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Horrendous Airbnb Stay at Hong Kong Brothel

What a nightmare! First of all, I’m the kind of person who rarely complaints and would just let things be in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, but my experience with Airbnb at this particular “inn” was so bad I had to share so others can take precautions or maybe think twice before booking. We arrived at the […]

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False Advertising Keeps Guests out of Beach House

The ad claimed that it was a private room with its own bathroom close to shops and the beach. Upon arrival it was evident that the host had just rented out one of his bedrooms and everything else was shared. Furthermore, he had other tenants staying in the same house. The bedroom was so tiny […]

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Airbnb Nightmare: Abusive Host and Poor Response

My nightmare with Airbnb started with a horrible event but really escalated when I tried to complain about it. I booked an Airbnb to go to my friend’s wedding in Ukiah, California. The reviews seemed good; she was an older lady, so I thought she would have been harmless. The nightmare started shortly after I […]

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More Protection than Guests: Airbnb is Untouchable

We booked a stay in Ha Noi, Vietnam, by the beach based on the blurb and pictures posted by the host. Although their ad left us a little confused as to what it was exactly – a homestay or bnb or hotel or ? – in both the written word and in the pictures, it […]

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Early Contact with Aggressive Airbnb Host

After great experiences with Airbnb 95% of the time, I had a truly horrible experience with a host today in Brisbane. I booked an apartment automatically – no contact with the host – so I then messaged them to confirm I would collect the key on Thursday afternoon and also ask what time we could leave […]

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Airbnb: Worth Complaining if Nothing is Done?

Most horror stories centre around a cabin in the woods… mine is about an apartment in Nashville. But, same difference. Bit of background: my sister and I started planning a trip to America (we live in the UK) for her 30th birthday. Our trip gradually grew and grew as we started adding more places thinking […]

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Airbnb in Colombia: Nearly Tazed by Property Owner

A small group of friends went to Medellín, Colombia for a quick getaway and good times. We rented the place about three weeks prior. Knowing that we wanted to party (make noise), we rented a house with no noise ordinance. The pictures appeared relatively decent. After the house was booked, it dawned on a few of […]

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Airbnb can Retaliate by Deactivating User Accounts

See below for the response I received from Airbnb (the company) when I complained, politely, about a booking glitch on their website. Hi Jeff XXX, Thanks for reaching out. We regret to inform you that we’ll be unable to support your account moving forward, and have exercised our discretion under our Terms of Service to […]

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Most Disrespectful Airbnb Host: Nightmare in Venice Beach

I have been staying at Airbnbs since the company started and have never come close to having an experience like the one I had in Venice Beach, California. In fact, I have never been disrespected by someone like this in my entire life, no matter what the situation was. As I travel for work, I […]

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Airbnb Double Booking in Amsterdam

I traveled from the US to Amsterdam for business and over the weekend I convinced my family (my brother and my parents who are over 60) to come and visit the city. We arrived at the apartment quite easily, by following the good directions of the “manager” of the rentals. I specify manager as this Brazilian guy, […]

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Coachella Disaster: Airbnb Cancelled after Check-In

I had a terrible experience with this host.  I’m the type of guy that prepares for everything. After this experience I realize I cannot place any amount of responsibility for the success of my vacation in the hands of strangers with no track record. I will be using reputable hotel chains for the rest of […]

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Don’t Expect Airbnb to Honour your Booking

We requested the 19th to 23rd of July for 16 people. The booking (and the money) was accepted. After confirmation, the host messaged that they had mistakenly double booked the property. The host offered us instead a choice of three sets of dates. We contacted everyone in our party to find which dates would suit […]

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Bizarre Encounter with Airbnb Host after a Stay

I spent three months in 2016 with Roberto Eichhorn who is a super Airbnb host. His place was ok, but a bit far from everything (which is inaccurate according to his online description). Luckily, I had my own car. The reason I stayed so long was to transition to a different city. So after I finished […]

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I’m a nice guy with a wife and two young kids.  I was foolish enough to book with airbnb and stay at 1909 Ala Wai Blvd, Honolulu. This is the review I wish someone had written so I could have read it and avoided the nightmare stepping foot into this building. WARNING TO ALL: this […]

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Airbnb’s Unethical Service Fees

Let me start by saying I am a host and other people have cancelled on me before. I also use Airbnb to travel to other sites. It is currently April. I booked a trip for July for work back in January. However, funding for my trip was cancelled and I am no longer able to […]

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Airbnb Prepaid Reservation: Give me back my Money!

