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Airbnb Wants to Collect All Your Private Information

I will never use Airbnb again. They try to collect all your personal and private information, and there is no guarantee that you will get the booked apartment. Yes, hotels and apartments from sites like are not as cheap as those on Airbnb but you are not treated like a criminal. Yesterday, my husband […]

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Fraudulent, unsafe, and dirty… and still not reimbursed

I have been a model customer of Airbnb, receiving nothing but five-star reviews. Between various accounts I have stayed in an Airbnb virtually every night since January this year. I was planning to use their service for longer. I book long term rentals (usually always over a month) so we are dealing with high volumes […]

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Hosts and Airbnb: Perfect Partners in Crime

It was my first time using the Airbnb website to rent an apartment in Paris. I expected that I could get a better deal than hotel rooms; in the end, I had been forced to pay more than that for an IBIS or Holiday Inn. Last month, I went to Paris with four of my […]

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Airbnb Hell Cottage in Durham Gives me Allergic Reaction

So I booked a three-night Airbnb stay in a “cabin” in someone’s backyard in Durham, North Carolina. When I arrived I found that the place had seen better days (probably when the pictures were taken). It was a tiny cabin with some sort of heavy scratchy material attached to something that had a sofa-like appearance […]

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Burgled within 60 Minutes of Checking into Airbnb

My wife, our young daughter, and I checked in to this apartment in Lisbon, Portugal mid-afternoon. When we arrived, the first thing we noticed was the dangerous staircase; it was nearly impossible to lift a large suitcase all the way to the third floor and I struggled to do so. Despite this property being listed […]

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Cold Showers, Rude Host, and Ultimately a Terrible Experience

My husband and I recently travelled to Portugal. We had been visiting different cities in Portugal and staying in multiple Airbnb homes. We came across a listing for an entire house to rent for one month in Alentejo, Portugal. I talked to the host who was listed as a woman and had over 100+ four-star […]

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My Airbnb Mistake and Personal Hell in Oaxaca, Mexico

This was not only the worst experience I have ever had with Airbnb, it was the worst experience I have had in Mexico. I will let the facts speak for themselves. I booked a night with Airbnb on October 1st. The host offered me a discounted rate if I paid him in cash. This was […]

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Some Absolute Nonsense at Thailand Airbnb

My group had been looking for a beach house in Thailand for a three-day stay for days and finally found a reasonable option for all sixteen members of our group (do you know how difficult that was, logistically?). We booked our stay and they took our money. We thought we were good to go. The […]

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Bad Experience with Fake Studio in Hamburg

My husband and I wanted to spend some time in Hamburg, Germany. We booked four days in September 2017, during my husband’s birthday. I was looking forward to this event and we also booked tickets as a birthday present for the Elbe Philharmonic. When we arrived at the Airbnb, our host wasn’t there at first. […]

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Scammed out of my Pension in Airbnb Nightmare

I am retired, and I have six children who live abroad so I don’t get to see them that often. We planned a family vacation in September, and since we are a big family, I looked for a listing that could accommodate us all. I found the perfect listing on Airbnb – a nice house […]

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Host Charging me for a TV that was Already Broken

A couple of months ago, my wife, my parents, and I booked an Airbnb in San Antonio. The pictures looked nice and the place was in a central location. When we got there, the place was disgusting, with mold and dust everywhere. The fridge hadn’t been cleaned in ages, and there were dirty sheets on […]

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Airbnb Nightmare Nearly Leaves us Stranded Abroad

My recent experience with Airbnb has been nothing short of a nightmare. It all started when I was booking accommodations in San Diego, California through Airbnb from London, where I live. I was about to make a payment when I accidentally clicked on the Paypal button and immediately received conformation of my booking. As I […]

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Airbnb’s Failure at Preventing Fraud Ruined Birthday

I bought Jay Z tickets for Arizona for my birthday weekend. I bought concert tickets, as well as ones for the Grand Canyon, food, etc. All that was left to pay for was my room and board and airline tickets. I found a nice place on Airbnb, and then booked it. I then called the […]

