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Hippy Commune Crams in as Many Guests as Possible

My wife and I are frequent travelers for work, so we must find somewhat long-term furnished housing. Typically we will stay in a city for three to six months at a time. We had accepted an assignment near Los Angeles last spring. We decided on a place through HomeAway in Monterey Park for the first […]

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Negative experience in Belgrade, Džordža Vašingtona 58

Well, the apartment title and description are really charming: “Cozy and cute apartment in the very centre of Belgrade !” After a long search, last October, I believed this was the right accommodation for few days in Belgrade around the 2018 New Year’s Eve (NYE) according to the pictures, description and guest reviews. I’ve realized […]

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The Charming Country Home Was Anything But

As we are traveling throughout France on a work assignment trying to determine where the best location is to live permanently I thought it would be best to use Airbnb. The first three weeks we spent in Colmar, France. Everyone should do their due diligence before signing up with Airbnb to check and see if […]

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How Long do Refunds Take after Cancellations?

I made a reservation through Airbnb for this coming August to Iceland. We paid half of the bill for $905, and the following morning I received a text from the host informing me her place was already booked and she apparently did not block it properly. I immediately called Airbnb, explained the situation and told […]

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Abusive Host Convinces Guests to Leave Early

Do not stay here. We were delayed so we didn’t need access earlier than the 3:00 PM check in time. The host is an appalling communicator. On the day before the booking I sent two messages four hours apart requesting clarification of address and check in procedure. I told the host that we would not […]

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Dream Paris Vacation Turned into Airbnb Nightmare

My family and I (including our infant son) took a trip in September 2017 to Paris using money we’d been saving for a vacation for over two years. While we were in Paris, we experienced a taste of the terrible experiences that Airbnb has to offer, and a taste was more than enough. Our first […]

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Unresponsive Host, Good Customer Service from Airbnb

I had to cancel my reservation, so I contacted the host three weeks before, asking for a full refund, despite his strict cancellation policy. The host agreed to give me a full refund because of the very early cancellation. So I cancelled, only receiving 50% of my initial payment. Afterwards, my host didn’t respond to […]

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Host Cancels Four Days before Arrival in Norway

Two months before our trip, I booked a full apartment rental for four nights in Rjukan, a small town in southwest Norway. Nine days before our arrival, our host informed us that he was planning to go on a ski trip, but his partner was injured. He was wondering if he could share the apartment […]

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“Pseudo Hosts” using Airbnb as a Money Machine

We are a couple in our 70s who travel the world and have used Airbnb since its inception. Through the years we have experienced many disappointments but as good soldiers we accepted minor imperfections as part of the experience in a foreign country. My husband did book a horrendous accommodation in Iceland this past year […]

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Host Demanded More Money Less Than a Week Before Arrival

I booked a home in April 2017 near Ole Miss to visit my daughter at school that October. The price was really reasonable, so upon the host accepting the reservation, I messaged him to double check that all was well. There was no response. I messaged him again in May to double check – no […]

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False Advertising: Avoid Using Airbnb At All Costs

I was part of an adult and professional family who rented an expensive house through Airbnb for four weeks so I speak from bitter firsthand experience. We rented both sides of the house through Airbnb but there was major construction being carried out. Let me be clear: these were not renovations, nor extensions, nor repairs, […]

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I Reported an Attack then Faced Retaliation from Airbnb

Over the holidays, I rented an apartment. There were problems with the maid. She basically moved into the unit with me and spent half the day there, despite me desperately trying to get her out. After the first week, I decided to stay a second week. The host agreed. She accepted a second booking at […]

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Double booked, left stranded in sub-freezing temperature

We booked a house to stay in Hunter Mountain, New York for a skiing weekend and our other friend’s birthday weekend. There were 12-16 guests arranged to arrive on Saturday and Sunday to stay until Monday or Tuesday. The first group of us arrived early Saturday to go skiing in the morning and planned to […]

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Double Listing Leads to Trouble Cancelling Airbnb

I can’t make this story colorful because it simply is not. I hope it helps others. I went to see an Airbnb before moving in as it was for a long-term stay. I found the lift out of order (other inhabitants were complaining about it as it was an antique and probably not up to […]

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From Bad to Worse, Forced to Leave Multiple Airbnbs

To anyone looking to rent via Airbnb, please use caution. You cannot trust the reviews. A lot of people have their friends who write reviews for them. If a guest cancels before booking, Airbnb doesn’t allow them to leave reviews. I also believe they purposely delete bad reviews in the interest of keeping guests in […]

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Harassment by Host After Ignoring Check In

We booked accommodation in Madrid from January 19-22, and as previously agreed with the host we were supposed to arrive between 12:00-2:00 PM. We sent a text via Airbnb inquiring as to who would be available to meet us, with no response from the host. As agreed, we arrived at 2:00 PM, and found the […]

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Airbnb Host Spying On Guests With Audiovisual Equipment?

When I made our reservation with Airbnb, I took advantage of their “Pay Less Up Front” program. I paid for only half the reservation at booking, and about two weeks later, I paid the rest. Who would know this would come back to bite me in the end? Let me back up a bit. My […]

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Airbnb’s Unfairness Leaves me without Answers

I booked and paid twice with Airbnb, then both of my bookings were cancelled by the hosts without an explanation from them or Airbnb. I got my money back those times but my third host was a scammer. I know I should be more careful, but after two cancellations I was desperate to find a […]

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Both Host and Airbnb won’t Accept Negative Review

Here is a review I posted on an Airbnb host’s site. It was posted for one day and then Airbnb removed it from the post. I contacted Airbnb support and went back and forth many times and they refused to put the review back on the host’s rental site. You will see in my review […]

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Careful Booking Close to International Borders

I was trying to book a weekend getaway with my husband, sister and brother in law to celebrate our anniversaries. I was looking in Niagara, NY but somehow the site was showing me places in Canada too. I did not realize this. I found a place that looked great for the price we could afford, […]

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Airbnb Cancels a Long-Term Booking without Consulting Hosts

About a month ago I had a 31-night reservation that was cancelled without consulting us after 48 hours of checking in. Our guests wanted to leave the place after they spotted two cockroaches in the kitchen in the middle of the night. Our house is located in Bondi Beach, Australia, where cockroaches are simply everywhere […]

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Airbnb Hell Prevents Property Agent Scam in Munich

I’m posting this because thanks to a similar post from this website I just avoided being scammed. I’m a Spanish student about to start an internship in Munich, a city well known for its accomodation shortage, especially for students. Searching for flats I came across the following property. The host seemed to answer all of […]

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Slum House Throws Female Guest out at 2 AM

This was my first Airbnb, and it will be my last. I thought it would be nice to stay with someone local since I wouldn’t be in the room most of the time I was there. Checking in was easy, but I was confused about the key situation even though I read the rules. My […]

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Booking Scam and Expensive PayPal Horror

I received an email that I was about to delete as spam until I saw it was an actual Airbnb booking for that night in a single room in Rio for the price of a week or more in a luxury home in Oz. I am in Queensland, Australia with no intentions of travelling anywhere […]

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Airbnb Charging in Wrong Currency with Excess Fees

I was trying to pay my host, but the Airbnb system kept rejecting payment saying ‘server error, please retry’. I kept retrying and eventually selected PayPal as the payment mechanism. I am booking an Italian property, with charges in EURs, and have a EUR credit card (despite living in the UK). My PayPal account has […]

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  2. Our host (a former police officer) had his bother who lived close by spy on us repeatedly throughout the first evening. It first started when he sat at the end of a nearby road with a friend observing us for about 45 minutes from his truck, as we tried to relax on the patio after driving all day (how do you relax on vacation when you feel like you are under surveillance). The truck then pulled into the driveway and sat there for about 20 minutes while the driver was on the phone. At about 8 pm, the host’s brother and friend randomly showed up with a 36 pack of toilet paper and cleaning supplies indicating that they needed to replenish supplies in the house. I assume this was an attempt to see what was going on inside the house after we’d been there fore a few hours (ummm…. dinner and a couple beers was going on, pretty normal vacation type stuff). Our reason for staying at the this house was to attend a local music festival close by. My assumption is the host thought we were “the wrong types” because we were going to a festival. I guess we shouldn’t have told him. In actually fact we are just 4 middle ages guys (three of us landlords ironically) who wanted a nice quiet place to stay at night after a couple days of taking in some music. Regardless we left the place spotless, as I always to at my AirB&B stays and we left it at that. This year we have chosen to stay a few miles away at another house. I assume all will be OK, like my other stays have been elsewhere.

