Possibly Going to be a Part of a Satanic Ritual

I booked my first Airbnb trip this past 4th of July weekend. Upon arriving, the host insisted on having my partner and I call her. Her front gate was horrible to unlock, having to add pressure and weight to somehow jiggle the key in. Naturally, we called her to let us know we were there.

She ended up helping us with getting the gate unlocked and in we went. We went up the stairs and took a right to arrive at our “apartment.” I took notice of a photo of a woman staring directly into what seemed to be a lamp light?

Upon entering, I noticed a rancid smell. I understand old houses tend to have a smell because of the old wood, but this one smelled like very strongly of something rotting. To counteract the smell, we turned on the AC. The listing said that it would be our own apartment for $85 a night. Perfect, and for the 4th, a steal.

The vibes were good as we drank some alcoholic beverages and began to watch a movie. We also ordered pizza and wings around this time. After a few drinks I ran to the restroom to pee and went into the bedroom. This is where this it gets bad.

I noticed a photo frame in the main bedroom. It was a photo of a little boy looking in the direction of the bed. I yelled for my partner. He ran to me, saw the photo, and began to say “what the f— is that?”

We were both horrified as we barely noticed the artwork. We attempted to calm each other down and failed. He Facetimed three of his buddies. I Facetimed my sister and my friend who all told: “calm down”; “you guys are already there just stay”; “you all are paranoid”. So there we were.

We then noticed small things we hadn’t noticed before: a small coat closet close to the entrance and the fact that the bedroom closet light was “on” when neither my partner nor I had been in there. We inspected the closets again, this time with knives in our hands, and we noticed the closets have exits to the attic and a floor below them?

The coat closet had a tiny piece of artwork next to its door. This artwork? a small golden mockery of a Jewish mezuzah, embossed with eight downward facing angels with “X” marked on their faces falling towards a script I cannot decipher. The owner said “oops I placed it upside down” and then tried to say “one of our guests flipped it”.  She’s lying and her contradiction proves it.

I have contacted the police department. When we told her we left and were going to return the keys she said “please call me when you’re here so its easier”.

The story is still developing. So far I’ve noted: the upside down angels represent satan, as does the light the woman was staring at; the photo of the boy had a double mirror; I have a direct link to the photos but will post them once this gets approved to be shared.

After seeing this we literally packed everything up while our bodies were shaking from fear. We managed to leave safely but I feel I need to seek spiritual guidance with religious priests. After two hours on hold with Airbnb they finally told me they were investigating. I haven’t seen a refund yet.


Father Died and Airbnb Won’t Refund My Money

My dad died a week before my family and I were supposed to go to SC for a week vacation. His burial was the day before the reservation started. I cancelled and let Airbnb and the host know immediately what was going on. The host was fine but Airbnb only gave me a small portion of the refund even thought it was a family related death cancellation. I sent them a support request with his obituary and a copy of his death certificate and some Help Bot over eight days later just closed the request citing COVID-19.

I called Customer Support and was told it was being processed. They could not give me an answer as to when it would be approved and processed. Now I have a new support request on their site and am holding on the phone, probably for hours, before someone speaks to me again about my refund request. This is a sad excuse for customer service. I am recording the dates and printing out all of the details and will forward this to my attorney and just let them deal with Airbnb after this last attempt at getting them to do their job per their refund policy.


50% Refund on an $1800 Airbnb Reservation

It was my first time using Airbnb, and will be my last. We booked an Airbnb in January to stay in New Orleans from June 3-7. Other people in our group decided they wanted something else and had double booked another location as well. We cancelled this one. It was my fault; I read the cancellation policy incorrectly. I was only issued 50% of my refund.

I tried to contact the host, buy I guess once they have your money and no reservation, they don’t feel it necessary to respond. Fast forward to all this COVID-19 stuff happening and Airbnb publishes something that says that if you booked your reservation within certain dates for travel dates that you can no longer travel, they will give you a refund.

I tried contacting the host again and disputing the charge with my credit card company at the same time. I finally got an answer two months later from the host that I am supposed to get my refund directly from Airbnb. I have called, and each time I get the recording that say a they’ll be with me in “a few hours.”

