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My husband and I are going to be in Brazil for Christmas and New Years 2016. We found a great apartment minutes from the beach for $200/night, so I booked 2 nights for New Years eve and the day after. It took a while to get through the booking process as I had to take […]

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Airbnb Refused to Refund Fees Despite Obvious Mistake!

BEWARE OF AIRBNB!! This is a warning and a true story of what happened to me when I rented a house using the Airbnb service. I had a project in the USA and I rented a house using Airbnb. I found a nice 2 year old 2 bed room + garage house with a reasonable price […]

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Guest attacked by Host, Airbnb does nothing!

I sensed something strange when I arrived. The hostess was a middle aged Italian woman called Floriana. She seemed nice at first, but immediately told me she has a cat that is very unfriendly and attacks people, so I need to shut the door wherever I go. Also, her son is staying there. None of […]

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Hosts were scam artists and AirBnB did nothing to help!

I hosted my boyfriend’s birthday at an AirBnB cabin in a ski town in California. As all 15 of my guests were driving several hours up to the cabin we were contacted and told that our booked cabin was flooded.  Airbnb helped us find another cabin large enough to hold all 15 guests, however the […]

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Another Bad Airbnb Experience… 2 for 2

After confirming my reservation for a house in New Jersey through Airbnb, the host said she “Is not current on updating her website”, and double booked the home she rents. Airbnb took the $560.00 from my Amex after the host canceled my reservation. I had to dispute it with Amex because Airbnb takes five days […]

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Airbnb removed my review of a misrepresented apartment

  Huge construction site directly under apartment. Photos were taken at an angle not to show it. Airbnb does nothing. After hours of calls and back and forth I got a partial refund. When I reviewed the host and site, my review was taken down–whitewashed!

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Aibnb Guest Robbed -Had to Flee Town with Police Escort

Over the last couple of years I have been a satisfied user of Airbnb with an exceptional rating. On a recent trip to a supposedly sleepy fishing village I was robbed within 30 minutes of arriving at the the house by a window left open by the hosts cleaners. When the police arrived, they basically […]

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My wife tried very hard to contact Airbnb via their website…. there is nothing there to complain against them. We had a coupon code issue that needed help, so they put us onto a chat room where their customer service guy called Dennis typed in responses. Dennis was very rude to my wife. Saying he insulted […]

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Airbnb is a nightmare when something goes wrong!

Being a host on Airbnb since 2013 with 4 houses (I have only received 2 confirmed bookings via Airbnb since I started – all my other bookings have come from other sites that look much more sufficient, honest and effective), I unluckily went on to book a flat in Paris for a month through airbnb. […]

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Scammed by bastards… Airbnb does nothing.

I’ve just tried to book an apartment in London for 4 days. The Airbnb advertisement clearly said “contact me by email.. since Airbnb is too slow”. Of course.. the app didn’t work and I’ve tried to contact them.  Then after I emailed them… everything goes all smooth as expected.  Scammer asked me some fake details… […]

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Miami Host Misrepresents Unit – Airbnb Does Nothing

If there were an option for no stars, I’d have chosen that. Worst experience with accommodations I have ever had. The person (billing himself as Tony&Eli) that advertised the place, completely misrepresented the apartment. From the pictures I received from my daughter it seems as though it’s not even the same apartment that was advertised. […]

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Dream turned into a Nightmare

My husband and I have been planning a trip to Rio for the last five years. I’m Brazilian and he is American and he has been saving money in order to visit the city where I was born and spend time with my relatives there. We booked an apartment with Airbnb for $2188 to stay […]

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Airbnb Nightmare in The Bahamas

This is my review of my last Airbnb experienced with a host named Reno in the Bahamas: Get a Hotel!  The cover photo does not reflect how dilapidated the actual building is. Christmas 2015 was going to be special because I surprised my college daughter with a fun trip to the Bahamas – where the hotels were […]

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Airbnb Doesn’t Care if Hosts Lie and Mislead Guests

Booked a house in Fish Hoek, Cape Town from one Sonny Naidoo. In his listing he claimed the property had 2 bedrooms and a steep flight of stairs. The picture in his listing was of a flight of stairs that looked fine – however when I got to the address I found that the picture […]

