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Waiting in the cold for a host that did not turn up

I booked three weeks of a room in London way in advance. Yesterday, I turned up there as the host said I can check it a 8 pm. Yes, it was late, and I did not like it very much because it was in Greater London, and took a long time to get there. Then […]

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at Artist’s Ditmas Pk 5 bedroom house

Here are the basics. We made a reservation on AirBnB for a place in Brooklyn back in January for Thanksgiving 2014 The owner of that place cancelled in October due to neighbor issues. A Customer Support Rep (Piper) Recommended a house at 407 Rugby Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11226, United States Confirmation Code: 85XFA4 The house […]

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An extended stay at a hotel in London costing me an Airbnb member £12000 After 15 days of failed attempt to have a response #lack of communication#slow resoonce#handling urgent inquires.

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Fake villa

I tried to book a private villa in Jamaica this past week using airbnb. At the last minute I cancelled as I had a bad feeling because the price was so low and there were no reviews. I did a google image search and the images from the airbnb listing were stolen from another villa […]

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Cancelled by host at last minute

In June we booked a place in Sydney, Australia for five days in October. Two weeks later it was cancelled and we booked another place. Two days before our arrival – by cruise ship from Los Angeles – we were advised the host had cancelled on us. So we arrive in Sydney with no place […]

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Long term cancellation policy disaster

I consider myself someone who researches things thoroughly before going through with them. I reserved a space on Airbnb for 30 days. On the page, it said a “moderate” cancellation policy applied. If I cancelled before 5 days before the check in date, I would get a full refund. So I ended up doing just […]

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FIRST AIRBNB FAILED EXPERIENCE DUE TO BAD COMMUNICATION FROM ALL SIDES and their website doesnt allow me to publish my review.

However the host published one about me which is fake. Here you can see both reviews I have been using airbnb and wimdu for more than two years now, always for long term bookings in flatshares and only for myself, as well as a carshare platform. I am an active member of the Ouishare community […]

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Careful with unsuccessful bookings!!!

Be very careful booking with Airbnb since it happened already multiple times in my case that the owner didn’t respond within 24h and in the end three bookings later hundreds of dollars were frozen on your bank account for several days…without a single successful booking! This is ridiculous, you will pay even before any confirmation. […]

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Airbnb is a Useless Service

This occurred back in 2012. We made reservations for a place in Brooklyn, New York. Upon arriving at the agreed time, the host was not present to let us into the place, back and forth calls were made. The host repeatedly told us that they would arrive “in a couple of minutes”. All were empty […]

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Host charged me for a service I did not accept

The 08/09/2014 at 1:16pm we(customer/guest) decided to book Sharon’s (host/vendor) place ( cf copy of the ) through the mobile phone for the same night. At 3:45pm we still hadn’t any news of the host and believed that she wouldn’t answer us as the check-in was supposed to be at 4pm (in 15min). We tried […]

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