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Hurricane Irma Evacuees Find No Escape With Airbnb

My wife, our two children, and I decided to evacuate our southwest Florida home in Lee County based on our governor’s mandatory evacuation. Our son had a good experience using Airbnb and had a pleasant stay at one of their listings. My wife and I decided to give them a try at the last minute […]

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Airbnb Doesn’t Care About Burglary in Richmond, Virginia

A couple of days ago during Hurricane Irma my boyfriend, his mom, and I rented a two bedroom apartment in the center of Richmond, Virginia to escape the storm. The listing looked extremely decent and the host had over 100 positive reviews. The flat was located on the first floor of a two-story building in […]

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Airbnb Account Cancelled in Vegas for No Reason

I booked a room on Airbnb on September 13th for $603 in downtown Las Vegas. Everything went through and I got in contact with the host. He was awesome. Today when I woke up I just so happened to check my email around 6:00 AM and discovered my room and account had been cancelled due […]

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Charged over £1,000 for a 16-Minute Booking

We were the victims of a double booking at our first property. It actually wasn’t Airbnb’s fault, but the subsequent events had everything to do with an Airbnb host. This was not an individual, in fact, but a faceless and greedy property management company. After the double booking fiasco, seven of our group were stranded […]

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Fraudulent Listing in Moscow Leaves Guest at Hotel

At the end of July 2017, I rented a room for two nights with Airbnb in Moscow, Russia. I sent text messages to the host of the apartment a couple of times asking him about his apartment number. Not getting any answers led me to believe there was an international communications problem. When I got […]

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From Host to Host, Payment to Payment, Until Finally Something Stable

I booked a historic firehouse Airbnb five miles from SOHO in Jersey City for August 6-13, 2017. My Discover card was charged $1509. While we were on our way on August 6th, I realized I hadn’t received access instructions. Since I was driving, I asked my son to message the host for access instructions. He […]

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Host in Tallahassee Needs to Grow Up and Accept Hurricane

We booked a townhouse in Tallahassee, Florida necessary for evacuation from Hurricane Irma. The host was to contact us one day prior to provide the lock box code for the key. He never fulfilled that promise. Rather than drive five hours hoping he would come through, we canceled the reservation at 6:30 AM and emailed […]

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Fleas in the Bed, Airbnb Host in the Wind

We needed a place to stay for three nights before moving on to St. Ives and found a cottage listed on Airbnb. On arrival we were fairly happy with the cottage, which was decorated and kept nicely, if a little dirty, but nothing too bad. Our baby daughter was using her walker, and we noticed […]

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What’s the Worst That Can Happen After a Stay?

Our group of 18 rented out a cottage this weekend. Our stay was great. Our host was great. We had no complaints about the property. After checking out, I wrote a great review and our host left us a great review as well. We left the place immaculately clean (especially since there were 18 of […]

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Bedbug Nightmare Endures Long After Airbnb Stay

I checked into an Airbnb sponsored accommodation in the Daytona Beach area. The next morning after I showered, I noticed several sizable red spots on each of my front shoulders. I took my hand mirror and noticed that more of the same were on my back upper arms, and a trail of red discs led […]

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Airbnb Cancelled Month-Long Stay A Week Before My Flight

On April 9th of this year, my wife and I reserved an apartment in Colorado Springs with Airbnb for the entire month of September. We received a confirmation from our host the same day. Plans were underway and we were anxiously anticipating our autumn trip to Colorado. We made round trip airline reservations from Raleigh-Durham […]

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Airbnb is Soulless Organization During Hurricanes

During Hurricane Irma, I wanted a nearby safe house to go to if needed. I found one within three miles and was willing to pay for three nights whether I used it or not. The owner wanted to rent it to me. Airbnb has a credit card verification process that was not working. They charged […]

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Paying for a Host’s Remodel, Damage Present Before

Last month we rented a large family home for our family of four adults and two infants. The host left us a code to the door, and we welcomed ourselves into their beautiful home. The basement had a family room, which we enjoyed every day. The floor was laminate, and right away we noticed a […]

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Airbnb is a Useless Service that Holds Money Indefinitely

We booked three weeks’ accommodation in December 2016 for December 2017. At the time of booking there was a large variety of options to book from at varying prices. We needed to book in a particular resort because we were going to be holidaying with friends (they booked with a different agent). Last week, nine […]

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Airbnb Steals My $550, Then Host Ghosts Me

I am planning a trip to NYC in mid-November. I usually book with VRBO but wasn’t finding exactly what I wanted, so I tried Airbnb. Being my first time on their site, I wasn’t aware of the “Instant Book” feature. When I pressed the button, I thought I was only contacting the host as I […]

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Moldy, Faulty Wiring, Broken Windows, Next to a Prison….