  3. Wow reading these stories will make you a complete skeptic and not trust anyone. Unfortunately, I too got played by the HOST’s property manager, she was dishonest and fabricated a lie. I cannot stress how important it is to TELL THE TRUTH ALWAYS!! These hosts and even guests are not your friends!! IF you have an issue don’t just address it with the host, address it with Airbnb IMMEDIATELY. Take pictures, always, there is nothing like concrete evidence.

    What’s scary about the opportunity to NOT edit your reviews after someone has submitted a review about you, doesn’t make the review honest/accurate. We could be looking at reviews that are not all the way truthful because someone, like me, privately messaged the issues and gave a decent review. I’ve expressed my concern to Airbnb, and I am still awaiting a resolution. The HOST representative was able to QUICKLY cover her (you know what) to submit a review while she knew I was traveling and basically called me liar about the issues we had because she probably ASSUMED I would slam her for her POOR customer service. She dropped the ball, and she KNEW IT!

    ISSUES I told her privately before her BIG LIE, & NOW TO AIRBNB & THE PUBLIC:

    We paid over $1560 for this listing…

    -Check-In was at 3PM- House Keepers didn’t leave the home until after 4pm (still washing and drying sheets/towels), she said they were late because of church, there were no toiletries (mainly paper towels, bar soap-in which we brought our personal bars, and no hand soap at the guest room sink), the House Keepers had to leave and go get them. The House Keepers sat outside & in wash room because by this time, it was after 4pm and we needed to get into the house and unpack to get to where we needed to be Sunday.

    -The guy, in which we had no clue, someone was living there, had a used creased white dress shirt sitting on the rack (cuffs flipped) with other loose hangers in the mastersbedroom, his clothes was in the closet (fine), but where did you want your guest to place their stuff? My sister and her better-half had to place their belongs near their beds.

    -We also discovered some mail sitting on his dresser-mastersbedroom, we are total strangers and so are other guests who have been visiting, cannot believe they allowed that.. So my mom asked one of the House Keepers are they gonna put it away? There was also mail in the kitchen where he had a bottle of Beefeater gin. I don’t care if someone is living there and is traveling/away, you don’t leave their personal documents out, we felt like we were invading someone’s personal space.

    -In the listing, they stated there was a microwave, NONE (false advertisement).. we used the convection (for toasting mainly) oven/oven, but you can’t assume everything goes in it or someone knows how to operate it.

    -She displayed poor customer service when we asked her how to operate the TV, she told us to take the masterbedroom “Trial and error” (really wow?) and she told my sister basically to enjoy the Mardi Gras Parades. Little did she know we had been out all morning long and my mom needed some rest. There was only Netflix, which is fine but you basically had to use your phone to control the livingroom TV (apps only). Can’t assume everyone was doing Mardi Gras 24/7.

    -The towel rack fell after trying to place one on there near the sink in the guest bathroom

    -The stained black-ink “wash rags” in which she claims I found it and merged with fresh ones was found with clean face towels folded, there was also another big towel with the same marks on them. (I mean good grief NOBODY has time to play games with YOU woman, we too old for that!)

    -The house code was literally four buttons in a row, then you could literally walk in the house (not cool for security purposes)

    -There were blood-like stains on pillow cases and pillows

    -The streets in the neighborhoods were super tore up, big pot holes and lots of construction to get there, very dangerous if you are not familiar with the area and are not careful

    -Molded food in the fridge drawer as well as expired bread on the counter

    -& now, the fact she has lied on me

    The lengths people will go through just because THEY has the HOSTS dropped the ball.

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  5. I must say that during a period I used airbnb a lot, but will never do it again. Have several horror stories, including a superhost who sexually assaulted me. Plus reviews CANNOT be trusted on airbnb, Plus airbnb does NOT protect guests to any greater extent.
    I am sure there are nice people renting our on airbnb but my experience is that this business attracts fishy people who want to make an extra buck fast. If you have a decent salary, chose a hotel or hostel instead!

  6. avoid this man at all costs.
    After booking a trip he refused to answer, so I spent call after call and a long time waiting on hold as the reps tried to contact him. A day prior to my planned trip I had to cancel in fear of what might happen. I gave him a thumbs down and then, mind you this is two weeks after I made attempts to clarity information, he replied once I gave him thumbs down with: “I understand you are interested in off the grid living” OMG… WTF???? I asked to review my experience and airbnb did not grant me the opportunity, I think it is the right of others to know what to expect, I waisted 2 weeks thinking I was going on a trip, only to be the victim of this covert narcissist at last.

  7. If you are going to Paris , you want to use the AIRBNB service and you want to book this accomodation.

    I would like to give you the advice.
    – Do Not give the host or Co-woker 200 euro Cash for safely deposite. They will try to say it is in the contract.
    – Walk around the apartment , look everything in the details, such as door, chairs, tables, curtains, toilets . Please take pictures if possible and sign on the piece of paper.
    – On the day return the key to the Host , look around with the host , if you are unlucky , they will make up the story, but if they do it , Do not pay them anything. Tell them to contact AIRBNB. If they do not make up a story , ask them to sign on the piece of paper to declare everything has been checked.
    – Finally , Cancel you Credit card relates to the Airbnb payments , the Airbnb still has a chance to collect your money from the Safety Deposit.

    – Remember the Airbnb is just a website service, they do not have to protect Guests and Hosts. They only stand on the money side. Do not expect you will get help from them, please forget about their insurance. We all know if we claim for insurance , how much we have to pay for next year. If the Airbnb uses insurance to protect us , will the insurance company take Airbnb as their customers? We all drop to the AIRBNB trap.

    Thank you for your times to read my email .

  8. UNSAFE HOUSE and all Airbnb cared about was a possible bad review (not that one of their listings was unsafe)!!

    We chose a very cute little renovated house in San Antonio for a family week-end to celebrate my daughter’s white coat ceremony. Airbnb, unfortunately, did not give address until after we paid ($140 a night for a total of 3 nights = $440.00). The address was 123 Bank street. The house looked exactly like it did online, BUT many houses on the street had bars on doors and windows (ours did not!). There was a school across the street and when my elderly mother, daughter and I arrived around midnight, there was about 20/30 males loitering at the school directly across the street. In addition, there was not a dead bolt on the back door. We immediately left, stayed elsewhere and asked for a refund. Owner said no. Daughter explained how it was dangerous and said that our reviews would have to reflect that. Owner said she would refund two nights (ASSuming that would make us not write an honest review, I guess?). She refunded $60 and said we would get the rest when review was passed. In review, we put that it was a great little house, but that women should not stay there alone. After our review, the owner wrote and said we would not get refund, because we threatened with a bad review (Airbnb called it extortion)!! That’s how they got out of refunding us a penny!!

  9. We booked a flat in Haarlem, the Netherlands, for our 10-day holiday in July 2017. Our hosts were a young couple and we picked the flat for its location, off the main city centre and walking distance. Also for the freedom to cook our meals. We had a very brief introduction as to how the kitchen and the washing machine worked and the owners quickly disappeared. They left behind 4 cupboards stuffed with their stuff which explained the very stuffiness of the place. Opening the garden door was the only way to get oxygen into the flat. The bedroom was at the front of the building and some renovations didn’t allow opening the window here. There was a hatch joining the living room and the bedroom which was the only way of ventilating the room. The place was full of cats hair, also the 7 chairs. We had to hoover twice to start with and spent arrival day cleaning the place. Plus every other day to try to get rid of the stuffiness. The bathroom had a disgusting smell, probably clogged pipes, which we could not get rid off. Using the washing machine gave way to the same unbearable experience. Cleanliness was nearly impossible. We had to live out of our suitcases because there was no storage space and opening cupboards was a health hazard: bundles of cloth and shoes and things piling up to the ceiling. The same applied to the kitchen, where the tiny fridge was taken by the owners’ food. The kitchen was so messy that cooking was impossible so we had to buy ready salads at the supermarket or fish at the local Fish stand, and sit in the garden. The last 2 days were dramatic since it rained and we could not sit in the garden. It escapes me how people can live like that, let alone rent it out to strangers to earn a huge amount of money. First and last time AirB&B. We checked the conditions and saw that there is no control over the quality of the rentals and nobody can be held responsible. That means a commission for nothing. Part of the insult consists of adding 35 € to the total as “cleaning fee” to end up having to clean somebody else’s rubbish yourself. NEVER AGAIN.

  10. The phone number in airbnb’s website to call in case you need assistance does not work, which goes to support what is said here over and over that they do not want to be bothered. Some type of consumer protection service should exist for people not to be hurt by this, in the way described by many here. And Airbnb should be liable when they do not care about customers. In countries like the US people get 2 weeks vacation a year. It is unfair that you come across a bad rental experience and have to go through this type of experience while a big company like airbnb is making lots of money from what they refer to as guests.