Considering the reservation was cancelled a week after it was booked and six months in advance, I don’t think this is right. Buyer beware and check their ridiculous cancellation policy. You’re better off in a hotel that allows free cancellations up to two days before your trip. My trip total was close to $1,700 and I’m out almost $800.



Airbnb Changing its Mind Regarding Refunds


In February 2020, we booked a trip to Hawaii for two weeks for July 2020. Due to the pandemic, the trip was obviously cancelled. One of the stays was only offering a 50% refund, which didn’t make much sense in the first place since we are in Canada and we aren’t even legally allowed to enter the U.S. until at least July 31.

I reached out to Airbnb regarding this, and the support agent mentioned that in order to be eligible for a full refund, I would have to wait for the extenuating circumstance policy to be updated. But if I wanted, I could still get a 50% refund now, and the balance would be refunded if the policy was extended. This is all in writing, through the support inbox.

A few days ago, I saw that the policy was extended for reservations until July 31, hence the refund of the balance would be possible. But when I contacted them, they said it wasn’t part of the policy and that I wasn’t entitled to a refund for the balance after all. I’ve attached the screenshots of the conversation with the support agent, who confirmed in writing that I’d get a refund for the balance.

Getting a hold of someone was a challenge. I tried to reach them for five consecutive days without getting a single answer, until someone finally answered. After some arguing back and forth (just asking to get what was promised by them), I was offered a 90% refund of the balance.

Why they decided to keep the extra 10% remains shrouded in mystery. Also, why they would risk aggravating and permanently losing a good customer for a balance of less than $200 in total is completely baffling. I’ve never seen a company make such a stupid, shortsighted decision in my entire life.



Airbnb Says “Sorry, No Refund” to COVID Cancellation


I’ve been going back and forth with Airbnb support trying to resolve my cancelation to no avail. My stay, booked in February, was for May 6-10 for my wife and I in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

After the COVID-19 pandemic and no travel to Europe was instituted, I contacted the host that we were going to be staying with. She said she would authorize Airbnb to give me a full refund. On March 27 I cancelled the booking and since then have been waiting on my refund.

After waiting months and going back and forth with Airbnb support, I was notified that on June 16 that they could not reach the host. They already received payment for the stay and I’m unfortunately out on my refund.

This is crap. I cancelled six weeks before our stay under Airbnb’s coronavirus exemption policy and received a $0.00 refund. Attached is an email I received from Airbnb after I cancelled. This matter needs to be addressed. I should receive my money and Airbnb should remove the host from their listings.


Airbnb Won’t Refund Cancellation Due to Coronavirus

In September 2019 we booked a place in Bozeman, Montana for a family reunion for July 2020. Due to COVID-19 we were forced to cancel at the end of May because we have essential workers and people at high health risk in our group.

Our hosts said they would refund us 75% of our cost, but did not. $341 that they said they refunded us never came to our credit card account. I believe Airbnb used it to reduce the full cost of the rental so they didn’t have to refund us as much of the “half” of the payment we still owed. We have paid $1103 even with refunds and with 75% should only pay $863 so they owe us at least that difference.

As of June 1, Airbnb policy states that any reservation made before March 2020 that was occurring through July 15 would and could be refunded. Our Airbnb agent has been unable to refund us any additional money, claiming that because we cancelled in May, the original cancellation policy applies.

Originally we tried to cancel in May at the request of our hosts in good faith that they would refund us our money and so they might be able to rent again. We deserve the terms of the COVID-19 exception policy, the Airbnb fee, if not the full refund of $1103 that has not yet been refunded to us.



Host and Airbnb Contradicting Each Other


I booked a five-month reservation with a Superhost through Airbnb. After 24 days, I cancelled the reservation for multiple reasons: the dirty TP in the bathroom; my food being eaten; and when the host said one of his employees had been exposed to someone with the virus.

The host said there was a 30-day cancellation penalty, which would be about $1100. Airbnb says that the amount of the remainder of four months’ time cut in half is how their system calculated the cancellation, for roughly a $3200 cancelation penalty.

I messaged the host who said, and I quote, “Again: you are not responsible for any cancellation fee. If they try to pay it, we will refuse it.”

