“I don’t have a good feeling about you”

I had a confirmed booking in Zurich for one night after returning from a glaciology expedition. When I arrived at the Airbnb, I rang the bell and no one answered for at least 30 minutes. Little did I realise that the host was already down in the street, staring at me ringing the bell and trying to check in. He had just been standing there staring at me all this while.

When I turned around and asked him a question, he informed that he was the host and that he “did not have a good feeling about me”. He refused to let me enter and kept continuously asking me uncomfortable questions about my profession and what I was doing on a glacier. I eventually had to leave because he wouldn’t let me in

After my reservation was over, the host did not refund the amount I had paid for this reservation. He apologised for refusing me the stay saying, “I am sorry, I was in a bad mood.” However, he is holding onto the money I paid.

Airbnb agents say they will contact me and follow up on my complaint but of course there has been no response. I have been on the phone for hours and they hang up on me after 30 minutes of waiting.


Kicked Out of Airbnb at Night with a Crying Baby

I want to take the time to write this email in order to communicate how bitter this vacation turned out to be. This was my first experience with Airbnb and was awful.

We got a reservation from Thursday to Sunday. First we arrived at the house and nobody was there to receive us. We were made aware that the key was going to be located in the lockbox. I found the key in the lockbox and was taking my bags inside the house when I saw a person sneaking around. Later on the day that I was evicted I recalled he was the owner, but he never presented himself. I was there just in a vigilant state since the first second we arrived at that home.

Then, I encountered the house rules that communicated that there were two recording cameras in the front and the pool (I did not notice in the beginning due to the fact I was nor expecting that detail). I do not have anything against people recording to protect their house but I think that when it’s a rental home you need to communicate this detail to the guest paying and driving a lot of hours to get to the rental house. It is also illegal to record anybody without permission.

Airbnb policy says that this has to be on the listing, then on the house rules. I assume that this recording is probably based on the fact that the house tiles (that are interior tiles) are the same around the pool. Of course they make the area around the pool really slippery. A solution for this would be placing rugs (also in the attached pictures), which is not the best solution but I imagine the cheapest one, and probably a motive to justify recording in a swimming pool area where people are bathing in swimming suits, including minors.

I think this is a violent violation of privacy and once you arrive there and drive almost four hours and paid for the reservation, what option do you have? Either accept the cameras or leave.

Then the owner started calling me about having more than six guests at the house. We arranged in the beginning for four guests and a minor. Then the same day I sent him a message through Airbnb notifying him that we were going to be six guest and a minor. I also sent the name and ages of the people staying with me; they never let me know that I could not receive any visitors.

My vacation plan was to stay near Naples and Fort Myers, and have some family pass by. The only thing that interested me about the house was the pool because I do not like to use a hotel pool with all the COVID-19 issues. I explained to him that they were family, we were not having any party, loud music or anything inappropriate, and that those family members were going to leave.

I offered him a peaceful way to resolve the issue, but he insisted that my visitors needed to leave at that instant and me with them. He told me to call Airbnb because they had my money, not him.

I explained to the owner that I did not want to disrespect his house rules because I understood that when we are guests, we are not the owners and need to respect the rules. We were not going to do any damage to the house. We brought our own towels, sheets, plates, and glasses. I asked him to understand that I needed to contact Airbnb to know about my options because I have a baby that has disabilities and receives therapy and I needed time to find out what to do.

I called Airbnb and naively thought that everything was resolved. The next day we left the house to go to the beach. When I arrived back, I found somebody knocking on the front door. It was the owner with the sheriff to evict me, at 8:30 PM, with my family and my baby.

First, they did not have an eviction notice. Because I am a professional person, and I did not want more problems or distress for my son, I decided to peacefully abandon the house even though they did not have any eviction order.

I felt threatened by the police, like they were expecting the minimum detail to justify the owner’s action and accused me of being a law breaker, or maybe a violent person. For that reason I started packing my belongings (they gave me 30 minutes to abandon the property and literally go to the streets).

When I went to the car, they were laughing and chatting outside like old friends. I asked them for a police report or the paper eviction and they told me that there was no report, nothing. When I finished packing my belongings, I asked the owner to come inside the house and check that everything was working perfectly because I did not want to be accused later of breaking anything.

The first time he refused, trying to justify it with COVID-19, but as I said before I am a front line nurse fighting against COVID-19 and mask use and social distancing. In the end he decided to go in and check (I have witnesses) every faucet, toilet, bed, and the electrical devices and stated everything was perfect.