  11. My bf and I went to Japan for the first time. This was our dream trip and everything went great.. until we reached our last airbnb location.. She advertised the place with the word “clean” in her title. Great reviews overall with maybe two people who complained about cleanliness. I disregarded because everybody’s standard of cleanliness is different. I like my place clean, but not OCD about it. Anyway, first, it’s a freakin’ puzzle to find the keys (find the 35th bench at this park and find the red bike. there should be a lock. Once you get the key, go straight, under the bridge, etc. etc. – I just want the keys! there are a billion red bikes too!) Second, the host said she would be there – wasn’t there – that’s fine, as along as we can get it. Third, we get in the room and there is hair everywhere, and dust in all four corners with something that looked like breadcrumbs. Hair on the pillows. The bathroom was THE WORST! There was a dead squished cockroach, pee and hair all over the toilet which we had to clean, hair and dust all over the bathroom. When we contacted the host she had the nerve to tell us, “this is not a hotel, if you wanted a clean place, you shouldn’t stay at airbnb.” Excuse me??! If you posted a freakin picture of a dead cockroach I wouldn’t have stayed there! We packed our stuff, told the host to either clean the place or refund us – we will NOT be staying there tonight. We walked a good 20min to get to a near by hotel.
    Called airbnb and they were incredibly helpful. They were so apologetic and gave us a huge discount to find a new airbnb – which we did right away for the next day. We we so tired and angry at this point, but airbnb customer service made everything ok!

    This host has since deleted that room, however, she has a new listing and this place already has negative reviews on how dirty it is. AVOID this place if you go to Japan!! She seems like a sweet girl, but man.. was she a complete opposite!

    Her name is Yuki, Airbnb name says You &Tokyo. Currently has a listing “Enjoy new Tokyo, explore old Tokyo” in Toshima-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan.

    Link here:

  12. Although we have had terrific experiences through/with airbnb in Virginia and North Carolina, our experiences in Florida have definitely fallen below expectations. My husband had to travel to the Daytona Beach area for business, booked a nice-looking apartment–all was wonderful except the horrible neighborhood. Airbnb really should provide addresses or at least street names so that potential renters can Google Earth what they are getting themselves into before making the reservation. My husband was really worried about leaving his car parked on the street, which was required, so he found a streetlight to park under so that the local methheads would likely not bother the vehicle.

    Shortly thereafter, I had to take a trip to Florida–this time, Ormond Beach. A woman was renting rooms in her house. She had great reviews. But when I got there, I couldn’t imagine who would give this worn-down, filthy, nasty place more than one star. What was creepy is the woman (the host) was MIA. She had a guy (roommate) handling everything for her, although she did not tell me this was going to be the case. I moved the dresser in front of my door before going to bed.
    The house reeked of cigarettes, although there was “no smoking;” pieces of wood were missing from interior doors as if people had forced their way into rooms; it was just nasty, and I can’t imagine anyone wanting outsiders to see their home in that kind of shape.

    When I looked up the property in the online county records (to verify that the host really existed-I was truly that nervous the first day), I saw that she had purchased the house for way too much during the housing bubble. She seems unable to afford (or care about) the upkeep. Peeling, chipping paint outside–it was really run down and misrepresented on Airbnb. So–that’s likely the situation: Airbnb is helping her (and likely many others) out of a bad financial situation.

    I was thinking of contacting Airbnb to get a refund and go get a hotel (same price) but I knew it would be a hassle.

    Never again–at least not in the state of Florida.

  13. Rented an apartment on AirBNB for 6 nights. I arrive Medellin and apartment was rented to other people. I cancel the reservation and AirBNB keeps $1,300 in penalties. Now more than a week latter and AirBNB only says they are looking into the case. Turns our the host has done this many times before and owes AirBNB $2,050 in previous cancelations and penalties for this same exact property which has been rented under a 6 month contract. The place still shows a available on AirBNB. AirBNB applied $1,028 of my cancelation penalty to the hosts debt with AirBNB and simply kept the commission. This on an apartment which was not even available for rent. O have contact them half a dozen times and host in chat admits the place was not available and they I should have a full refund. AirBNB tells the host he must submit a credit card number to process a refund to me, due to his debt on previous cancelled rentals that have nothing to do with me. Completely unfair and should be illegal. False advertising, breach of contract and essentially theft at this point.

  14. Beware of these hosts in Oahu, Hawaii, Joyce Lignell and David Thielen:

    and beware of Airbnb’s Resolution Center, all you will get is a generic pre-written response!

    We had rented an apartment which was dirty with sticky grime, which felt and smelt like construction material that hadn’t been cleaned off properly, and felt unsafe to a pregnant woman.
    The apartment was also falsely advertised as having a full bathroom (yet it was without sink) and having a large balcony with view of the ocean (tiny balcony overlooking the parking lot and view of other buildings on all sides).
    We took detailed pictures and sent them to a case manager, whose best response was: “what, you’ve got some sand on the floor?”
    After hours spent on the phone with the case manager and the host, nothing was resolved: on the contrary, the host talked uninterruptedly without letting me get half a word in, and when I finally did he raised his voice and accused me of insulting him.
    We ended up booking a hotel instead, but were clear with the case manager that we did not want to cancel the reservation until we had obtained a refund, however we found the next day that the reservation have been cancelled regardless.

    Since then, it has been a useless back and forth of emails with Airbnb.
    To us, and according to Airbnb’s policies we are entitled to a reimbursement due to lack of cleanliness, safety and false advertisement, for all of which he submitted clear evidence. In addition, the cancellation was made against our will (or by the host), also warranting a refund.

    After almost a month, Airbnb turned down our claim (see our detailed letter below) and never responded to any of the issues we had expressly asked them to address with reference to Airbnb’s Policies, no explanation, no nothing. Simply appalling service!

    Our letter to the Resolution Center:
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are bringing our claim to the Resolution Center after trying to resolve an unsuccessful Airbnb experience with the hosts and mediated by case manager Allen D. to no avail.

    We are very unhappy with how our situation was addressed and handled by the case manager assigned, his attitude and demeanor towards us and our claim. We had been explaining that the studio apartment we rented was falsely advertized, the floors were extremely dirty, and smelled of new construction (please bear in mind that we are a five-month pregnant couple and health concerns are important to us). However, after sending photographic evidence of the state of the apartment we were asked dismissively: “What, there’s some sand on the floor?” which we found showing disrespect to our issue and unprofessional.

    We had asked the case manager specifically why our evidence was not strong enough to prove our room was not what was advertised, nor unfit to stay in. Therefore we ask that after your investigation you provide us with detailed responses to all the four points that we have listed below.

    The following points summarize why we feel we are entitled to a reimbursement, either from the hosts or Airbnb.

    1. The apartment was dirty. The floor was covered with sticky and dusty grime. The photos sent (attachments 1-6) clearly show that over 50% of the floor was covered with such grime, which appeared to be caulking that had not been cleaned off after remodeling of the room. Likewise, other surfaces within the room had collected a fine layer of dust. The dirt was not the kind that one finds from a day of missed dusting, but the kind one finds after construction (and we don’t feel we should explain how dangerous fine particulate matter is for our health).
    Honestly we don’t understand how the photos we sent are not enough to prove the floor was dirty, and to add to the evidence, the building manager was also sent to investigate from the host and in our presence reported to the hosts that there was residue all over the floors.

    We also claimed that the room had a chemical smell to it, which is something we cannot prove (who could?). Being pregnant, this was an important safety concern to us, and we state that it wasn’t a noxious smell that was apparent right away as you step into the apartment but it only became apparent after sitting in the room for a while, giving one a headache and dry throat.

    We have repeatedly informed the case manager that we are a five-month pregnant couple, so on top of the lack of cleanliness, which is clearly expressed in Airbnb’s policies as a minimum quality standard for a reimbursement (highlighted in the relevant sections of the policies copied below), we have raised the safety issue, also expressed in your policies.

    We also find it somewhat ironic that among all the booking fees kept, the hosts kept the cleaning fee, which would have been the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM they should have offered to reimburse especially considering we didn’t stay there and it needed another clean to begin with.

    2. The hosts were unwilling to cooperate. The policies clearly state that the hosts should have made themselves, or a representative available within 24-hours to investigate and solve the issue (highlighted in the policies below). The host repeatedly stated over the phone that he lived an hour away and could not come to assess the situation. Instead, after much time, the host had the property manager take a look at the room and report to the host. After this “investigation” NOTHING WAS RESOLVED by the host or the property manager. Instead, we spent over three hours waiting in the lobby of the condominium for the situation to be resolved.