Dangerous safety and health issues, among many other problems, prompted us to leave our Airbnb in Buena Vista, Colorado after one terrible night. We have stayed in comparably priced facilities in Colorado and have never encountered anything even remotely this bad. Good luck getting any money back. We aren’t the only ones to have problems with this property either. […]

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Images on Airbnb Never Tell the Real Story

We are a family of four who loves traveling and exploring. We have been an avid fan of Airbnb for a few years and appreciated what it stands for: ‘community’, ‘trust’, etc. We understood that there are always unavoidable inadequacies with the advertised properties, and the photos do not represent reality. We never complained when […]

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The Great Airbnb Wedding Debacle of 2017

Words can barely describe how terrible my experience with Airbnb was this past weekend. Let me take you on a journey that outlines my chaotic and downright disgusting travel story all thanks to Airbnb. On July 31st, I successfully booked a two-bedroom house using the Airbnb app for August 31st through September 3rd. I was […]

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Ridiculous Airbnb Service Fee Never Refunded

I wanted to reserve a room in Bar Harbor so I did a search and some places came up that said Winter Harbor, which I assumed – yes, I know – was a neighborhood around Bar Harbor. After booking, I went to a map to see where the place was. It was close to Bar […]

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Host Slept in Living Room While Guests Stayed in her Room

Not so long ago, I went to LA with my friend and decided to stay in the heart of Hollywood. I saw this one-bedroom place on Airbnb and decided to book it because it was heaps cheaper than hotels. The place looked amazing and the bed was massive. I contacted the host and she was […]

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Airbnb Unable to Handle Clients When a Host Double Books

The following is a letter that was sent to Airbnb: Thank you for sending this email last Saturday. As per your request, we are am responding with receipts for our unnecessary lodging accommodations in Vancouver BC. Please find the following: – Receipt from Poco Inn and Suites for the night of Sept 2nd, 2017 – […]

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Host Extorted Money for Confirmed Reservation During Eclipse

Last week, we wrote a review for a host who made us to pay more money for our confirmed booking (a month after we had paid in full) because of the high demand for booking her location during the August 21st eclipse. She claimed there was a booking glitch and she intended to have Instant […]

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Quiet Escape for Motorcyclist Writer is Anything But

I’m done with Airbnb. I’ve done two extended stay vacation trips, one to New Mexico and, now, one to Thunder Bay, Ontario. Three of the five places I’ve stayed were excellent. Two were disasters; both of the awful “hosts” were older, single women. Both places were somewhat honestly described and priced about normal for equivalent […]

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On Being Exiled from Airbnb, and What Follows

I’ve always wanted to be barred from something, maybe kicked out of a bar for participating in a drunken dust up, or driven to the edge of a small western town by the sheriff and told to never show my face in those parts again… or else. This could be because of all the great […]

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Mom Gets Hurt, Customer Service Couldn’t Care Less

I have used Airbnb before and had a wonderful time. I’m not blaming them, but my host and how things were handled were the problem. To make a long story short, my mom, my little nephew, and I went to Palm Springs and arrived at the Airbnb house. The pool stunk like fish or worse. […]

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  1. UNSAFE HOUSE and all Airbnb cared about was a possible bad review (not that one of their listings was unsafe)!!

    We chose a very cute little renovated house in San Antonio for a family week-end to celebrate my daughter’s white coat ceremony. Airbnb, unfortunately, did not give address until after we paid ($140 a night for a total of 3 nights = $440.00). The address was 123 Bank street. The house looked exactly like it did online, BUT many houses on the street had bars on doors and windows (ours did not!). There was a school across the street and when my elderly mother, daughter and I arrived around midnight, there was about 20/30 males loitering at the school directly across the street. In addition, there was not a dead bolt on the back door. We immediately left, stayed elsewhere and asked for a refund. Owner said no. Daughter explained how it was dangerous and said that our reviews would have to reflect that. Owner said she would refund two nights (ASSuming that would make us not write an honest review, I guess?). She refunded $60 and said we would get the rest when review was passed. In review, we put that it was a great little house, but that women should not stay there alone. After our review, the owner wrote and said we would not get refund, because we threatened with a bad review (Airbnb called it extortion)!! That’s how they got out of refunding us a penny!!

  2. We booked a flat in Haarlem, the Netherlands, for our 10-day holiday in July 2017. Our hosts were a young couple and we picked the flat for its location, off the main city centre and walking distance. Also for the freedom to cook our meals. We had a very brief introduction as to how the kitchen and the washing machine worked and the owners quickly disappeared. They left behind 4 cupboards stuffed with their stuff which explained the very stuffiness of the place. Opening the garden door was the only way to get oxygen into the flat. The bedroom was at the front of the building and some renovations didn’t allow opening the window here. There was a hatch joining the living room and the bedroom which was the only way of ventilating the room. The place was full of cats hair, also the 7 chairs. We had to hoover twice to start with and spent arrival day cleaning the place. Plus every other day to try to get rid of the stuffiness. The bathroom had a disgusting smell, probably clogged pipes, which we could not get rid off. Using the washing machine gave way to the same unbearable experience. Cleanliness was nearly impossible. We had to live out of our suitcases because there was no storage space and opening cupboards was a health hazard: bundles of cloth and shoes and things piling up to the ceiling. The same applied to the kitchen, where the tiny fridge was taken by the owners’ food. The kitchen was so messy that cooking was impossible so we had to buy ready salads at the supermarket or fish at the local Fish stand, and sit in the garden. The last 2 days were dramatic since it rained and we could not sit in the garden. It escapes me how people can live like that, let alone rent it out to strangers to earn a huge amount of money. First and last time AirB&B. We checked the conditions and saw that there is no control over the quality of the rentals and nobody can be held responsible. That means a commission for nothing. Part of the insult consists of adding 35 € to the total as “cleaning fee” to end up having to clean somebody else’s rubbish yourself. NEVER AGAIN.

  3. The phone number in airbnb’s website to call in case you need assistance does not work, which goes to support what is said here over and over that they do not want to be bothered. Some type of consumer protection service should exist for people not to be hurt by this, in the way described by many here. And Airbnb should be liable when they do not care about customers. In countries like the US people get 2 weeks vacation a year. It is unfair that you come across a bad rental experience and have to go through this type of experience while a big company like airbnb is making lots of money from what they refer to as guests.

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