Then he started calling us f—ing Cubans, dirty Cubans and other discriminatory and racist comments. This was my vacation after a month fighting COVID-19 on the front line (I also read Airbnb’s COVID-19 policy). There is nothing about COVID-19 that anyone can use against me to justify any bad actions.

I was literally on the street at 9:00 PM on a Friday at a gas station four hours from home, with a disabled baby crying and screaming traumatized and extremely stressed because of this situation. I tried calling Airbnb twice (both 45 minutes on the phone) without any answer. Nightmare vacation.


Cancer Patient Staying at Airbnb Near Hospital

I am currently visiting New York because I need to get treatment post my cancer care at Weills Cornell Hospital. I signed up for an Airbnb that looked good but the host has been questionable, responding only to get payment but when I asked simple questions on laundry he didn’t respond.

We got into the unit and bought groceries to manage my diet for the treatment. Five days into the visit, he said he needed us to move out in three days and was canceling our reservation. I tried to reach Airbnb as its an active reservation but there was no response.

We tried calling their two numbers: 415-800-5959, +1-855-424-7262. The first number I called twice, waited exactly 41 minutes and 43 seconds both times and the line just went from the holding music to silence. The second number I waited for a long time. The host offered to give us a refund, but I worried that while we were here he could kick us out whenever he wanted. He might not pay us.

There are so many things that I do not need while I am getting treatment. Airbnb on the other hand doesn’t seem to care nor respond. I will never use Airbnb again after this and most likely will call the BBB.


Kicked Out with an Eight-Year-Old During COVID

My family is in the midst of the most horrible Airbnb stay we have ever experienced. The list of issues that we encountered is so long that it sounds outlandish that something like this could really happen.

A little backstory to this is that we had to extend our stay in Arizona from overseas due to COVID-19 and our daughter had surgery on our first day in the new Airbnb home. The host knew this information prior to accepting our reservation and our money (which was severely overpriced).

We have addressed the issues with Airbnb and feel unheard and disrespected. I am frustrated and stressed because of this stay and though Airbnb states that they are an unbiased mediator, they have clearly sided with the host, despite the proof provided, including pictures and over 100 text messages between us and the host.

We have been harassed, threatened, lied to and made to feel unsafe. We attempted peaceful resolution to the situation, but are basically being forced to take huge losses so that the host can remain whole. I am left with a horrible taste for Airbnb as my family, including my eight-year-old, faces being evicted during COVID while awaiting our return overseas.

This experience has made it quite clear that Airbnb supports its hosts, regardless of their horrible treatment of their guests. This is not the action of a true impartial third party mediator, which is what the Airbnb Help Center claims to be.

The owner is tracking our comings and goings, and originally told us that his camera was only for the purpose of helping new tenants gain access to the home. After realizing, through a series of events, that we were literally being watched, we covered the surveillance device.

Over the course of our communication with Airbnb (as the mediator) that reason changed three times and only after the host realized that there was a person of color occupying the home. It has changed from its original purpose to a monitoring system so she could watch and keep track of her minority tenants. The host actually admitted to the tracking, citing a need to “protect her property.” That Airbnb supports this behavior is very disconcerting.

A little over a week into our 34-night stay, we were told by Airbnb that covering the surveillance device was a violation of house rules and the host wanted us out. We needed to find another place in less than 12 hours. We asked to speak with a case manager. She said that she would talk to the host and get back to us but that never happened.

Now we are in a constant state of not knowing whether we will be homeless or not. We informed Airbnb that, against our better judgement, the camera had been uncovered well before receiving the message to vacate and that being her only complaint, we would just stay until the end of our contract. After only having the camera covered for a few days of a 34-day contract, this did not suffice and we are still being asked to leave.

We told Airbnb again, the fact is that the owner has a problem with the skin color of the tenants and Airbnb is supporting her racist behavior. Airbnb has yet to acknowledge this in any way.

There are several items in the listing that are not in the home. The host has not been told to address them. Instead the focus has been on the recording device that makes us feel very unsafe and exposed. The same device that the host has given three different reasons for having.

The home was not clean upon entering (which the host agreed but refuses to refund the cleaning fee included in our reservation cost). A metal rod from the broken sleeper sofa jabbed one of us in the back on our first day, to which the owner responded that we should put pillows in the space to remind us not to sit there.