    The host made a half-attempt at understanding and trying to resolve the situation by saying that he would come the following day to assess the situation himself and have it cleaned if needed, but he rudely retracted the offer when I informed him that I would not be available to meet him in person due to work commitments (I was in Honolulu for a conference) and that we’d need to converse over the telephone.

    The host (or Airbnb) should have at a minimum offered a reimbursement or other accommodation for the first night, in an attempt to resolve the issue within 24 hours. This never happened.

    3. The advertisement of the platform is deceiving
    The apartment bathroom that had advertised as having a full bathroom was missing the traditional sink and mirror combo in the “full bathroom”. The guests are instead required to use the kitchenette sink in the main room and it should have been part of the description on the portal that the bathroom does not have a sink and or is not a complete bathroom.
    This is another issue that we raised to the host right from the beginning, and the most the host could respond was: “this is a studio apartment, what do you expect?”
    When we had just came from a studio apartment with a complete full bathroom and had a lovely stay because everything was as advertised.
    We are resending pictures of the bathroom to show that it does not have a sink (pictures 7 and 8).

    The picture of the lanai (balcony) and relevant view on the platform (picture 9 attached) is not the picture of the actual balcony and view, which is a HUGE case of false advertisement. And was one of the main reasons my wife was drawn to choosing this air bnb. The actual balcony of apartment #602 has a view on the condominium parking lot, and is flanked by views of the condominium itself on both sides (the condominium has a tight L-shape). The ocean cannot be seen at all from the apartment’s balcony as shown in the picture posted on the platform, but only other apartments and buildings of Waikiki.
    While we did not take a picture of the balcony and view, we attach the picture posted on the portal (picture 9), which doesn’t even look like a view taken from the Waikiki Grand Hotel at all, unless maybe taken from the top floor at the complete other side of the building.

    We also include a picture of Waikiki Grand Hotel from Google Maps (figure 10): the Waikiki Grand Hotel is clearly indicated and I have marked the approximate location of apartment #602 with a red arrow (on the sixth floor, the condominium has ten floors), showing that this apartment has no view of the ocean as shown on the advertisement, and could not possibly have that view.

    These two issues violate a point that is clearly expressed under your minimum quality standards policy. A bathroom cannot be considered full without a sink, and it should have been clearly stated in the description of the room. Even more so, the picture of the view from the balcony is complete false advertisement and it should be removed or replaced with an accurate photo.

    4. We never authorized a cancellation.
    Our reservation was cancelled on the second day, however we never authorized a cancellation neither on the phone nor in writing.
    We don’t know if this was the case manager’s doing or the hosts’ wish, however, when we were asked over the phone whether we wished to cancel the reservation we clearly responded that we would not cancel UNTIL we had obtain a refund. We informed the case manager that the front desk at Waikiki Grand Hotel (within the same condominium as the Airbnb) had a room available we could rent at extra cost, and which we did use, but we NEVER authorized a cancellation with Airbnb.

    If the cancellation came from the hosts, then they should reimburse our payment with no question. If the cancellation was made by the case manager, then it was on his accord not ours, and had the direct consequence that we can no longer review the hosts and protect other Airbnb costumers from them. In this case we feel it is Airbnb that must reimburse us.
    The cancellation issue itself is a gross mishandling of our claim by the case manager and should be fully addressed.

    We believe the issues regarding our Airbnb experience outlined above fulfill all the conditions required for claiming a travel issue.
    At a bare minimum we feel that IF the host had had the room cleaned within 24-hours, we should qualify AT LEAST for a reimbursement of the cleaning fee ($100), service fee ($43), the first night at the Airbnb ($85), and the difference between the cost paid at Waikiki Grand Hotel and the Airbnb ($167.35- $85= $82.35), for a total of $310.35.

    The case manager explained to us that any decision taken by the Resolution Center is final, therefore we kindly ask you to fully consider all the aspects of our claim and to respond to all the points listed above.


    Dr. Dario Bilardello
    University of Minnesota

    Relevant points of Airbnb Refund Policies:
    2. The Guest Refund Policy. If you are a Guest and suffer a Travel Issue, we agree, at our discretion, to either (i) reimburse you up to the amount paid by you through the Platform, as determined by Airbnb in our discretion, depending on the nature of the Travel Issue suffered or (ii) use our reasonable efforts to find and book you another Accommodation for any unused nights left in your reservation which in our determination is reasonably comparable to the Accommodation described in your original reservation in terms of size, rooms, features and quality. All determinations of Airbnb with respect to the Guest Refund Policy, including without limitation the size of any refund, shall be final and binding on the Guests and Hosts.

    3. Conditions to Claim a Travel Issue. Only a Guest may submit a claim for a Travel Issue. If you are a Guest, in order to submit a valid claim for a Travel Issue and receive the benefits with respect to your reservation, you are required to meet each of the following conditions:
    (a) you must bring the Travel Issue to our attention in writing ( or via telephone and provide us with information (including photographs or other evidence) about the Accommodation and the circumstances of the Travel Issue within 24 hours after the start of your reservation, and must respond to any requests by us for additional information or cooperation on the Travel Issue;
    (b) you must not have directly or indirectly caused the Travel Issue (through your action, omission or negligence); and
    (c) you must have used reasonable efforts to try to remedy the circumstances of the Travel Issue with the Host prior to making a claim for a Travel Issue.

    4. Minimum Quality Standards, Host Responsibilities and Reimbursement to Guest. If you are a Host, you are responsible for ensuring that the Accommodations you list on the Platform meet minimum quality standards regarding access, adequacy of the description on the Platform, safety, cleanliness, and do not present a Guest with Travel Issues. During the 24-hour period following the Guest’s check-in, Hosts should be available, or make a third-party available, in order to try, in good faith, to resolve Guest issues.
    If you are a Host, and if (a) Airbnb determines that a Guest has suffered a Travel Issue related to an Accommodation listed by you and (b) Airbnb either reimburses that Guest any amount up to the amount paid by the Guest through the Platform for the Accommodation or provides an alternative Accommodation to the Guest, you agree to reimburse Airbnb up to the amount paid by Airbnb within 30 days of Airbnb’s request. All determinations of Airbnb with respect to the Guest Refund Policy, including without limitation the size of any refund to the Guest, shall be final and binding on the Guests and Hosts. You also agree that in order for you to reimburse Airbnb up to the amount paid by Airbnb, Airbnb may off-set or reduce any amounts owed by Airbnb to you by this amount. If the Guest remains for part or all of the stay despite the Travel Issue, the Guest will receive a refund that will reduce the amount of the Accommodation Fees ultimately paid to you. If the Guest is relocated to an alternative Accommodation, you may lose part or all of the Accommodation Fee payment for the booking and you may be responsible for reasonable additional costs incurred to relocate the Guest to the alternative Accommodation.
    The rights of the Guests under the Guest Refund Policy supersede the cancellation policy established by a Host. If you as a Host dispute the Travel Issue you may notify us in writing ( or via telephone and provide us with information (including photographs or other evidence) disputing the claims regarding the Travel Issue, provided you must have used reasonable and good faith efforts to try to remedy the Travel Issue with the Guest prior to disputing the Travel Issue claim. You agree that all determinations of Airbnb with respect to the Travel Issue shall be final and binding on the Guests and Hosts regardless of your submission of a dispute against such Travel Issue. In the event of one or more Travel Issues, Airbnb, in its discretion, may elect to take additional actions. These actions include, but are not limited to, negatively affecting your Listing ranking, automated reviews indicating Travel Issues, cancelling future bookings, suspending or removing the Listing of the Accommodation or imposing penalties or fees for the administrative burden associated with the Travel Issues.”

  15. Airbnb is garbage. 2/3 times I’ve tried to use had my reservation canceled with less than a weeks notice. Will never use their service again. They don’t vet their renters apparently. Home Away is the way to go. Check out the reviews from previous renters and you will have a decent idea what ur getting.

  16. Horrible experience with Airbnb. The customer service from airbnb is terribly slow. NEVER BOOK YOUR HOLIDAY VIA aIrbnb!
    Within one year, two times booking after the payment and confirmation ended up with the last minute cancellation due to the hosts’ mistakes.
    Last year August when we were travelling in Sicily, I got a message from the host two days before we were going to Taormina that my reservation was cancelled. Airbnb did nothing at the beginning. I had to rebook the place in midnight. It was so high season for Taormina that it was damn it very difficult to find a reasonable price accommodation in such a short notice. Later Airbnb offered an 80 euro coupon as a compensation.
    As this coupon will expire this coming August, I thought it may be smart to use it for a weekend staying somewhere. Via an instant booking, two weeks ago I reserved a camping lodge for the coming weekend. Yesterday I got the call from the host due to the double-booking of her lodge, my reservation has to be cancelled. Again no active action from Airbnb . Sent the complaint to the airbnb service. No answer at all. If you like that the unexpected change thanks to Airbnb terrible management ruins your holiday, try that hell Airbnb!

