Can’t Get Airbnb Supervisor or Anyone to Call Me Back


I am a Superhost with Airbnb. I had a guest cancel a reservation on me the day before her arrival, by saying she had COVID. I called to see how to proceed from an Airbnb representative. I was told the guest needed to provide medical certification or proof that she indeed had tested positive in order to receive a full refund.

The representative then reached out to the guest and “supposedly” received this proof. He then called me back and told me he had received the required proof. I asked what kind of proof and he told me a certificate showing the proof, although it was in Chinese. I was leery and questioned this “proof”, as he had informed me a certificate with the date and her name along with the positive results was required and he had received such. I then reached out to the guest and asked her to forward to me what she sent to Airbnb, which she did.

I was shocked as she sent a picture of a COVID home kit box, certificate that apparently came in the box (in Chinese) and picture of the actual test: no names, no dates, no medical certification or doctor’s note or proof it was her test result. What she sent was a joke and would not be accepted by any company in the U.S. requiring such. I then reached out to Airbnb again and asked for a supervisor.

I finally received a message from Airbnb three days later saying “I have reviewed their case, we can confirm that the guest submitted valid documentation that verifies that the guest qualify under this policy. ”

I replied and said I was still waiting on a phone call. They then called me that same day. After explaining that I knew exactly what the guest provided as far as “valid documentation” as she had provided the same documentation to me also, and that the guest did not provide valid documentation. Airbnb then went on to tell me that actually no documentation is required and that a person can just say they have COVID and get a full refund and thus the host is basically screwed.

I then told her that two other representatives had said otherwise (and every other representative since has also said) that valid documentation was indeed required. She was supposed to look into it more and get back with me. I sent numerous messages after she did not get back to me: six, to be exact. After she did not get back to me, I called in again and was told the case was closed. It was never resolved. I asked for another supervisor to then call me.

I have called in several times since and have asked for a supervisor to call me back. Each time I am told one would call me back. To date, over a week later, I have still not received a call back from any supervisor. I have spent so much of my time and effort on the phone trying to resolve this or trying to get someone to look into this and call me back. There should be accountability for these employees.

So beware, apparently a person can just call in one day before their check-in and cancel by saying they have COVID and get a full refund. No proof required. No help from Airbnb for its hosts.

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  1. Every moron believes the golden service is that which reimburses you to the detriment of the other party.
    No matter it’s host or guest.
    As long as he is reimbursed, it’s the best support service. When reimbursement is not justified, it’s the worst.
    I have to remind you that when anyone use any platform, no matter what, they agree to the terms of service and their regulations.

  2. I am also trying to get a supervisor to speak to me. I’ve been waiting for two days and I=then I rang them and Ive been on hold , listening to the same song to one and a half hours so far. I wondered if supervisors actually exist?

    • Before I deactivated my airbnb hosting account after more than 1000 total stays, I used to get no service from airbnb supervisors or anyone at all. When I found this wonderful website, made me realize it wasn’t just me and it inspired me to quit.

      Since then my sales are the same, commissions paid down from thousands to zero and the quality of my customers has greatly improved

  3. AirBnB Traveler Beware!! apparently can and will cancel your booking for no reason. customer service is purposely unresponsive. does not stand behind it’s service nor it’s commitments. AirBnB Traveler Beware!!

  4. Anyone that actually believes that Airbnb has award winning service is a moron they are the worst company full pf liars and BS artists

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