The same sofa is broken, uncomfortable, and useless. It is the only seating in the living room, despite what is seen in the listing pictures. The owner’s response was that her family was here in January and it was perfectly fine. There were biting bugs on the sofa, probably due to the smorgasbord of food we discovered under the sofa cushions. The owners response was that the previous renters probably dropped some crumbs.

Upon first use of the oven, the kitchen filled with smoke. The owner’s response was that the previous renters probably had a casserole overflow and that cleaning under the sofa cushions and the oven are not on her housekeeper’s checklist.

There is not one chair in the home that has a back even though the listing states there is a workspace with a comfortable chair. The owner’s response was that there is normally a chair in the master closet.

The listing states that there is cable TV. There is only an Amazon stick with streaming apps. The toggle in the second bathroom does not work, so it can’t be switched from bath to shower. The bathtub was also dirty. The owner’s response was that they put money into updating the master bath and didn’t have enough to fix the second bathroom.

We chose a place with a pool so our daughter would have something to look forward to after recovering from surgery. There are no lights by the pool so there is no way to swim in it after the sun goes down. No response from the owner about this. By said pool is a mound of sand, presumably from the filtration system being last cleaned, that the neighborhood’s stray cats use as a litter box. This does not leave a pleasant smell while enjoying the pool.

The refrigerator indicates the filter needing to be changed. The owner’s response was that it had recently been replaced. Without exaggeration, we have killed at least 100 flies inside the home as well as finding a scorpion and black widows close to the entryways of the home.

There is a misting system on the patio that would have been great to use since that is the only place with chairs that have backs, but it is broken. The owner’s response was that it is not in the listing so we shouldn’t expect it to work.

A week and a half into our stay, the host changed the house rules in the listing to include “excessive energy usage will be billed to the guest.” There is now no mention of surveillance devices and no definition of excessive usage. So now the only reason given by the host for wanting us out is no longer even included in the house rules.

This forces me, for the first time in my life, to verbally acknowledge the racist actions towards my family and yet, even though I have made this clear and with evidence to Airbnb, they will not acknowledge it, address it or protect its renters from it.

On the contrary, we were told that we were basically at fault for not reporting issues to Airbnb within our first 24 hours in the home. That’s right, we should have made these issues more important than caring for our child recuperating from surgery.


Mid-Stay Eviction: Warning to Others Looking at Airbnb

Warning to anyone looking for temporary accommodation in Melbourne. Please be wary of booking the following property. We booked it for 31 days through Airbnb (January 2nd though February 2nd, 2020), but were evicted by the host after 16 days.

This was not due to anything we had done, rather it was a result of the host being accused of “invasion of privacy” by an earlier guest. This allegation (I assume) was serious enough for Airbnb to suspended his account. Without warning, the host issued an officious email giving us three days to vacate the property; he considered the three days generous and claimed to have received “private legal advice”, which gave us no recourse to negotiate completing our fully paid stay.

My partner and I were travelling with our three-year-old son. We were twelve thousand miles from home and considering an allegation had been made against the host, we decided not to argue and avoid conflict. As a result of the eviction, we found ourselves without immediate access to any refund; we are still awaiting roughly AU$2400 from Airbnb, money that the host would have received 24 hours after our check in and undoubtedly still had in his bank account when the property was rented again a day or two after we were kicked out.

To compound our predicament, it was high season in Melbourne, so finding a suitable and affordable Airbnb property to move into was impossible. We found ourselves holed up in a hotel, paid for with a credit card and my partner in tears. As the Airbnb listing has been removed, we are unable to leave the host a review and hopefully warn others looking to rent his property. Having newly listed on other platforms he has given himself a clean slate to rent to other unwitting guests.


Left Broke and Homeless after Airbnb Experience

I’m glad I found this site. My story is horrifying. I don’t even know where to turn to seek legal counsel, but I am Googling it now.

I had booked a week’s stay in Tijuana in July. I stayed in a very affluent home, with several guests. The couple that owned it (different from the people I was corresponding with on Airbnb) seemed friendly and nice at first. When I first arrived, and told them my plans to stay longer, they showed me this sweeping private room with a bathroom on another floor that was still under construction. They said it would be ready in a week, at $700/month with a $700 deposit down. They said that the deposit was refundable at any time, and that there was no minimum or maximum amount of time to stay.

