Airbnb Hell

Guests and Hosts BEWARE!

AirBNB has grown too big and corrupt to care about the guests and hosts it is supposed to be supporting. Read airbnb reviews and complaints here before using airbnb!

Airbnb Guest Stories

These are stories from real Airbnb Guests… renters beware!


Careful with unsuccessful bookings!!!

Be very careful booking with Airbnb since it happened already multiple times in my case that the owner didn’t respond within 24h and in the end three bookings later hundreds of dollars were frozen on your bank account for several days…without a single successful booking! This is ridiculous, you will pay even before any confirmation. […]

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Airbnb is a Useless Service

This occurred back in 2012. We made reservations for a place in Brooklyn, New York. Upon arriving at the agreed time, the host was not present to let us into the place, back and forth calls were made. The host repeatedly told us that they would arrive “in a couple of minutes”. All were empty […]

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Host charged me for a service I did not accept

The 08/09/2014 at 1:16pm we(customer/guest) decided to book Sharon’s (host/vendor) place ( cf copy of the ) through the mobile phone for the same night. At 3:45pm we still hadn’t any news of the host and believed that she wouldn’t answer us as the check-in was supposed to be at 4pm (in 15min). We tried […]

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Camper van for rent in Bordeaux

We rented 3 properties via air bnb. We were quoted all in Canadian funds, and when we were charged on my credit card it was in US funds. We are out over $ 400 and Airbnb pocketed our money. This was the BS response we received by them when we asked to have the difference […]

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Mixed review

We used Airbnb to rent two properties for a road trip. The first property was great and the host outstanding, nothing but a positive experience. While we were staying essentially in the host’s basement, the owner had spent time and effort in appointing, painting and decorating the space in such a way that it felt […]

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Host cancellation – Family out of luck

So… Here’s the thing. I searched for a holiday property on airbnb and found what we thought to be a great property. One week in August by the sea. Although the host had 0 reviews we were not suspicious as they had only been a member for a few months. So far so good.. Messages […]

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BS company

I have never actually been a guest or host for Airbnb but I did work for the company itself. All I have to say is the employees that work for Airbnb do not get treated equally either. The resources that were available to help guests and hosts no longer exist. to sum it up the […]

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Airbnb Hostel in our house

I live in an apartment block in a now very hip part of Berlin. On the ground floor a family of four used to live in the apartment. They were pressurised by their landlord to move out because he wanted to sell the property. The new owners claimed they would move in themselves. Instead they […]

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Nasty host conundrum

Usually when a guest has a bad experience, it is because the host is a nasty and dishonest person and doesn’t treat all guests equally. This is a no-win for the guest–if you write an honest review to warn others, they will write nasty things about you. Also, airbnb customer service was absolutely unreachable, especially […]

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Airbnb stole my money!

I tried to make a first booking on Airbnb and had my reservation in Kent accepted and confirmed. Without telling me, Airbnb cancelled my booking and told the host that I was a fraudulent account and not to accept me as a guest. The host then rented out the room for my dates and it […]

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