1. I used to host on Airbnb and was also a super host. Airbnb is a business that is free to do business with whomever they please. That being said, the guests usually hold more weight in these interactions until they physically destroy your property and then you go public to a news station to get a resolution.
    There are other platforms like booking.com VRBO etc where you can build a business.
    You can also start your own website and create your own rules etc which you obviously have the hospitality sense to do so. Sue them but do not go back on their platform otherwise you will certainly be a glutton for their punishment.

  2. Hi.
    So sorry to hear. It’s nerve racking.

    I had an alleged sex worker booking into one of my Airbnb places. When I liaised with Airbnb to handle the situation I eventually also got booted off the platform. The sex worker also suggested I was racist to her which was utter nonsense. I was also a super host and on the platform for 6 years with 4 different apartments. This happened 1.5 years ago. I was never let onto the platform again. My Airbnb is not in the USA and there is no way I was able to go the legal route with them due to this.

    All I can say is there is a life beyond Airbnb. It is tough, but can be done. Don’t despair. Just take it day by day.

    Good luck.

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