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Beware of Sonder Properties on Airbnb

More than a month ago I booked accommodations for my wife and her cousin in San Diego at a property owned by a group called Sonder (seems they own a lot of properties on AirBnb). About a month before the stay, I changed from my originally booked location called ‘The Baker’ to one called ‘The […]

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Deactivated Airbnb Account is Suddenly Activated

I hosted a successful apartment in Brooklyn to unanimously good reviews, but because of the constant frustrations dealing with Airbnb finally shut the account down. My apartment is great, but one of the things people always commented on was what a good attentive host I was (good customer service). Wish I could say the same […]

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Airbnb Customer Service Line ‘Disconnected or No Longer in Service’

I made (and paid for) reservations for a farmhouse outside of Frederick, Maryland for a weekend stay in summer 2020 so that my siblings and their children could all be together when we buried my mother’s ashes at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Frederick. The pandemic caused us to postpone our stay until the summer of […]

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Mislead by Rental Description of ‘Entire Home’

At the end of January 2022, I reserved this place under the search setting “entire cottage.” I expected this cottage to be entirely available to us for two weeks. At the time of the reservation, there was no mention on the description that this was a four-bedroom apartment on the main floor of a house. […]

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Need Help with Arbitration Against Airbnb

I got kicked off Airbnb on Dec. 22 because a guest who booked with me for a maximum of five people filed a false racism complaint after I asked his group to leave. He showed up with eight carloads of people (at least twenty people and more would have likely come later) and when I […]

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Airbnb Bait and Switch Ruins Miami Birthday Trip

I posted a review on Airbnb of the drama but they took it down stating I posted ‘sensitive content’ but have yet to tell me what that is. The host sent me an email with an address that was not the actual address of his unit. He lied. There were multiple codes to enter the […]

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Worst Airbnb Host Ever: Kicked Out for ‘Party’

Save yourself the time, money, and joy you will be stripped from. I’ve traveled around the world, stayed in hotels, hostels, and Airbnbs but have never in my life had such a terrible experience. What happened? Grab some popcorn, because this is a long one. In all my years on Airbnb, I’ve only ever received […]

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Airbnb Asked Me to Cancel Non-refundable Booking

I booked an apartment for a week in London through Airbnb: $2,800 non-refundable because I knew I had to be there that week under any circumstances. About eight hours later, the host messaged me asking for my phone number and clarifying that the listing was for private rooms in a shared space and not an […]

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Athens Airbnb Host Harassed Me Two Times

My Airbnb host accused me of bad behavior, being crazy, and other stuff but left perfect feedback. I’m tired of hosts abusing me in all ways possible and then leaving me perfect feedback. The last one I got was my first negative feedback from a host but even that was not truthful. I asked Airbnb […]

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Airbnb ‘Staff’ Tried to Commit Fraud Around Situation in Ukraine

I wanted to send a host in the Ukraine money by booking a room (obviously I wasn’t going to stay). For some reason it wouldn’t go through due to an issue, so I contacted Airbnb Live Chat. I was speaking to a representative when I received a call from them. Now I’m generally suspicious but […]

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