    • My family and I rented 29 Holly Avenue in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada from Laura Smith and Emmanuel Hamilton through airbnb for 2 months in the summer of 2016. The house was a mess when we moved in – garbage everywhere, really filthy and stunk real bad. They had a cockroach infestation. The house was a gut job. Everything was falling apart.. Bad neighbourhood. Basically a meth house.

      We thought we’d be good and not get bed bugs but sure enough a few days into our rental we were infested. This house is really bad off. Needs to be torn down.

  17. Never using Airbnb again. STAY AWAY FROM AIRBNB!

    This guy approved my reservation around 12 pm on may 7, 2017. He asked me if I can come at 5 pm so he can wash bed sheets. He never mentioned if he needs me to send any type of ID. So I arrived there at 530 pm with my stuff. Then he started to ask for my passport upon arrival. I asked him why he needs my passport.Then I asked him if my drivers license or health care card would be fine he said no he wants to see my passport. I feel like he didn’t want to see my ID instead he wanted to make reasonable excuses in order to cancel my trip on arrival. He also asked me if he can see my credit card and take a picture of it. So I gave him my University card with photo on it and my drivers licence with home address, name and date of birth. I even told him that I can show him my health care card but he refused again. I feel like he was predetermined to cancel my trip on arrival. I feel like this was type of discrimination when he saw me at the door he didn’t want me in even though I showed him multiple ID’s. I have used airbnb for many times I never had a host who has asked for my ID upon arrival. This feels like discrimination because he wants certain type of ethnicity to come into his house. As you can see reviews on airbnb he has canceled others trip too on arrival. He was also drunk and was holding beer in his one hand. I feel host should not be in situation where he or she is drunk and is not fully capable of taking right actions at the moment. It also puts the customer in very uncomfortable situation when he or she sees that the host is already drunk. Airbnb is hell to deal with. His listing was back up again after two weeks and all the bad reviews on his listing where all deleted after two weeks. I cannot believe this. Airbnb does not care about any human being, all they care is money in and money out. STAY AWAY FROM AIRBNB!

    Here is the link of the host.

  18. We stayed at an airbnb in the Blue mountains, Australia. The place has good rating, all the reviews were positive but when we arrived we were forced to drive down a very steep driveway with overgrown trees and branches overhanging. The host failed to provide sufficient bedding for the number of guests we paid extra for. Then the hygiene standard was very low, with food scraps still stuck to the eating utensils and plates. The worst of all the towels all smelled mouldy, we found out late that night which made me feel sorry for myself. We left 1 night early, we didnt want to confront the hosts hygiene standard as it would ruin our holiday mood, so we let it go… we come to realise airbnb can never compare with a proper hotel as they have much higher hygiene standards e. g. Washing and disinfecting their towels at over 90deg c.

  19. I had a horrible experience with Sofia in Tulum, Mexico. I had BOOKED/RESERVED her place for a 3-week stay a full month in advance. We were so excited to have found a nice place near the beach at a reasonable rate. It was priced fair enough that we could do some of the other fun adventures in the area…10 days before the trip I tried to connect with Sofia to ask a few questions about the place…she did not respond, as we got closer to the departure date, and a few more attempts to contact her, I started to worry…I contacted AirBNB, they looked into it and confirmed that the reservation was fine. Well, somewhere between take off in California and landing in Cancun, Sofia cancelled our reservation…she never explained why, refused to answer any questions, and NEVER contacted me again. With only one day notice, we ended up having to book at another Airbnb that was very nice, but TWICE as much $$ and nowhere near the beach, which meant LOTS of money spent on taxis and it was NOT the Maya Riviera dream vacation we had dreamed of, planned for and reserved…and, because I was still on vacation, I missed the narrow window of time to leave feedback on her profile on AirBNB.
    I suspect she got a longer stay offer or more money as it coincidently coincided with SpringBreak time in Cancun, or maybe she looked at my Facebook profile and saw my political leanings, I have no idea, but, I am so very disappointed! I spent well over $1000 more than I ever intended to, and it was not a relaxing time…it was very stressful. My plan was to rehab after a spine injury with very little money and she knew that…
    How can she just cancel for no reason???
    Stay away from Sofia in Tulum/Akumal…

  20. We rent 3 bd/2/5 br near Metro, Capitol Heights closed to Washington DC.At the beginning we had asked the combo for the house we would be staying at two weeks prior to our stay, she had said that she would inform us the combo 48 hours prior to our stay. Less than 48 hours till we had still not received any notice on the combination, so we asked our second question on the combination and reminded them on the items we would require for our stay. Once we checked in at around 6 p.m. We encountered a full trash can, no wifi password, no bowls, not enough pillows, blankets, and towels. So we contacted the host, Chelsea, again to ask for the wifi password. No response. So we contacted the owner, who by the way was very kind and answered immediately, and he gave us the wifi password. The next day when everybody was ready to do laundry we found mounds of used towels and items from the previous people who had stayed at this residence and when everybody took showers, there was no hair dryer for us to use. We once again contacted the owner asking if he knew where the hair dryer was stored, he replied saying it had broke and a previous person had thrown it out. No big deal. The next morning we had all left to go to a tour of the United States Capital, and received an email saying that Chelsea had wanted to escort us out that day and wanted to refund us for the night. We were all stunned because we had planned this trip specifically for 3 nights for 4 months by now and we were not about to pack up and leave without knowing where to go. So we contacted Chelsea saying that our family was not going to leave the house and would be staying for the time we had planned. Once again no response. We contacted the owner about it and he told us that Chelsea had told him she had tried contacting us about this and is sorry for the inconvenience, and would be dealing with it immediately and that we should not worry and enjoy our vacation. However this was a huge downer for all 8 of us and our vacation was continuing on a low note. Once we came back to the house we tried the combination. The door wouldn’t open. Tried it again. No use. We continued to attempt to open the door without success. We contact Chelsea, furiously, wanting to ask her what she had done to the combinations and to demand the new combination. We email her. Text her. No answer. We contact the owner who responds about 30 minutes later, which was fine because he was still very kind and helped us get in easily. By now, we are all miserable and not ready to travel for hours the following day.

  21. For any host using this site beware!!!!!! I have been using both sites for three years problems with both Airbnb and Homeaway. I would suggest you stick with Homeaway as you can vet your guest with a telephone conversation. If your house is trashed on Air BNB the policies they have on trust and safety are just empty words. Please do yourself a favor and vet your guest yourself. Since that is hard on Airbnb as you unable to communicate with your guest except via text. till after the reservation is booked and then really too late if you charge your mind as costly fines and punishment to cancel reservation. I suggest you stay away. I have had hundreds of booking on both sites 90 percent of my problems have come from Airbnb guest and the customer service is just non existent except with standard formatted emails.

  22. I have had an Airbnb host in Luxembourg message me to say her room is no longer available and would I cancel it. Of course I have replied asking her to cancel it otherwise I lose my Airnbn service fee. As yet she hasn’t done so. This morning I discovered the way to do a request through “Change reservation” for her to cancel it – she will have 48 hours to do it. But it seems to me that if she doesn’t cancel it, there’s nothing I can do except cancel it myself and lose my service fee.

    Airbnb needs to have a direct email address or a complaints register to which they will respond to us and take action.

    I’ll wait for a couple of days and then come back to this site to update my comment.

  23. That poor Asian woman & her friends about to check in at the Big Bear Lake resort, Calif. were very rudely racially discriminated against. Tami or whatever her name is, will be getting her arse & mouth plugged for that ! Airbnb staff, Coca Cola staff, Walmart staff etc. does not matter. Tami, keep looking out.


