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Beware of this Airbnb in Honolulu

Well my first host scheduled was supposed to secure a place for me Jenny excellent room with ocean view Honolulu hawaii seemed great we emailed and text and when her other hosts said in review she picked up from airport thought that was great only to find out she wanted to charge me three times as […]

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Swindle through the Airbnb platform

My daughter found a flat in NY on the Airbnb website. She received an email from the ‘host’ of the flat and also one issued by a fake Airbnb email address ( pretending to be the real Airbnb, used its buzzwords / terminology and carried the Airbnb logo. It said: “Welcome to Airbnb!” and added […]

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We Got Not What We Booked

The management and arrangement for this Hong Kong Hostel that provided extremely poor service. The hotel named as New Lucky House which located at Nathan Road, HK. We feel extremely disappointed to the irresponsible person in-charge, Zoe for the extremely poor arrangement for our stay in Hong Kong on the last 2 weeks (18-19/9). We […]

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Hosts never responded, stayed elsewhere

We wanted to book a room, the room had good reviews. Put the card in and nothing. We gather that hosts don’t have to bother to reply if they don’t want to book you in. Personality, just a reply saying they are unable to do so, for whatever reason, is fine, but not nothing. We […]

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Does my mistake excuse their potheadedness?

So I will start this off by saying…my dog somehow managed to jump thru a screen window at my host’s place while I was away for a few hours, because I don’t usually need to kennel my dog. Not only that but who the f*ck can possibly, logically presume the creativity of their pets to […]

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AirBNB ruined my trip in Italy

I will NEVER use AirBNB again. My host did not let me into the apartment for over 5 hours nor did she have any intention of letting me in despite the confirmation. She was out with her friends and could not be inconvieced to return to the apartment despite the fact I had given her […]

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Airbnb guests find a filthy flat, and can’t leave a review!

It appears if you cancel a reservation, you cannot review the property on Air B n B. We just arrived in Amsterdam to what was originally advertised as a “beautiful canal flat” in the center of Amsterdam. It was described as 2 bedrooms and modern. The truth is, that it is a squalid, filthy apartment. […]

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Airbnb Verifications Are An Intrusion of Privacy

Airbnb’s verification process is an intrusion on privacy. There is no place for processes like this. People should not use this site. There is absolutely no reason for them to request all of your profile details in order to book an apartment. Passport and mobile number should be more than enough. For example I don’t […]

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First and LAST time airbnb customer

I had never used airbnb before but was traveling with family to California for a wedding. My cousin was nice enough to book a place for us using airbnb. I was traveling with 2 other adults and 3 children so needless to say we were disappointed to find that she had only booked us a […]

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Awful hosts and no breakfast!

We arrived to gritted teeth “a welcome smile”, we were told off for being “late” (for what they didn’t say). They made us park on the road despite “parking available on private drive”. And then they refused to give us any breakfast and asked us to leave by 9am! It was our first airbnb experience […]

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Airbnb removed a review of a racist host because it was “defamatory”

The following review of a Moira from Edinburgh ( was removed because it was supposedly “defamatory”. I personally think that this was an easy target as the way in which my host behaved, especially towards the end of my visit, was so horrendous that is was simply impossible for my review not to be “defamatory”. […]

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Cancelled Ocean Beach reservation

Airbnb doesn’t allow reviews on hosts who cancel reservations but felt the need for the public to know about a host who cancelled on us the week before a wedding in Ocean Beach, California just so you can be aware this may happen to you should you try to book with this host. Name: Dan […]

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Hali the ‘river gypsy’ operating a slum-boat in North Amsterdam

This report follows on from my report about Shay Hwa in Delft, The Netherlands, ‘Airbnb host never showed up.’ As a result I had to make several other Airbnb bookings. I booked to stay with Hali at her boat in Amsterdam on the 1st to the 3rd of September 2015. I arrived at the location […]

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Airbnb host never showed up

I had a plan to stay in Delft, the Netherlands for ten days, starting on the 25th August 2015. I flew from the UK and kept an appointment at 3pm on that day. The host Shay Hwa did not turn up. I tried to call, sms and email via airbnb. I spent five hours in […]

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Filthy and Overpriced

Rented a carriage house in Kerhonkson, NY. Upon arrival we knew we had made a mistake. The property was not close to ANYTHING and you couldn’t even get cell service for miles around the property. When we entered the carriage house, we saw that it was absolutely filthy. Dirt covered floors, dead and live insects […]

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USD AMEX conversion SCAM

Several weeks ago I booked a trip for my family, we didn’t want to travel to the US like we normally do because of high conversion rates so we booked a “local vacation” on airbnb.  Our account price is set to CAD and language to ENGLISH, we have a Canadian billing address and a CANADIAN […]

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Dirty Airbnb in Chicago

On a long vacation with my wife and 2 kids, I did enjoy an spectacular apartment in South Boston using Airbnb.  Next we flew to Chicago, using Airbnb again, I found a “CAVE”, dirty and a totally mess! I immediately left that disaster and notified Airbnb about that situation. They encouraged me to talk with the […]

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Hell in Valbandon, Croatia at a bargain price

If misery truly loves company, then this spiritual home belongs in a little Croatian enclave called Valbandon, where myself and my travelling companions spent a week-long getaway lasting all of 45 minutes. Let me preface this by saying that our overall experience of Croatian hospitality was impeccable, with our hosts in Pula going to great lengths […]

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NEVER Again Will We Use Airbnb

NEVER Again will we use Airbnb. You THINK you are getting a better deal than staying at a hotel. NOT THE CASE. You can literally find yourself not only paying for commission charges from Airbnb, and the per-night charge from the ‘host’, you leave yourself wide open to a ridiculous security deposit, and claims of […]

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Do NOT rent from SOFIA KASIANENKO, Brooklyn, NY

Do not EVER rent from Sofia Kasianenko in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC (30 Rogers Ave, Apt 3D), you will regret it! Link to listing: User: Stayed at her place for a month – turned out to be a complete utter nightmare. It was so bad that AirBnB even refunded our money, given how […]

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A Breakup Letter to Airbnb

This was the last email I sent to Airbnb after significant frustration.  It explains my story: Dear Mr. Gebbia, dear Mr. Chesky, dear Mr. Blecharczyk, dear J. K., and dear Airbnb team, I give up. I won’t write any more emails nor try to reach again any of your employees by phone. I stop thinking […]

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Immature abuse

My sister and I booked Airbnb accommodation in Granada. The position of the accommodation was superb, down a short alley way and you were at the base of the Alhambra. Perfect for a couple of days which would include visiting the Alhambra, gazing at the Alhambra and photographing the Alhambra. The accommodation was basic at […]

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Unbelievable!! Out of respect I left the host Vinayak a nice review, because the place is in fact amazing and because Vinayak apologized to us many many times by text for everything that happened to us during our stay, so I felt sorry for Vinayak. But now Vinayak changed his character. Let me now start […]

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Airbnb does not have your back when things go sideways

In July 2015 I found a large Victorian in a small foothill town for an upcoming girls weekend in October. It looked great, and I contacted the host. She wrote me back and said she’d love to have us if we were ready to book. I told her it was 5 women and a small […]

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Airbnb thinks a crappy appartment is suitable for rent

We arrived in Roma at the beginning of August after renting an Airbnb apartment called “Slice of Heaven” ( The apartment was so crappy that we made the decision not to stay. We took pictures of the main defects, stopped the leaking air conditioning and left. We left because: – The air conditioning was not […]

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