it did at night. There was a phone number for a problem, but no one ever answered.
    5 there was a baby crying all alone in the basement next to the shower facility with flimsy partition. This is where i felt like i was in Tijuana Fulvio Cecere.
    6 there were no towels or complete sheets. there were instructions if they were out, but he never answered.

    I think your company should take some ownership of this rental , since you facilitated it.

    I would have thought that you would demand pictures of what he was advertising.

    I will be waiting for a response.


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    Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 6:55:18 PM
    To: Joseph Putz
    Subject: Airbnb: Your Reservation with Jerry

    Airbnb Customer Experience
    Michael H., Jul 19, 17:55 CDT:
    Hi Joseph,
    I hope this message finds you well. My name is Michael, I’m also a case manager with Airbnb’s Trip Experience Team, and I’m following up on this case on behalf of Charlie, who has left.
    From what I understand, there are a few concerns with this reservation. While what you have described to both us and Jerry does meet our criteria under our Guest Refund Policy, here is what we will need to see in order to proceed with a refund.
    I will have to see any photos or videos showing the problems you have encountered during this trip. If you can get those to me as soon as possible, I will be able to move forward with refunding you for this trip, but please keep in mind that the refund will be determined by the severity of the issue.
    Best Wishes,
    THIS EMAIL IS A SERVICE FROM AIRBNB CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. This email is a service from Airbnb Customer Experience. For more information visit our Help Center [J65WVM-K06D]

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