    BEWARE OF THIS AIRBNB. The host is a liar and a con man. The link above is actually a link to his partner’s listing of the home because he deleted his original listing so my group wouldn’t be able to post a bad review. JASON and ALICE ( are the absolute opposite of hospitable. My group went on a trip to New York and we decided to stay in Weehawken, NJ. First of all their listing LIES as it says it is the “entire house/apartment.” They told us TWO days before we flew out for our trip that there would be two other tenants. Then they said if we don’t like this we can go look somewhere else to stay and they would refund us. We couldn’t find anywhere on such short notice and therefore had to put up with this irritation. The host allowed us to checkin early but he didn’t even meet us there. Instead he left the keys under the front mat (like wow because that’s so secure). Then he didn’t even give any instructions as to which keys opened what doors. He gave us three sets of keys and most of the keys didn’t even work! It was a three story house with a basement and my group got the basement and the second story. The basement was completely unsecure because it didn’t have a door that we could lock to keep the other tenants out. The other tenants were also super noisy and inconsiderate of us! They had parties late at night and made so much noise. ALSO on the original listing it said that the washer and dryer were included. HAH. Turns out this was coin operated. During our stay it was raining for a couple days and the ceiling on the second floor started falling off and water started leaking! There was also a gas leak in the basement coming from behind a door that we couldn’t access. Now after our trip is over and we are all home, the host refuses to give us our security deposit back because he claims some forks are missing (wow didn’t realize some forks could cost $250) and he said we left the place trashy. That is a total lie because we cleaned the entire place and took pictures before we left! So far Airbnb hasn’t helped us with this problem. They seem to be taking no action and it doesn’t seem like they care at all about their customer service. They continue to let these hosts advertise this place as the “entire house” on that one listing even though we have complained and said it is a lie. The host even told us while we were in NJ that he would be cooperative in working out a refund because the place was not what he described in the listing. SO MUCH FOR THAT. The host has been so uncooperative, wrote a bad review about my friend who booked the place, and now he is trying to tell lies about our group to Airbnb so he can keep the security deposit. He even had the audacity to say he should be asking money from us because we left the place so trashy. Like excuse me but your ceiling is falling apart and there is a gas leak in your basement. We honestly left the place way cleaner than it first was considering the floors were disgusting in the kitchen (doesn’t seem like they know how to use a mop or swiffer at all).


  25. I went on AirBNB looking to get a place in Beverly Hills for a business trip I had to take and I received the worst ‘customer service’ possible!

    I will admit, I did try to book a day or two before my trip and I guess there’s some setting where the host can block immediate booking. Well, this woman told me she was going to see if I could book her AirBNB. She told me to wait an hour. (this lady really wasted my time, airbnb’s were going fast in this area) I waited 3 hours. I messaged her 3 times – once each hour – just for her to tell me I couldn’t book her place! I understood, I said ok and moved on. She felt the need to rub it in my face that her place was very nice, better than the pictures. Ok, I understood. I was going to be back in town in 2 weeks so I asked, TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE, if I could book her place. I sent a request, this lady f’king ignored me!! Mind you she was replying just fine the day before. My request expired so I wrote to her again and submitted another request thinking maybe she just didn’t have time today… No, AGAIN this lady ignored me!

    Why are you going to be a host on AirBNB if you’re going to be a jerk like that?? Amy in Beverly Hills SUCKS.

  26. I’ve had an absolute nightmare with an airb&b host. Clare Gordon Puller who’s B&B is in Chichester rented me a room for 7 weeks. She agreed that I could have a guest stay and that I could organise for post to be sent to the property.

    For the last week she went on holiday, and so I did t see her before I left.

    After which I asked for a receipt as it was a professional engagement at the theatre which she understood.

    Now 6 months later, she has only contacted me after I have threatened to report her to HMRC for undeclared earnings and now making up some awful stories to avoid sending a receipt.

    Most importantly, the B&B, Woodside on South Bank in Chichester is so filthy it’s unreal. The rooms are acceptable enough, and are large but the kitchen and actual living area are so engraved with animal smell and mess that it’s enough to make one nauseous. And I like cats and dogs.

    The Cats and Dog will come into the rooms upstairs and every morning the cats had left mess downstairs.

    Honestly it’s just disgusting.

    What on earth can you do? Of course as soon as I arribed she convinced me to pay cash, which I did.

    Just a nightmare. 🙁

    Avoid Woodside, South Bank, Chichester at all costs!!!!

  27. Brother in the hospital in critical care. Verification process is not responsive, now the family has to move to an expensive hotel. The verification process is flawed
    dave s

  28. I stayed at a very dangerous place and AIRBNB changed my 2 star rating to a 5 star rating … all they care about is the money !!!!!!!!!!!! I’m cancelling my account and will stick with hotels in future at least they are safe.

  29. Quality of service falls.
    I am extremely unhappy.
    My account is locked, because of some sort of security for me. A guest came to me through the AirBnB service, but the money remained in the blocked account. To my bank account, I could not translate. For this reason, I will have to explain to the guest that he should look for another apartment for rent.

  30. We stayed at a place called one of a kind condo in missoula montana, the condo itself was nice on the outside but the i side was dirty and had garbage all over the floor we had to wash glasses before we could use them even. They sent us all over town to get keys because they were living in spokane which took a good hour. We tried to give them a kind review but then 2 weeks later they sent us a request for $150 more saying we brought a dog to their place and it pooped and left hair all over the place😡 None of which was true!!!! How do people get away with being so dishonest!!!!

  31. Had also a terrible experience. I booked a room in Mexico City based on the amazing reviews. The place was filthy and so noisy. I had no choice but to wash bathroom and kitchen. The host was a disaster. She left all dirty dishes on the table all day.
    Today someone knocked on the door, I didn’t open as I didn’t know the person. So they left a note to the host saying that she hasn’t paid 3 months rent, and they her landlord will take legal action. Beside all that I found our today that the place is located only a few streets away from a very dodgy area called Tepito.

  32. HELP needed. ASAP.
    airbnb website offers video shooting for verification. Although, it does not sense it is done (or does not accept it, I do not know), but I just lost the reservation.
    Is there any glitch in your system????

  33. Hi. Be aware about this host:

    I was in my honey moon and there was a flight strike in Greece days before my trip to Santorini. My flights were canceled and I had to cancel my reservation there, since I could not reach the island. I asked for a refund, and the host just did not accept any explanation nor the documents that I had sent to her. She was really unflexible and the problem was not solved yet.

    I tried all ways to explain politely that I need the money back and this was the right think to do, but it seems that the host do not think like that. I really recommend for all people avoid staying at this place, since the idea of a trip is to stay with nice and honest people and that is not the case at this place.

    I am sharing my experience so that no one else books a strict policy booking with this host and loses their money. I accepted a lower priced invitation (1200 USD) to sleep in this hosts living room for the month of January. She encouraged me to book and pay immediately since there were other interested parties. I did. Unfortunately, 2 days later, a family emergency arose and I realized I would have to cancel the stay. I immediately contacted the host so that she could re-book with the other interested parties and reimburse me. This is when I discovered that she had imposed a strict policy on the booking. I did not even know such existed since, in my experience, normal and fair business practices are flexible bookings. The strict policy means that NO MATTER WHAT, you do not get any money back. Family illness, death, force major-doesn’t matter. The host declined to pay back the 1200 or any part there-of -even though she had ample time to find someone else and I was not due to arrive for a few days.
    As a landlord, if a tenants plans change, I try to reimburse what I can.
    I would not keep a full months rent when I have the possibility to find a new tenant. I find that such an extreme position shows lack of class and character.

    I have always had positive Airbnb experiences but the fact that they even allow such a policy makes no sense to me. There are hosts offering real private rooms (not living rooms) at similar rates and they offer flexible bookings. Most people are reasonable . Things happen in life. Unless you are prepared to throw away money on services not received I would not risk a strict booking with this host or any other hosts on AirBnB. Flexible bookings are another matter. But make sure you check!

  35. Booked accommodation in Manhattan NYC with a female Latino and confirmed 24 hrs prior to departure from Australia. Seven hours late due to airline issues and when I arrived, a male was opening the door to the apartment where I was booked to stay. He closed the door as he stated that he did not know her and I was left with a flat mobile at 1240AM. I asked a complete stranger to assist me and when she rang her, she was half a klm down the street and around the corner but did not have the decency to come and meet met. ‘Where have you been? You are seven hours late and I have been waiting for you all day. I have wasted my whole day because of you’. I was taken to a substandard accommodation in disrepair – air conditioner hanging out of the wall, sink/stove/fridge with no bench space was the kitchen, bathroom tiles were never grouted, dirty and loose and the bath was porous and unhygienic. Upstairs was lacking in any form of soundproofing so every movement from an insomniac was heard and no sleep. Contacted Airbnb after my return to Australia (seven week trip) and TOO LATE TO COMPLAIN. They they asked me for photos which I was ready to send to them and they closed my case without any communication with me. Clearly there is profit to be made in NYC accommodation and they do not want to delist these profit making ventures. BEWARE OF MANHATTAN AIRBNB OPERATORS.

  36. We booked a place in Omegna for 3 nights, on Lake Orta in May this year. Looked nice in thephotos but was a dump. It advertised a private beach on the lake and the photos, (apparently photo shopped) showed stairs which appeared to lead down to the lake. In fact the Private beach was several kilometers away.. the place was nothing like the ad overlooked a railway line, old and worn out dark and dank appartment..all AIRBNB would do was refund one night so we lost 2 nights fees, plus AIRBNB fees plus cleaning fees all pre paid and then had to rent a hotel. They obviously never check to see if the place being advertised is real or if it is anything like what its supposed to be and when you need them they are uncontactable. Yiu cant do a review once you cancel and you cant get your money back either..DONT USE AIRBNB, use reliable and genuine sites who do give a damn about the customer!

