Airbnb is a Ripoff, Plain and Simple


I’m a first time user who will NEVER use Airbnb again. I reserved a long-term stay (30 days) with a host through Airbnb. They quickly took half the amount – $1700 – from my credit card. Then I needed to cancel. I was within my refund window. There was lots of chatter with accommodating texts between the host and myself, two weeks prior to the reservation cancel request. Then nothing. She had three days to respond to my refund request. Of course she didn’t. After those three days, Airbnb sent a notice that I could receive up to $1580 minus their $75 fee, which would be refunded within three days. This is what ended up happening. And they offered to help resolve things with my host. This was a one-time chance to reach anyone via text through the link Airbnb provided. After the initial request, it literally dead ends not allowing me to reach out to Airbnb until they respond. It has now been almost a month. I can’t text, email or contact anyone! Thankfully, my credit card company allowed me to dispute the charge. I have some kind of control over fighting for MY money. Where was Airbnb’s customer protection?

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  1. The writer is absolutely right! I have heard of so many Airbnb horrror stories! Amazed at how Consumers are suckers for anything. This Airbnb just opened a Website, took your inventory (meaning your homes), collects the money up front, don’t pay you until after the fact, and then they charge you the host and your prospective guest[s) a fee, double dipping greedy hogs they are. Have any of those guests ever ask where their money is held until its paid to the Host? they are making interest on your money folks!!! In the end, its not worth the stress, because the Host always ends up winning. But then again I have heard hosts losing money too, because Airbnb hold them hostage…and its their homes!!! Unbelievable that people still post their homes to this website.

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