Airbnb Guest Stories

These are stories from real Airbnb Guests… renters beware!

1 BR Condo in Ideal Location Listing #1023861 User/show/5636158

Host, James Boykin cancelled the prepaid reservation I had with him for three months just a couple weeks before my travel to a family wedding without notice or my consent. When I went to write to arrange the key for my stay, only then did I find out that he had cancelled my paid reservation. […]


Lying Lisa and her cross-listed Hilton Head Property

AirBnB should be more explicit about the illusion of booking a place to stay, having that booking accepted and approved by a host, and actually having a guaranteed place to stay. This service is all a gamble. Sure, you can a book a place to stay and even have the host approve and accept your […]


Worse experience ever

My first hosts cancelled on me a few days before arrival when I only wanted to change the day of arrival and kept $400 airbnb refunded that. The next host which I had to find in a hurry because of first hosts incompetence was nothing short of a con woman. She wanted me to pay […]


Bait and Switch… Airbnb no help whatsoever!

Weeks ago I booked several nights at a “bright executive apartment” in Shenzhen via Airbnb. Hours before I was to arrive the host sends a note saying “very sorry… room has power problem… must switch you to other room… hope you understand”. I arrived (via flight) late in the day and was hurried to my […]


Ripped off

I was using the Airbnb site looking for somewhere to stay in London for a few days after travelling from Australia. I found an apartment in Covent Garden, perfect, dates were free. I next get a confirmation email from what I thought was Airbnb. This asking for payment for almost $1800. After a few emails […]


keep using

Mostly AirBnB is a great idea but if anything goes wrong, you’re up the creek without a paddle. You’ve given your credit card details and the shonky host has got your dollars but at check-in time they’re nowhere to be found, uncontactable and your complaints are answered with another copy of their brochure, e.g. Luigi […]


Have you been a victim to scammers?

Hi, I’m currently working on a new TV series for Ch5 which is aimed at raising awareness about the various scams out there. We are looking for case studies, people who are willing to tell us their story and help stop others falling victim to these fraudsters. If you have been a victim of a […]


Airbnb steals guests money based on hosts fake evidence

I booked a room via Airbnb for 3 nights at 16 Fairfield Road, BS6 5JP in Bristol, UK. Olivia is the host. I checked out on 1st May at 11 am. I asked Olivia if I can leave my luggage in her flat and pick it up in the evening. She said this is OK. […]


This property has serial killer written all over it.

I would not recommend this Airbnb to ANYONE! It is being misrepresented to Airbnb and unsuspecting guests. I am shocked AirBnB has chosen to let the host stay on their site. This property and the host has all the traits of a serial killer and horror movie. I have reported this property to the local […]



Rented a house in Laurel Canyon on airbnb 3 weeks in advance of trip. Evening of trip had not received address of property from home owner. Sent 2 texts and left 3 voicemails. His response took hours. He responded with slight disdain “…the address is shown in the listing…” An hour later he realized he […]



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  1. Me and my boyfriend just got back from a weekend in California where we stayed in a room we booked on AirBNB.

    There were guests staying in the other rooms who seemed a bit rowdy when they arrived but we just put it down to them being excited. Unfortunately they only got louder and after having no sleep at all I was pretty pissed to say the least.

    We recorded the noise on our phones so we had evidence when we complained to AirBNB but they pretty much accused us of making it up and implying that it was us making the noise.

    What a bunch of con artists – they will tell you anything to get out of reimbursing you.

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