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Terrible Host Leaves us Stranded for First Experience

My BFF and I booked our first ever Airbnb for a trip down to Los Angeles for a race we were both participating in. We booked in advance, but realized we hadn’t heard anything from our hosts until we were on our way down to LA (again, it was our first Airbnb experience, so we […]

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Stranded in NYC After Last Minute Cancellation

One of my best friends and I decided to take a trip to New York City. We thought it would be a great experience because I have never been before. I reserved an Airbnb over a month before our stay. Keep in m.,ind it was my first time using the platform because I was told […]

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Airbnb is Spewing Hot Air Regarding Their Policies

Hotels are expensive, so I thought I would check out the bed and breakfast plan for accommodations. Having just returned from Canada and having paid more than I thought I would for a regular hotel – it advertised in and I booked in US dollar; I paid in Canadian – I got pulled over by […]

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Worst Possible Reaction from Airbnb in Puerto Rico

I spent the last 15 months working with my extended family to arrange a trip to Puerto Rico where my wife’s family is from. If you can imagine the time it takes to get three families, their children ranging from 2-14, and your in-laws to settle on a date that all can miss work, school, […]

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Hosts are a bit too Overbearing at Spanish Airbnb

I booked with Airbnb only once, and will never do it again. It was in Tenerife, Los Cristianos, and my host was a complete psychopath. Having just escaped from another psychopath, which was the reason I left the country and traveled abroad, I was pretty overwhelmed. First of all, she lied about everything, was untrustworthy […]

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Airbnb Quick to Collect Payment, Slow to Respond

I am a Filipino citizen and would like to share this story hoping that would reach the head of Airbnb or the right person to act swiftly and accordingly. During my search for places to stay, for which I needed to attach my visa application for Norway, a friend of mine suggested Airbnb. It was […]

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Beware of Airbnb Housing with Bad Hosts

I recently stayed in two different rooms with a lady in Turlock, California. While she was very nice and accommodating, there were serious issues that I felt other prospective tenants needed to be aware of. Airbnb deleted my review. This lady lives in her garage with her three 100-lb dogs. There was no bathroom out […]

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Urine Trouble with Dogs at Barcelona Airbnb

We were very excited to finally see Barcelona in all its glory, and had an apartment near La Sagrada Familia booked. However, when we got to our Airbnb in Barcelona we were greeted by two dogs. Cute, but not in the listing. We went to our room and it reeked of urine. I mean, it […]

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Lonely and Crazy Homeowner Falsified Ad to Lure Guests

I researched and secured what I thought was an entire home/apartment on a recent business trip to Madison, Wisconsin. Because of a large conference and a major healthcare software vendor in town, every decent hotel in town was booked solid. So I chose what I thought was a private place to stay with the understanding […]

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Horrific Incompetence on Airbnb’s Part After Bed Bugs

A celebration was very quickly transformed into a monumental tragedy. Within a few hours of arriving to this home a part of our group was exposed to bed bugs, resulting in us all needing to take precautions to avoid further insult and injury. While Airbnb attempted to rectify the horrific experience, it was a impossible […]

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Was My Host Just Plain Nuts? A Guest Ponders After Bad Review.

As a warning for Airbnb guests, you are only allowed two weeks to respond to reviews. I didn’t even know I had a review until after the fact. There is no way to contact Airbnb from what I could find. On the listing of reviews, my visit didn’t even show up on the site from […]

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One Discrepancy in my Airbnb Ad Cost me a lot of Money

This past weekend, three lads from London were supposed to stay at my apartment, as I was out of town. After one day, however, I received an email from their agent at Trip Advisor, speaking on behalf of these men who stated they had left my apartment. The reason? I had -unintentionally- misqualified my couch, […]

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  1. If you are going to Paris , you want to use the AIRBNB service and you want to book this accomodation.