After two months of trying to get Airbnb to respond to my calls the host is now saying they are charging a cancellation fee. This comes down to the host directly lying to me and to Airbnb. Airbnb refuses to even read what the host says or respond to me.

Thankfully I have had legal advice that said to save all messages and if Airbnb tries to do anything, I am completely covered. Airbnb says the original case manager is no longer with the company, and a new one is assigned but still not responding.

I have reached out over a dozen times over the past two months and still am being ignored. A representative the other day said that when a case is opened it could not be closed without a resolution. The helpbot closed my case the other day, after two months of being open and no resolution.

Not a good place to stay and Airbnb is hiding reviews on them so they can remain a Superhost.

Airbnb Refused to Give Full Cash Refund

Airbnb’s COVID-19 cancellation policy says I will be offered a full cash refund, as my situation fits the criteria. I am eligible for a full cash refund. Was I offered a full cash refund? No.

I was offered less than half my money as a cash refund, or I could accept a credit of the full amount. As I was confident Airbnb would fix this error, I took the credit. I was living in a dream world. They have all been rude, dismissive, disdainful, from the juniors to the ‘senior’ consultants. One was decent enough to tell me the truth, but did nothing.

They have completely ignored the topic that the system made a mistake to not to offer a full cash refund. They say they will never give me the full cash refund. They have the gall to quote the policy to me saying that I took the credit, so I should shut up and crawl back under a rock.

The next indignity is that someone fraudulently used my credit. Who or how they used my credit, I don’t know. There were no apologies, just a new credit reinstated, but not the full value. They decide to ‘round down’ the credit amount.

Isn’t that theft, to take money off someone without their permission? Yes, they let someone steal my money, then they stole some of my money. Unbelievable. How do they feel about it all?

I asked the ‘senior’ consultant to ring me. He completely ignored me, and sent me one of the endless generic emails saying the same thing as the last fifty emails. Thankfully it didn’t contain the ‘slap-in-the-face line,’ that they will now close the case as they feel it has been dealt with sufficiently. They sent that one to me one too many times.

I have asked the NSW Fair Trading department to help. They are kind and supportive. As yet we have had no success in getting Airbnb to abide by their own policy. They have shown themselves to be incompetent, but worse than that, dishonest and completely dismissive and disrespectful of their customers’ feelings and rights.

The true test of customer service is how the company responds when things go wrong. When things go well it all looks good, but my situation has tested these people and they fail in so, so many ways.

I am sorry to all the lovely hosts who have made our Airbnb stays so memorable. You make Airbnb look good, but it is rotten to the core. There are plenty of other accommodation websites that offer the same style of accommodation and service. I hope you will all join me there, and we can again enjoy our carefree holiday travels.

Not Happy About Airbnb’s Cancellation Policy

My son was due to be married in NY in August. I had paid $3800 to secure an Airbnb accommodation. I am in Australia. The wedding has been postponed for one year and travel is not allowed.

The host has been lovely. However, as I cancelled, Airbnb is holding $901 in fees. They say this is fair, as my cancellation is not covered by extenuating circumstances. The host is also angry, but it doesn’t seem to matter. I regret not asking her to cancel the booking as I feel perhaps I would have been better situated? Message after message, case manager, phone call but no refund from Airbnb. I am devastated.

Any suggestions?

COVID Refund Nightmare Over France Airbnb Cancellation

My family of four was supposed to travel to France at the end of June. Clearly with the state of things we can’t go. I cancelled the reservation.

On my host’s page, it clearly says that I am entitled to a 50% refund minus the Airbnb service charges. When I talked to Airbnb, they told me that the host had refused the refund due to her “strict policies”. The host told me (albeit with a language barrier) that it was Airbnb. I also received a message after cancellation stating the amount I was to receive back. I have verified this with a lawyer in my family.

Now Airbnb won’t answer my messages and I am totally stuck. There’s no way that anyone will be travelling to France anytime soon, but I am so angry that I want my money back on principle. We even offered to take a full credit to use another time but they refused that as well. The blame game going on is astounding. This is the worst customer service I have ever received, and we are both in the hospitality industry so know a thing or two about this.

Any suggestions?