As a guest, I made a pre-reservation for one night in another city in Poland. (As you already know, you have to prepay for it immediately, even if it is not confirmed). I’ve been waiting for an answer from the host for 24 hours. Unfortunately, the reservation expired. I received a message from Airbnb: the […]

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Vacation Ruined: Airbnb Canceled Prior to Arrival

So, I was supposed to attend Bauma Munich 2016 in April. You know how Bauma Munich took up so many hotels and apartments in Munich? Well, you better book your hotels early. I booked mine very early, and you know what? They canceled six days before my departure to Bauma. You know what’s even more annoying? The […]

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Ants and Home Invasions: Emails from a Nasty Host

Email from Host: Good morning Li Ming, I was going to message you again – but think it’s best we speak via the Airbnb website so there’s a record of all communications. I appreciate your message – I hope the fresh figs and pears were interesting and delicious; it is nice to have something so natural. […]

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Secrets and Lies in Morocco: Sketchy Addresses

I had been using AirBnb for a long time and actually, I was happy with it. Recently, we planned a road trip in Morocco. We booked a great place in Rabat, then two amazing places in the mountains near Dades Riad – both with local people – and finally a place in Marrakech, which was supposed to […]

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Airbnb Reservation Canceled Last Minute!

Here’s our story: On January 15, 2016, I booked a condo on Singer Island (owner “Sherry”) in West Palm Beach, FL for my family’s spring break vacation. We were vacationing with a group of friends who were also staying on the island. My husband, daughter (12 years old) and I were set to check in […]

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Double Charged by Airbnb for Cockroach Resort!

I booked a 76-day trip through Airbnb at the Marina Tower Complex (also known as the Waikiki Marina) in Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii. The property was hosted by Abron (rental agent/property manager). The first part of the nightmare begins with having to contact Airbnb to give them a new credit card number as my other […]

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Supposedly furnished studio was not furnished!

I had never used Airbnb before, but friends had said positive things about their experiences. I wanted a studio apartment, furnished, for a month in Strasbourg, France, while I house-hunted and decided on my future. I reserved a furnished studio. I knew the location. The host accepted the reservation, and Airbnb took my money. The […]

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Host’s screaming baby almost leads to violence!

Stay away from 14 Judith St, Ashgrove, Brisbane!  The host became violent and abusive when I simply asked if their baby was OK after hearing it cry non-stop all day!  The response from Airbnb was very good when I called to complain, but it was still overall a nightmare experience. We had put up with […]

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I wish I would have read this before reserving!

Wow! I paid for a full month and was going to spend three months with a host on air Bnb.  When my daughter and I arrived, the place was freezing even with the fireplace going. This is in 38 degree weather! My daughter and I could not even take our jackets off! Plus the place […]

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Lying, Psychopathic Host – Total Nightmare!

Here is a AirBNB Review for you. I made a reservation with the owner of 772 McClelland Drive, Windsor, CA 95492 through AIRBNB. When I arrived the place was a filthy mess. When I mean a mess, I mean, pubes on the bed, hair on the bathroom floors, pet hair on the couches, pee stains […]

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  3. I’m another who had a HORRIBLE experience with Air BnB. Me and my boyfriend showed up to the Air BnB that we rented in Montreal, which had great reviews online. The first night, we went out and when we came home later in the evening, placed our keys on the glass table and chatted with 2 friends. No TV was on. No music was on. The host came over and knocked on the door… Prior to this he hadn’t even told us he lived next door and actually went out of his way to pretend he didn’t… coming from around the street any time he met us. We said ok and kicked out our guests (Thanks, DAD.) but continued to chat, just us 2. The owner came over a second time to tell us to shut up. Ok, fine, we went to bed. The next day, he came back again and chastised us for the night before, again we apologized and he said fine but I’m doing an inspection to make sure you didn’t put holes in the walls, etc. I offered to leave for the second night we had booked and he said whatever. We booked a hotel and left right away- losing the money that we had paid for the second night in this Air bnb. I should also note that at 6am, there was extremely loud banging on the walls, screaming from children and children running non-stop, ALL DAY. The host then proceeded to text message me extremely rude things, asking where I lived and where I was in Montreal that night and was telling me that even though he did indeed say the place was fine and he had the keys, that he was calling the cops. I still have no idea why. Overall, pretty much our entire trip was ruined- we were broke after having to find another place; the first night was ruined cause we were literally told to go to bed (with the assumption that we’d be on the street if we didn’t soon) and the next day was annoying and very unpleasant with the children sounding like they were hanging out in the apartment with us; the host even managed to blacken the second day when we were finally far away from him, by harassing me via text.

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