    I would like to give you the advice.
    – Do Not give the host or Co-woker 200 euro Cash for safely deposite. They will try to say it is in the contract.
    – Walk around the apartment , look everything in the details, such as door, chairs, tables, curtains, toilets . Please take pictures if possible and sign on the piece of paper.
    – On the day return the key to the Host , look around with the host , if you are unlucky , they will make up the story, but if they do it , Do not pay them anything. Tell them to contact AIRBNB. If they do not make up a story , ask them to sign on the piece of paper to declare everything has been checked.
    – Finally , Cancel you Credit card relates to the Airbnb payments , the Airbnb still has a chance to collect your money from the Safety Deposit.

    – Remember the Airbnb is just a website service, they do not have to protect Guests and Hosts. They only stand on the money side. Do not expect you will get help from them, please forget about their insurance. We all know if we claim for insurance , how much we have to pay for next year. If the Airbnb uses insurance to protect us , will the insurance company take Airbnb as their customers? We all drop to the AIRBNB trap.

    Thank you for your times to read my email .

  2. UNSAFE HOUSE and all Airbnb cared about was a possible bad review (not that one of their listings was unsafe)!!

    We chose a very cute little renovated house in San Antonio for a family week-end to celebrate my daughter’s white coat ceremony. Airbnb, unfortunately, did not give address until after we paid ($140 a night for a total of 3 nights = $440.00). The address was 123 Bank street. The house looked exactly like it did online, BUT many houses on the street had bars on doors and windows (ours did not!). There was a school across the street and when my elderly mother, daughter and I arrived around midnight, there was about 20/30 males loitering at the school directly across the street. In addition, there was not a dead bolt on the back door. We immediately left, stayed elsewhere and asked for a refund. Owner said no. Daughter explained how it was dangerous and said that our reviews would have to reflect that. Owner said she would refund two nights (ASSuming that would make us not write an honest review, I guess?). She refunded $60 and said we would get the rest when review was passed. In review, we put that it was a great little house, but that women should not stay there alone. After our review, the owner wrote and said we would not get refund, because we threatened with a bad review (Airbnb called it extortion)!! That’s how they got out of refunding us a penny!!

  3. We booked a flat in Haarlem, the Netherlands, for our 10-day holiday in July 2017. Our hosts were a young couple and we picked the flat for its location, off the main city centre and walking distance. Also for the freedom to cook our meals. We had a very brief introduction as to how the kitchen and the washing machine worked and the owners quickly disappeared. They left behind 4 cupboards stuffed with their stuff which explained the very stuffiness of the place. Opening the garden door was the only way to get oxygen into the flat. The bedroom was at the front of the building and some renovations didn’t allow opening the window here. There was a hatch joining the living room and the bedroom which was the only way of ventilating the room. The place was full of cats hair, also the 7 chairs. We had to hoover twice to start with and spent arrival day cleaning the place. Plus every other day to try to get rid of the stuffiness. The bathroom had a disgusting smell, probably clogged pipes, which we could not get rid off. Using the washing machine gave way to the same unbearable experience. Cleanliness was nearly impossible. We had to live out of our suitcases because there was no storage space and opening cupboards was a health hazard: bundles of cloth and shoes and things piling up to the ceiling. The same applied to the kitchen, where the tiny fridge was taken by the owners’ food. The kitchen was so messy that cooking was impossible so we had to buy ready salads at the supermarket or fish at the local Fish stand, and sit in the garden. The last 2 days were dramatic since it rained and we could not sit in the garden. It escapes me how people can live like that, let alone rent it out to strangers to earn a huge amount of money. First and last time AirB&B. We checked the conditions and saw that there is no control over the quality of the rentals and nobody can be held responsible. That means a commission for nothing. Part of the insult consists of adding 35 € to the total as “cleaning fee” to end up having to clean somebody else’s rubbish yourself. NEVER AGAIN.

  4. The phone number in airbnb’s website to call in case you need assistance does not work, which goes to support what is said here over and over that they do not want to be bothered. Some type of consumer protection service should exist for people not to be hurt by this, in the way described by many here. And Airbnb should be liable when they do not care about customers. In countries like the US people get 2 weeks vacation a year. It is unfair that you come across a bad rental experience and have to go through this type of experience while a big company like airbnb is making lots of money from what they refer to as guests.

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