  37. Booked a place. Expected to pay in miles. It came back and booked us in an exorbitant amount of points. Is bullshit. Don’t use them. Too much difficulty. Can you say vrbo?

  38. This Company doesn’t work properly. As an owner you have very few information on the guests, no copy of ID, no postal address once somebody want to book your property.
    You don’t know who is coming in your property, you don’t even have all the names of all the guests… so Airbnb just ask you to say “YES” to your guests without any informations. Once the booking is accepted, most of the time guests are reluctant to give more information , even just a copy of ID or the postal address. You don’t have any contract signed by the guests, if you have pb with him, it’s complicated to call Airbnb. By experience I called them on time when I guest did not come for check out and did not give back my keys… the answer of the call center was “I have to close this phone call because you don’t give me the right 4 last digit of your bank account number” which BTW was wrong. They have a pb with their IT apparently… I had my bank statement in front of me with the credit transaction AIRBNB…
    Anyway no help at all from Airbnb , when you have a pb, don’t count on them… no help at all… and as they have the deposit … so if you need to be reimburse of damages by the deposit … just nothing, no contract, no deposit, no help from Airbnb. Very bad experience. I was obliged to change 2 lockers at my charge…
    I must say also that the most of the time Airbnb provides bad people who wants travel discreetly without giving their ID and basic information about them. I had guests visited by several prostitutes. This never happened before with other websites… Airbnb does not care, they manage the payment and the deposit and you just have to shut your mouth…
    If you don’t want have pb, or you care your home, believe me avoid them…

  39. Contrary to those stories above, I have had nothing but good stays in Air BnB accommodation. I have stayed in 1 place in Western Australia, 2 on the south island of New Zealand and 10 in Europe ( Venice, La Spezia, Florence, Naples, Rome, Athens, 3 in the Pelopponese , Santorini)Maybe I’ve just been lucky.

  40. Airbnb ripped off my money and host compained that i took the key where they charged 200$ they have done multile fake transations on my account please dont rip money the place where i stayed was such a dirty place worst than anything since i had no alternate i had to stay for 2 nights and vacated.

  41. Fraud, last minute cancellations and terrible customer service. That was my Air BNB experience.
    o About a month prior to my visit, I booked a stay in a foreign city through Air BNB.
    o 5 days prior to the stay, the booking is cancelled by the host.
    o Day 5-3: 2 days are spent trying to book a new property. Effort results in mysterious emails, direct from host, requesting that we wire transfer funds to an account in the Ukraine. We determine this is likely fraud.
    o Day 3: I post a question through their “help” section of the Air BNB website alerting them that I think one of their hosts is actively using their site to commit wire fraud, and I am advised to post a review on the hosts’ website.
    o Day 3-2: attempt to book another location, but host rejects in order to accept a different booking request.
    o Day 2-1: limit my search to bookings that are instant. This greatly reduces options, and requires some inconvenient compromise, but I request a booking and it is quickly accepted. I am asked to go through a “verification process” which includes a lot of personal questions, and it is my understanding all is well and accepted.
    o Day 0 – notified that our booking is cancelled due to “We’ve discovered that the payment method used for reservation XXXX isn’t valid.” I check with my credit card and there are no issues, so I have no idea what this means or why I am now without a place stay. I have sent several emails asking what happened, and have yet to receive a reply.
    o Day 0 – try to login to AirBNB help center to see if any other support is available, and find out my account was disabled. I requested that the account be enabled, and I have never received a response.

    So, I am left stranded the day I arrive in a city in a foreign country by Air BNB with no access to account support, no place to stay and no answers to questions. Thank heavens for Expedia and free wifi.

    Question: my credit card was checked and was clear. This was my first booking with Air BNB. I am very confused about my account inactivation. Was my account inactivated because I complained about fraud?

    My biggest concern: Air BNB, to the best of my knowledge, has never investigated or made any effort to remove the fraudulent host that requested a wire transfer of funds, since the only follow up I received from them was a suggestion that I post comments on the host site. I find this very concerning since the host is likely perpetuating fraud through their site. Since my account was inactivated, I cannot post a negative review. I believe that it is likely that AirBNB has done absolutely nothing about this thief posting as a host.

  42. I also had a horrible experience with Airbnb. The guy is listed as a Superhost. How I don’t know. It’s infested with cockroaches. In addition he falsely advertises his rooms & you have no idea what you will get. He over books the rooms, makes you change rooms or tells you to stay in a hotel. He also has fierce flea infected dogs on the property & one bite my husband. And yes people steal your things, eat your food or take over communal space so it can’t be used. Airbnb does nothing!!

  43. Dear Audience:

    To date, September 19th, 2016, I’ve had only four AirBnB experiences. 1 of them was excellent, the other was OK, 1 was sooo bad with the mole smell and everything filthy that i actually, was forced to check into the Holiday Inn Express, and now the 1 i’m currently staying is OK enough for four (7) nights. Will NOT be using AirBnB again any time soon. It’s tooo FUNKY. You don’t get anything of value up to $62.00/night. If you are going to spend more than $62.00/ night, go to a hotel. Do NOT believe the photos. Do NOT! Photos do NOT capture mole and mole smell. Photos do NOT capture what you will walk into when you arrive. Photos do NOT capture the area where you will reside. NEVER Book anything longer than four (4) nights! DO NOT! Also, be careful of REVIEWS! Most may NOT be at your standard. Again, what is GREAT for someone is NOT OUTSTANDING for you. This business of Airbnb is DICEY at best!

    AirBnB MUST/NEEDS to hire an independent Company that travels on their behalf and inspect these places in advance. There is NOT any other solution. Photos lie, taking things on face / surface is the farce. It simply doesn’t work! Why not? Because everyone has her or his own idea of cleanliness and standards. What may be filthy to one person is OK to another; especially people who have poor personal hygiene.

    AirBnB option is NOT a hotel. This is where people as me make the HUGE blunder. AirBnB option is the alternative to a hotel. It is NOT a hotel option. NO, it is NOT! Now i’m attempting to convince me that it is someone’s personal setup … not a Company…Organization. People, PLEASE remember this; it is NOT a hotel. You can’t complain, or change rooms, or get a refund, or Book new or get an upgrade! NO, you cannot! Think long and hard before you do an AirBnB. PLEASE!

    AirBnB has ZERO standards. NONE! They tell you flat out, “that’s not what we do.” Therefore, whatever you get, you must take. HORRIFIC!

    AirBnB experience is like the lottery, most of the x, especially if you are on a budget, you will lose and your entire trip/visit, whatever will be ruined. I.e., dirty shower, smelly toilet area, even when you turn the fan on, dirty sheets and pillow cases, dirty mattress, dingy curtains. old used towels, some with CUM stains…terrible. Yeah, it happened to me. AirBnB doesn’t give a SHIT! NO, it doesn’t! All AirBnB cares about is getting paid… stick it to the traveler with outrageous fees and taxes. Some people charging as much as $165.00 as cleaning fee. You walk into the place and there is a dog on the bed. with its dirt and on pillow dog stuff… NIGHTMARE, HORROR SHOW. DESPICABLE!


  44. airbnb is a service that people choose instead of a hotel room where you are somewhat safe and if there is no room they will accommodate you the best. When you book Airbnb, you are going to a strangers house not really knowing what to expect but the best. things could go wrong for sure since its a stranger meeting another one.

  45. During my 2 month stay in Crete via airbnb I had NO LESS THAN 3 sexual predators as hosts!!!!!! I am a serious woman and will never again use airbnb. It is also CRAZY how misleading descriptions/photos are plus how indiscriminately positive the reviews are. Holes in the wall are made into villas etc. What a nightmare!

  46. I also have a horrible story to share who should i contact to share it?
    Airbnb We got their reservation confirmation email and then be there and prepare to find out your reservation is not really confirmed bc the host does not know what a InstantBook means and Airbnb support service shows no responsibility whatsoever that you are now in the middle of the street w your child and grandma in the car at 10pm. Most of the hotels are also packed but then they offer you $150 as compensation and send you go fishing. Then you are decided to not let them ruin your entire vacation then you pay more than twice the price of a stay and change hotels 4 times during your trip. This is Airbnb folks… #airbnb #fail #ruinyourvacation

  47. As an airbnb host I have come to see that Airbnb is 100% about making money, not responsible hosting.

    – Reviews are unreliable, they are only published if both parties make a review so if either party suspects they will get a bad review they simply don’t make one.