Within a couple days, I began paying them the $1400 to reserve that room. The process was a bit strange, but they received all their money within four days of my seven-day stay. On the fifth day, I had a horrible fall on a broken sidewalk in the shopping area, and twisted my foot badly. I came back to the home, trying to see if they could assist or direct me in any way. They sat, reading the paper, and sort of ignored me. I found the whole experience very offputting, but kept it to myself.

On the sixth day, I was outside chatting with another guest and smoking a cigarette (in a designated area), when the couple came outside and yelled at me about leaving a door unlocked. I hadn’t been the culprit, but they were aggressive and kept pushing the matter. I had – to be honest – forgotten to lock the door a night before, but only had stepped outside to smoke. This time I was not to blame, as the home has over four guest rooms (to my estimate) and a lot of foot traffic.

This accusation was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and I told them I was no longer comfortable being in their home, and wanted my money back. They immediately pushed back, saying no. I told them that wasn’t acceptable, and went to my rented room to try to contact someone who could help (not easy to do when in another country).

Before I knew it, two fedarali were at my door. They told me to get my things, and get out (my lease officially didn’t end for a couple more hours). When I demanded my money, the woman who owns the house told them I had bought a big screen TV (they had, it was in the front room of their home. I’d seen it that morning.). Being a temporary visitor with no car, I explained to the officers I absolutely didn’t buy a TV, it made no sense I would do that at this stage. They seemed to half believe me, but were very intimidating.

The police made me sign a document in Spanish before they would let me exit the bedroom (they were acting in a way that I for sure felt they were going to arrest me, and don’t speak any Spanish). I also suffer from severe anxiety and PTSD, and this sent me into a fear spiral. I signed the document so they’d let me go, and was put in an Uber.

I had him stop to get what little money I had exchanged (I also realized what was left in my backpack was now missing). It wasn’t much, but while I was in the grocery store, the car left with my bags.

Now down to nothing, I was forced to walk for a couple miles to beg someone for help. I had to sleep on the street that night, and my foot was swollen to three times its size. I suffer from a degenerative bone disorder, and am basically handicapped. I took a picture of what my foot looked like the next morning.

The next day, I was determined to get my money, so I spent a couple hours in town finding a couple of bilingual high school students. I offered them money to get in the taxi with me to translate at the house. When we got there, it was worse than I expected. I was given $400, and before receiving it, was forced to sign another document in Spanish (I was so desperate, I did it).

At that point I was almost at zero dollars, in a town i didn’t know. They accused me of losing their keys (I absolutely did not. I know this because I have a chain wallet and left my keys attached to it for the course of the stay. When the federali escorted me out, I handed the key over then). According to them, they were going to have to get the locks changed and that would cost a few hundred more. In the end, they stole over $1000 from me, plus some of my luggage, and sent me into an anxiety spiral that took weeks to work through in therapy.

I am currently seeking legal representation, and would like any advice the community has. Thank you.


Airbnb Host Tried to Evict Me, Company Didn’t Help


I’ve been at a reservation for over two months now in Washington. Recently the landlady tried to buy the entire house out of her contracts and everyone refused. She then proceeded to start construction which has resulted in utilities being cut off on a regular basis. I took pictures and videos of the construction and complained to Airbnb. Wanna know what they did?

They called me about a week later telling me I had to get out and I would be refunded for the time I haven’t stayed yet. I said “no”, that I wouldn’t be leaving, and any attempt to kick me out could be argued in a court of law as an illegal eviction. I told them because I was already there for over two months I qualified as a tenant I didn’t actually have to leave if they forced me out.

The Airbnb support person told me if I didn’t get out by the end of the day I would be trespassing and the police would get involved. I mentioned how I would be contacting the police and an attorney to sue them if they moved forward.

She responded: “This is our policy so it’s fine.”

Me: “If a policy is in violation of state law the state will just ignore it.”

Her: “You can contact your lawyers and do what you want. We are a 25 billion dollar company and this is our policy.”

Me: “What about the Airbnb policy that states that if a home is unlivable or there’s unnecessary construction the guest gets a refund? What about the Airbnb policy?”

Her: Makes a comment about my tone and says she will be looking at the pictures I sent.

