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Suspended as a Host and Guest Following AC Incident

We went to Todos Santos, Mexico to relax and unwind staying at an Airbnb. However, Airbnb turned that into the most stressful week of our lives. We have a cabin on our property in British Columbia that my wife rents out on Airbnb. However, she has had her account suspended from Airbnb by the safety […]

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Scammed in Lima: Abandoned by Airbnb

I booked a one-month reservation in Lima, Peru, and paid over $1,250 for a listing that purported to be a luxury apartment in an upscale neighborhood. Upon my arrival, it was a lower income neighborhood and clearly not the type of place you would feel comfortable walking around at night. Upon my arrival to the […]

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Held Hostage and Extorted on an Airbnb Boat Rental

We booked a sail boat on Airbnb with the promise of sailing. The listing was named “Sail the Eagon” and promised a trip to different beaches. We booked two nights. Once we sailed into the ocean the host asked me for an extra €200. What for? He stopped the boat and explained the €400 I […]

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Retired Public School Teacher Staying in Costa Rica

Our first stay in Costa Rica we used Airbnb for a stay that should have lasted three weeks. Because of problems with the host and his large dog, the host agreed to let us leave early. After we left he did not return our messages and eventually sent an email saying that he had decided […]

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Anyone Can Walk in, No Soundproofing

I booked an Airbnb for two nights and I should have known I was going to have an issue when the host never responded to my inquiry about early check in. Later I messaged them again and she seemed really confused and didn’t get back to me with any firm information until 12:30 the afternoon […]

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Nightmare Experience in Portugal Involving Creepy Host

I’m going to preface this by saying I have stayed in countless Airbnbs in three different continents and have had nothing but positive experiences until I stayed at this place. My roommate and I faced one absurdity after another. Conveniently my review (and all other negative reviews) have been removed by Airbnb. The apartment itself […]

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Airbnb Fails to Follow Its Own Guest Refund Policy

I rented an Airbnb for a four-night, five-day stay at a cost of $1906.76. On the host’s Airbnb primary webpage, there was nothing listed about the host having dogs that frequently barked, and one described that ‘may’ bite. Nor was there anything to indicate that the host might not be present at the property during […]

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Airbnb Neighbors Make Nightmare of a Summer in Palomares

I bought a house on a very quiet street in Palomares, Almeria, Spain. I was told the house right next to me was empty because the owner lived in Barcelona. I should have asked more questions. My first night in the new house was a nightmare. Eight young men were staying in the house next […]

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Airbnb Guest Sublets Our Property to Film a Commercial

We are a Superhost family who has been using Airbnb since September 2019. This was the second time around the Airbnb had sabotaged our listings. We recently had a nightmare guest, who had horrible reviews on Airbnb. We tried to give them another chance and decided to host them. She was a nightmare. She sublet […]

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Deceptive Airbnb Listing and Shady Host Practices

I stayed at an Airbnb hosted by a Superhost. She had all five-star ratings (I later found out why) and was very responsive by text. The location was excellent: in Arlington, VA very close to Washington DC. The apartment was large, as advertised, but that was the only true thing. The ad listed “central AC.” […]

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