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No Support from Airbnb, Had to File Lawsuit

We booked a large three-bedroom apartment in Tel Aviv months before we departed. The host was friendly, but a week before our arrival he requested I cancel. I told him to cancel himself, which he did (and probably incurred a charge). It was next to impossible to find an alternative in Tel Aviv in the […]

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Refused Refund on Cancellation Due to COVID-19

I originally had reservations in Oxon Hill, MD for May 23- 29, 2020 but had to cancel because our May cruise (and therefore our trip) was cancelled due to COVID-19. I contacted the host and she gave me a partial refund. She told me to contact Airbnb and try to get the rest. I had […]

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More than $10K in Damages, Airbnb Paid $510

An Airbnb guest held an unauthorized party during the pandemic lockdown. We never allow parties, even before they became illegal. This guest said she was coming alone. The police estimated that there were at least 100 people in the two-bedroom home when they arrived. The neighbors told us that there were several fights that spilled […]

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Not Traveling to Hawaii Just to Quarantine

I rented an Airbnb house in Oahu, Hawaii for 12 days on April 17. Just two weeks ago, the Governor of Hawaii announced that he wants every tourist to keep quarantining for two weeks until at least September and that they might extend this requirement past September. I contacted the host and explained the situation, […]

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Airbnb Party House not Complying with Lockdown

We are renting a terraced property in the greater Manchester area and the property next door to ours has been an Airbnb host for a few months. This was a problem before lockdown started in the UK but has been exacerbated significantly since then. Since the start of lockdown, the Airbnb next door has been […]

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Airbnb Party House Makes Resident Consider Moving

I live in a relatively quiet, residential neighborhood in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, the house next to me is a year-round property used for rentals that caters to groups of 15+. Oddly enough, this is illegal in D.C., and the absent owner advertises how they use a legal loophole to get past this. The owner proudly […]

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Airbnb Not Allowing Some Guests to Book?

A guest who is trying to book my listing is getting the following message from Airbnb when she reaches the stage of entering credit card information in the booking process: “Choose another place to stay. Airbnb prevents reservations for entire homes when a pattern of factors (like location or reservation time) suggests the booking may […]

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Scammer Stayed 24 Nights but only Paid for One

A guest booked a 30-day stay and claimed to Airbnb that he moved out after one night but actually ended up staying 24 nights. Airbnb mishandled the situation and now refuse to correct their mistake. We are in one of the ten largest cities in the US. The place is very economic ($400/month, average monthly […]

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Airbnb’s Dishonesty Over COVID-19 Cancellation

In February I booked a house in Manly Sydney for two couples from within Australia and New Zealand. Then came COVID-19 and with border closures flights were cancelled and borders closed. I contacted the owner and was told cancelling would not be a problem and I would get a refund. I duly did so and […]

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Cancellation for Employee Working on COVID-19 Response

Airbnb claims to be compassionate and supportive of people impacted by COVID-19 but my situation is quite the opposite. One of my staff was scheduled to attend the CSTE conference at the end of June in Seattle. However, she was pulled into the public health response to COVID-19 in our county. We have been fighting […]

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