How Airbnb Scams Hosts — Waiting for a Test Case in Court

I called Airbnb today with a simple question. They have dodged and squirmed and promised to have a manager call me, but they have essentially gone into hiding.

When I signed up as a host (I’m an excellent host) I was told that I was in control of the settings that would control who could book. I set my settings to things like: must have reviews, must be verified. Then there are rules, which I was also told I was in control of. I can’t have children or pets in this building (no child gates on windows — this is NYC) so I set criteria like that as well.

I was also told that I could choose when to host, so I set my calendar accordingly. I use my apartment part time, so I am literally unable to host when I block dates. Then with all of my settings in place, I chose to let the people who fit all of my criteria auto book because customers like that and it makes things easier.

The problem is this. I have a wonderful business going with my great guests who can auto book, but I am constantly being interrupted by Airbnb with “requests” for bookings. These requests don’t meet the criteria, but Airbnb doesn’t tell you that, and they don’t tell you what criteria they don’t meet; you have to take the time to look through everything.

They send me “requests” for people with babies, and dogs, who have no reviews and on days that I am booked. Then they tell you that you are able to decline, but they will penalize you by locking your calendar for the days that you didn’t accept the guest who wasn’t qualified. So all someone has to do to shut me down for two weeks is send a “request” that I can’t fulfill and they can do that. I’ve asked them to stop sending me these requests that I am unable to fill, but they refuse.

Here is my question: is this actionable? Has anyone done a test case in court? Can they tell you that you have a choice but then lock you out of your business if you don’t take whoever comes along? If I take Joe with his ferrets and he burns down my building, is he a client of Airbnb because they in fact were the ones who made it impossible for me not to take him? Anyone?

I don’t want some five-part solution where I have to get around this BS by checking a series of boxes to get out of taking these people. I don’t want to get requests that I’ve already set my settings to show that I can’t and won’t take. Here is the truth: if they weren’t so shady in trying to force you to take these people, and then try to penalize and ruin your business if you don’t do it, I would be happy to see if I could accommodate some of them. But not now.

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  1. They falsely advertise my nightly costs. My base price is $250 and they have me listed at $391. Over a week trying to get this fixed. The absolute worst customer service I have ever seen. They are finally giving me a reason as I contacted the ceo and global manager of airbnb. They say their fees are now included in nightly price. No where on their site does it say this will happen. It is false advertisement as it is not my nightly price. They deter people from clicking on your listing by raising it $150/ night. Horrible service…look elsewhere!

  2. I second what Max Man is saying. I was an Airbnb political advocate (speaking directly with councilman, assembly persons in NYC and Albany). I was a host leader for my area, I was/am a super host and also a guest on the platform.

    Over the course of 5 years, the political climate for Airbnb became difficult in NYC. Certain hosts were being targeted by the city and fined exorbitant fees. Airbnb was not supportive either legally or financially.
    The quality of the guests also diminished as the site became more popular. The rates that you could charged also became more competitive. My local competition was a host in a housing project renting out a room for $40.00 a night. The suggested my listing charge $43.00 per night.
    For those that do not understand how low budget that is, an unfurnished room with no electric, heat, internet cable would run around a minumum of $50-$60 dollars a night.

    After multiple thefts, apartment damage, unauthorized parties, a physical altercation with a guest, bad energy and attitude, I decided to shut down the business.

    I still chose to use it as a guest until I realized that Airbnb was 100% complicit with illegal listings (wrong address given to avoid issues with building management) that they were attempting to have me still pay for. I have never used the platform again and never will again.

    I met Brian Chesky on several occasions and each time, I found him disingenuous. I am convinced now that people like Brian Chesky and Mark Zuckerberg are not creative geniuses but dishonest hucksters.

    • Wonderful news! Where? Is it small claims court or a one on one with an attorney? Or … a Class Action case? So many hosts in my area are FED UP with the Bad Business Practices of Airbnb.
      If you’re not able to talk about it right now as it’s in court, I understand. Would appreciate it if you’d keep in touch and let us know the outcome. Rooting for you to be victorious!

  3. Airbnb is a horrible organisation. Their systems have been designed to make both hosts and guests voiceless and their sole purpose to maximise revenue at lowest cost ( to them ).
    Every time i hear the founders pontificating about their ideals, I feel like throwing up. Assholes

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