She put me on hold and it became very clear she had no idea what she was doing. She offered me $100 and to pay me back for the nights I haven’t stayed yet. I told her, “No. I’m not going to accept that. You can’t force me to take compensation I don’t believe is adequate and if you’re going to move forward with these actions I would like an explicit email acknowledging the fact that I did not agree to your terms. I will be contacting the police and an attorney.”

She said, “Sure, whatever,” mentioned my tone again, and hung up.

In the meantime, I contacted the police non-emergency number and they said they would call me back. It had been about two minutes since I spoke with Airbnb and they called me back.

Same support woman: “Your host is thinking about changing her mind but she says construction will continue. You can stay if you’re okay with the construction.”

Me: “I’m not okay with construction but if you allow me to stay I will.”

Her: “Well, why do you want to stay if there’s construction? She said you can stay if you’re okay with it and she will continue to shut off the water.”

Me: “Because I believe what she is doing is illegal and if I stay I’ll be able to collect damages in a court of law. Additionally if you kick me out right now I’ll be thrown on the street so even if you allow me to stay I will be suing her at this point. You don’t have to mention how I’ll be suing her.”

She hung up again, and said she would tell the host I wanted to “continue my reservation.” What a nice way of saying I didn’t want to spend the night on the streets. How kind of her.

In the meantime I finally got in touch with the police and explained the situation: how she decided to kick me out once I complained about the construction, and how I’m a tenant due to the way I’ve rented. He asked if I’d received mail at the property. I explained I had received some mail there. He then got upset and said, “Okay, so who am I talking to? I need a phone number.”

I gave him the landlady’s phone number. He called me five minutes later and told me she was no longer evicting me and she “changed her mind.”

I’m going to be suing. At this point in considering suing Airbnb too. The dumbest part is I have pictures of all of the construction and even messages from the landlady confirming when I complained and that the construction is renovations and not repairs necessary to the property.

Rowdy Guests Results in Police Arresting and Evicting

I’d like to share a recent video an incident involving the adjoining condo in my building and a rather unpleasant Airbnb guest. Our building has had numerous issues with Airbnb guests and it’s changed the sense of community we once had now that half the building is used by far-flung owners as income properties. We no longer know who is coming and going; it’s all unfamiliar faces with the very real threat of the unknown. We also share half our building with the Menno Simon College, so there are students actively in the building. I just wanted the share my horror story.

Airbnb Host Lost My Cat After Payment Problems

I was staying at an Airbnb for a couple weeks with my two cats. I have only ever had positive experiences. My host was a little… unique, but nice. Last night she drunkenly stopped by and in her intoxicated state mentioned something about a problem with my card? I didn’t know what she meant. Then my nightmare began.

I tried logging into Airbnb, and couldn’t. It wouldn’t say why. I sent a message and they said it would be reviewed. Then I found the email I used and checked it and they had sent me an email a couple hours earlier saying they thought the charges were fraudulent and refunded them. I Googled a support number and called, explained the situation was urgent and I needed to make sure my host was paid. They said they would call back in 48 hours.

I was in a separate house and my host was gone all night. I couldn’t get ahold of her. I had to leave eventually and when I came back she had evicted me, thrown all my things out, taken some of my things, was cussing me out, and, lost one of my cats. She knew I had two cats and she let one out. She didn’t care. I was trying to pay her in cash or work something out since I don’t know what happened with the Airbnb payment and I wanted to make sure she was paid.

I found out my beloved cat was set free, and she didn’t care. She didn’t listen. She threatened to stab me and have me arrested for grand larceny. She told me I had five minutes to get out. Amidst all the crazy cussing, the insults, and the name calling I could barely process I may never see my beloved pet cat ever again. I can assure you, we will never be using Airbnb again after this. I will tell every person I know of what my experience has been like the past couple of weeks.

I keep trying to figure out what I did wrong. I called, I tried desperately to contact people, and I offered to pay cash. That was before she evicted us. We wanted to make sure our host was paid. Nothing helped. I may have lost my beloved pet forever because of this. Why anyone would think it was okay under any circumstances to let someone’s pet out loose like that? I will never know.

She could have put him in his carrier, but she didn’t. She didn’t care I lost my pet in an area we had never been to before and I don’t know anyone. I never knew Airbnb had horror stories, until today and I found this site. I will never forgive myself for this. She seemed fine with letting me work on it to figure it out and that’s what I desperately tried to do. She was completely unavailable to contact and Airbnb was also impossible itself to contact. We will never use Airbnb again. I will tell everyone I can to never trust them ever again.