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Psychopathic airbnb host in Hawaii

We booked a room that was formerly called “the surfer room” in hawaii. It is now listed as “hawaiian spirit and lots of aloha”. The host was a crazy woman that posted reminder notes all over the place. These reminders were an insult. Turn off the lights, turn off the fan, don’t put quilt on […]

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Dirty Apartment, horrible host

I booked an airbnb place in tokyo, Japan. It was an Apartment located at takadanobaba. From the pictures, the place looked big and pristine. However, when we visited, the sheets were covered with hair and was extremely dusty to the point where you can see a layer of greyish dust on it. The whole house […]

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Guests Robbed in Paris, No Help from Airbnb or Host, and Airbnb Removed Negative Review!

In August, my wife and I booked a “lovely” houseboat on the Seine River in Paris. The reservation indicated that there would be an access card entry and the reviews were generally positive. When we arrived, we noticed that the entire river embankment in our part of town was being used as a camp for […]

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Horrible customer service

I stayed at an AirBnB site in Maui for 2 weeks. The host in the suite beside me was rude, drank nightly, and carried on loudly in the night and morning in her inebriated and hungover state. There were holes in the screens where the bugs came in, and when I looked closly at the […]

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Fake Airbnb website, don’t be fooled!

I found a nice apartment in Oman on the website and I contacted the owner. He replied to me and said that he is currently in London cause his contract in Oman has finished in 2011, he has the keys from flat in Muscat with him and he will fly to Muscat as soon […]

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Uncomfortable situations – Not using Airbnb again.

I’ve used Airbnb a handful of times with mixed results. I’ve had a couple of lovely experiences, but also a couple of creepy experiences that have made me realize it is NOT WORTH IT to book through Airbnb – no matter how many “good” reviews the host may have (though I do think Superhosts are […]

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Horrible, dirty listing – and no way to warn other people about it!!!

I booked a 2 bedroom apartment ( for 10 nights for my parents during a visit to see me in Australia, as the beautiful studio they previously stayed in was unavailable. Prior to our arrival, I found the host to be responsive and the location of the listing is certainly great being as it is […]

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Hosts take advantage of family w pregnant wife – no refund for simple mistake!

Husband & Pregnant wife +19 month old baby girl look forward to a last holiday before newborn arrives…… WRONG!  It was a disaster staying through Airbnb with FABIO & CHRISTINA. Looking at the beautiful photos of Byron Bay & all the options on airbnb, I booked ahead looking forward to a well earned rest before our […]

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Airbnb SuperHost raised price after guest arrived, and Airbnb did nothing!

Airbnb customer service lies to its customers and is useless. I filed a complaint against a host in Oahu because she decided to change the rate after arrival. She wanted $30 more per night saying Airbnb made the mistake. Since Airbnb didn’t accept the price increase, the host demanded I pay in cash for the […]

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Arrived in London with No Way to Enter Flat!

We booked a week in London at a flat in Fitzrovia section. By the pictures we weren’t expecting any great shakes, but still, what a disappointment once we were there in person! But that’s not the worst of it. We had been in communication with the host all along that we’d be arriving by noontime […]

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Host from hell

This story has a good outcome… the host got kicked off airbnb! I was her very first victim… I should of known better.  Never stay with anyone that isn’t a Superhost. I have used the airbnb site many times and spent over $4,000 so far this year with them.  I have an excellent rating as […]

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Terrible airbnb in Exeter, uk

So, having booked 3 nights at a higher priced airbnb in Exeter, we arrive to find an old box in the bedroom, not enough towels for the expected guests, a dirty bathroom with no attempt to tidy up, a used old toilet roll in the loo and a stench of what smelt to me like […]

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Airbnb party nightmare

I live in a block of apartments, of which 50% roughly are rented out through airbnb. We have huge problems with noise. People book in through airbnb and throw massive parties (one so bad that the police couldn’t break up). Airbnb refuse to acknowledge there is a problem. There is nothing legally that can be […]

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Bad Airbnb customer service – Canceled reservation without asking

I had a really bad experience on Airbnb today. I made a reservation, and 2 days later I realized I couldn’t make the trip, so I told the host that only my friends will stay in his place. (I don’t know if the host told this to Airbnb, or Airbnb is peeking our messages.) And […]

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Crazy Hawaiian Host

How would you like to stay at a home of a major codependent lady host. This host in hawaii was so mentally unstable it was scary for me. She will say things so rude then immediately pull back with something like “i don’t mean it that way or this way”. Ridiculous! Host was always yelling […]

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This is my sad Airbnb story.  Me and a group of friends planned a trip to Amsterdam, we found the house we wanted on the site Airbnb, the host was a registered user with good reviews from the apartment, apparently all normal. We contacted the host through the Airbnb site, who responded to our request via […]

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Bad review deleted!

I recently posted some criticism and some compliments on a host I stayed with on Oahu a few months ago. It was deleted within 24 hours of posting without explanation from Airbnb customer service. This host had nothing but odd rules rules rules and more odd rules. I always show respect and follow the rules […]

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Horrible Airbnb Review – Guest unable to check-in, and no refund – BEWARE and BE WARNED

I booked a week long stay starting Monday night in Paris.  My flight arrived in Paris Tuesday early morning, but when I tried to check in I was told that even though we had booked and paid for the full week, we were unable to check in until that night. When I asked to be refunded […]

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Hawaii Hell

Airbnb guests need to be cautioned about a host in Honolulu with a listing called “surfers room”.  This women is a psychopath.  She will leave small notes everywhere to remind you about the rules of the house.  When she talks she is screaming.  She is always screaming at her daughter that doesn’t go to school.  She […]

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Last Minute Airbnb Cancellation

I received the following message today (October 25th) after booking an airbnb apartment back on June 22nd for a month long stay. “I’m so sorry but I have to cancel your reservation. We have had a death in the family and it has meant I have had to care for my grandmother full time. This has […]

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I was gang-raped in Budapest – and Airbnb ignored me, then insulted me

I was in Budapest on Memorial Day weekend. Checked into an Airbnb rental at 7 pm and the host, Gabor, told me that I could call or text him anytime with any questions. Despite it being a Saturday night, I immediately began working on a report titled Women, Business, and the Law. At 9 pm, […]

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Airbnb provided no help when needed

I tried desperately & for a long time to contact airbnb. My host does not respond to my emails and airbnb does not respond to my emails. What I get from airbnb ( is “Email not received”.  I have to move in host place on 27 October and don’t know for sure if I have […]

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TROUBLE in Venice

Look out for this host in the Venice area by the name of Abraham Monitor. He rents a number of units in Venice.  Upon my arrival in Venice, he and his assistants demanded additional money in CASH as a condition of taking us to the property which had to be accessed by boat. Upon refusing […]

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Terrible airbnb experience, and a $12 refund

I had a 2 night stay at a home in Marin county this past weekend. The host said she’d be out of town and my mom and I would have the home to ourselves. We arrived to find the key sitting in a basket clear as day at the foot of the door and was […]

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Pyscho host was offended we wanted to leave – contacts my daughter’s school

We rented a house in Monroe, ny for a month. After one night we wanted to leave. We offered the host to keep $1000 and let us go. She refused. She started sending me vile texts and driving slowly by the house, staring into the living room, every morning at 9 am. When we left, […]

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