    – In Ecuador, where we host, permission must be obtained from the local authorities to rent or offer hospitality, which means they must adhere to certain standards and pay yearly fees and taxes and are accountable if guests have any complaints.
    Airbnb take no responsibility to ensure their listings are legal and continue to list properties that have been reported as illegal all over Ecuador, these properties are mostly run by expat retirees looking for a little extra income. In the meantime, due to the enormous success of Airbnb they are putting local legitimate business’s out of business

    – Their cancellation policies are ineffective, as a small business we rely upon and work hard to keep our rentals occupied and consequently chose a strict cancellation policy, yet our guests were able to cancel their reservation ONE DAY before the start of the second month of their reservation and even though the house was left like a pig-sty and things were stolen we were unable to give a review because the reservation was cancelled! And even if we had been able to make the review it would not have been published if they had not made a counter review.

    • thank you for the information. I am looking to rent a house in Puerto Ric i. Is there a way to check to see if they have listed with the town/ agency?
      Also, this one I like has no reviews listed, good or bad, should I be concerned? And if you have any suggestions on a how to verify the legitimacy of the renter I’d greatly appreciate it.

    • That’s not true. Each party has 14 days to submit a review and after each party submits their review, it is automatically published. If only one party leaves a review, after 14 days, it is published whether the other party has left a review or not.

  48. I had a terrible experience just recently. I booked a dog-friendly cottage, and notified host I would be bringing my very well-behaved pet. The 4 night stay was paid for, plus a cleaning fee. She also required a $325 deposit. The day of arrival she had been at the cottage but did not stay to meet us. There was a lockbox, so we let ourselves in. On the table inside was a list of house rules, that also stated that the dishwasher and washer-dryer were not working, and that she had a “very bad ant problem.”. None of this was mentioned prior to our arrival. On the second page was a paragraph “agreement” (that we had no notice she would require) stating she needed an additional $100 deposit, and that she would charge if the pet damaged anything. I did not sign it, nor did I call or contact AirBnb about the defects in her property. The stay was okay – except for a trail of ants waking me up and crawling all over me in the bed!!! And not being able to wash and dry my clothes after outdoor activities. etc. (BTW, We had no food or drink near the bed. I dealt with the ants. I did not launch a complaint.) Before leaving, we washed and dried every dish used. We wiped down counters and sinks We hung up towels. We got rid of all trash, even removing entirely from the property dog waste from the yard and cat waste that was not our responsibility – she had not outdoor trash so we actually carted it away. We folded blankets and put them away. Despite paying a cleaning fee, we cleaned everything we could. There was no vacuum or mop in the house. I would have even popped the linens in the washer, but we were told not to use it. We left everything where we found it. Two days later I received a claim and statement from her that our dog peed in her house and it was “trashed” and she was demanded our $325 deposit. I was completely befuddled. My dog has never urinated in any house or hotel, and I have had him 6 years. And he was with us 100% of the time. She posted a photo of a smudge on the floor wax to “prove” he had. What she did not know is that he is a large male dog who lifts his leg and if he peed in her house, it would have been all over the walls or furniture! She also claimed we put a scratch in her new refrigerator and on her counter. I don’t believe we did this, and she has no proof that we did. For this, and cleaning, she demands $325. The claim was nutty, and I engaged in online back and forth with her. The claim is in now in AirBnB’s hands, but as a responsible person, who has stayed in dozens of hotels and non-AirBnB rentals with my dog, with zero problems, this whole process has been infuriating. She saw a smudge in her floor wax, made an incorrect assumption, and went looking for problems. And this was my first AirBnB rental. Sigh. My daughter has used without issue. But this has unnerved me. It makes me want to stay in hotels and use bona-fide vacation rental properties, which have a proper process in place, and professional management. With AirBnB, you are dealing with individuals, who have wildly varying mental health,, temperametns, and expectations, and often zero professionalism, because of the nature of the business. It’s just too much risk.

  49. Had a horrible experience 3 weeks ago in Tuscany. Property had good reviews and turned out to be a total dump and airbnb has been less than helpful. We did everything right, have facts on our side and they are actually ignorning us completely – no refund for us it seems. Acting like we did something wrong or had wrong expectations. I have lived on 4 continents, have stayed in everything from camp sites to youth hostelf and 5 star hotels – I know what I should be paying for decent lodging. I thought airbnb was a reputable company…they are scam artists and amateurs.

  50. When logged in, prices are higher and a service fee is attached. When not, the prices are lower and no service fee.

    • That’s because when you’re not logged in it shows you the minimum price that listing will cost.
      Our winter rates for January are the lowest so unless you log in you can’t see the current prices or the prices for July our mist expensivery month when due to local events we charge almost double what we charge in January.
      Also our weekend rate for example is higher than weekdays as it puts a damper on our plans.
      It’s not false advertising. Airline ads do send out rates as low as or starting at let’s say $199 and you go on their site to deep that the $199 is for today or tomorrow only and if you need to fly a week from now the full price is higher.

  51. My gf created a account in a year before, after few times the account has been blocked and we call hundred Times to the customer service. Due this year, I reopened a new account, after two booking, the account have been blocked AGAIN!!! Airbnb is nothing but a piece of crap. A year passed We try to contact with Airbnb to solve this issue, and the result is the same as last year, very disppointed, I mean how this rubbish can operate for so long, delete it. If you finally wake up.

  52. I stayed in an airbnb in St Andrews, Scotland. The host said he would be away and that the house might not be so tidy. he was right. The place was filthy. I was unsure which room to sleep in and there was a see through curtain on the window, no bedding. I did have my own sleeping back. I notified airbnb. No response. The host wrote a fairly abrupt response on his site. No action was taken. However, other guests complained about the exact same issues. Five months on and no one has taken any action. An apology would have been nice.

  53. The photos of properties are often phony, from years ago when the property was new, etc. Do not trust them or the hosts. When we arrived in Los Angeles the property was so bad I was not sure it was the place I booked.
    The host was dishonest about the property and Airbnb promised a full refund and I received nothing.

    Stay away or somewhere you can trust.

  54. Hello!
    This is second notice we have sent to Airbnb and still no any actions… if they are not acting then this letter we will send to another institutions in Spain.
    Decided to inform you regarding one of our hosts where we stayed before.
    Yury Geraskin in Barcelona, Carrer de Biscaia 383, floor 4.
    These are several reasons you to know about this host for your own security:
    1. He stays in Spain illegally (no any documents to stay in Spain and overstayed his visa more than a year).
    2. Not paying taxes to government to do this activity (can be caught any moment by neighbors complaint).
    3. Selling for cash to AirBnB clients who decided to stay more in his apartment.

    He can be caught by police any moment and all of Airbnb guests will lose their living for what they have paid!

    Hope you can make AirBnB more secure.

  55. I’m another who had a HORRIBLE experience with Air BnB. Me and my boyfriend showed up to the Air BnB that we rented in Montreal, which had great reviews online. The first night, we went out and when we came home later in the evening, placed our keys on the glass table and chatted with 2 friends. No TV was on. No music was on. The host came over and knocked on the door… Prior to this he hadn’t even told us he lived next door and actually went out of his way to pretend he didn’t… coming from around the street any time he met us. We said ok and kicked out our guests (Thanks, DAD.) but continued to chat, just us 2. The owner came over a second time to tell us to shut up. Ok, fine, we went to bed. The next day, he came back again and chastised us for the night before, again we apologized and he said fine but I’m doing an inspection to make sure you didn’t put holes in the walls, etc. I offered to leave for the second night we had booked and he said whatever. We booked a hotel and left right away- losing the money that we had paid for the second night in this Air bnb. I should also note that at 6am, there was extremely loud banging on the walls, screaming from children and children running non-stop, ALL DAY. The host then proceeded to text message me extremely rude things, asking where I lived and where I was in Montreal that night and was telling me that even though he did indeed say the place was fine and he had the keys, that he was calling the cops. I still have no idea why. Overall, pretty much our entire trip was ruined- we were broke after having to find another place; the first night was ruined cause we were literally told to go to bed (with the assumption that we’d be on the street if we didn’t soon) and the next day was annoying and very unpleasant with the children sounding like they were hanging out in the apartment with us; the host even managed to blacken the second day when we were finally far away from him, by harassing me via text.

    • It’s almost like you’re sugar coating or leaving out some information. Were you allowed to have guests over? In my home, guests are not allowed. Like most hotels, unauthorized guests are a liability. Not to mentioned non paying guests staying overnight. Then you say he came over to shut you up. So that tells me you were being an unruly guest. Many times guests just don’t read the house rules.

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