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Did you have a bad Airbnb experience too?  Share your Airbnb story here to warn others and put more pressure on Airbnb to resolve your issue!  It has worked for many others in the past!

Guidelines for submitting your story:

  1. Your email address will be kept PRIVATE – please enter one so you can be notified when your story is published or commented on.
  2. Please write your story in English using reasonably correct grammar and punctuation.
  3. We understand you are probably angry at Airbnb, but please keep cursing to a minimum.
  4. Please write your story in sufficient detail, preferably 300 words or longer.  If you write only a sentence or two, your story will not be published.
  5. If you are complaining about a certain host, please include a link to the listing if possible.
  6. Photos can be attached with the story, and are encouraged whenever possible!  Videos and other files can be sent over via email if we decide to move forward with publishing the story.
  7. Have fun!  Be colorful!  More people will read your story if it’s unique and has some humor!


The views and opinions expressed by users do not necessarily reflect those of the Airbnb Hell staff.  That being said, we will continue to provide a free and uncensored platform for all of our contributors to share their Airbnb related stories, opinions, and experiences.  Airbnb Hell takes no responsibility for any content posted by it’s users, and maintains the right to modify or remove any submitted post.

By clicking Submit you understand that your review may be made public on  If you are seeking to contact Airbnb directly, please view this page: How to Contact Airbnb.

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