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Next time I’ll book a hotel

In my experience, Airbnb is not at all better than a hotel. First of all airbnb gives you a price, and when you register to book the flat, suddenly the price increased 9 pounds, for no reason. We have booked a week in a “flat” cause we need temporary accommodation for a week. We just […]

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Non existent apartment in Berlin

I was traveling through Europe over Christmas with my wife, 2 children and my parents. Apartments in Vienna and Prague were wonderful. However, I got radio silence from our Berlin host once I had paid the deposit of $1000. Emails about location and arrival arrangements went unanswered. Contacted Airbnb through Twitter only to receive legal […]

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AirBnB “Entire Home” Rental Nightmare

I’ve used air bnb a couple of times to rent ‘entire homes’. One good experience in the UK and two in the US…and one very bad one in the US! The main thing I’d like to share is that air bnb does not monitor their listings in the way you would expect of an agency […]

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Rudest and least sympathetic host!!!

I went to the snow and saved my little brother from hitting a tree, in doing so I suffered multiple rib contusions and could not go on my next Airbnb trip. I told the host ASAP, and she booked those nights the second I cancelled. She could’ve refunded in full with no harm to her, yet […]

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Airbnb Deletes Negative Reviews, Favors Hosts

Just finished reviewing a host yesterday after our stay in LasVegas( Henderson area), there are 3 parts to the review, part 1) what you liked most about your stay part 2) what you didn’t like about your stay part 3) what improvements can the host make to raise your satisfaction. All of the last two […]

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Airbnb FRAUD cost me 1460 Euros, & it was preventable!

Airbnb fraud cost me 1460 Euros! They aren’t doing enough to protect their community from fraudsters. I have had many happy trips with airbnb, but after this I will never use them again. They simply aren’t doing enough to protect their customers. I went to book accommodation in Amsterdam for new year, when I saw […]

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Airbnb censorship is annoying

I booked a house for 7 people on a trip to NZ, I haven’t been there yet, the trip is in a month but my actual experience on the airbnb website itself is not that good. I wanted to contact the host directly and the host also tried to give me 2 alternate contact methods, […]

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Airbnb has the Worst Customer Service

I rented a room where the host said he would clean it after he got off work at 6. The check in time stated 3pm, but I didn’t feel like I could force him to come home from work earlier so I planned around his schedule. When I came back around 7:30 he had still […]

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How To Recover Your Money from Airbnb

Here’s a warning and hopefully some help for others in the Airbnb nightmare club. I recently used Airbnb for the first time. I have several friends that rent their houses through this service so I though I’d try it. This review does not pertain to every person on Airbnb. There are good people there, I […]

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AirBNB Superhost Raised Price AFTER Accepting Booking!

My first time booking with AirBnB, and it was an amazingly FRUSTRATING experience. After my host accepted my reservation, she then messaged me saying she had posted the wrong accommodation prices, and asked me to accept the new property price listing. I told her that as she had already accepted my reservation, I would not […]

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Airbnb Host Stole Belongings of Guest – No Airbnb Help!

I got scammed on Airbnb and it was a totally legit listing. I only communicated with the people through the Airbnb app. When I got to the house and met the folks they seemed cool. When I went out for dinner, they stole all my stuff and locked me out. They told Airbnb my dog […]

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  3. I’m another who had a HORRIBLE experience with Air BnB. Me and my boyfriend showed up to the Air BnB that we rented in Montreal, which had great reviews online. The first night, we went out and when we came home later in the evening, placed our keys on the glass table and chatted with 2 friends. No TV was on. No music was on. The host came over and knocked on the door… Prior to this he hadn’t even told us he lived next door and actually went out of his way to pretend he didn’t… coming from around the street any time he met us. We said ok and kicked out our guests (Thanks, DAD.) but continued to chat, just us 2. The owner came over a second time to tell us to shut up. Ok, fine, we went to bed. The next day, he came back again and chastised us for the night before, again we apologized and he said fine but I’m doing an inspection to make sure you didn’t put holes in the walls, etc. I offered to leave for the second night we had booked and he said whatever. We booked a hotel and left right away- losing the money that we had paid for the second night in this Air bnb. I should also note that at 6am, there was extremely loud banging on the walls, screaming from children and children running non-stop, ALL DAY. The host then proceeded to text message me extremely rude things, asking where I lived and where I was in Montreal that night and was telling me that even though he did indeed say the place was fine and he had the keys, that he was calling the cops. I still have no idea why. Overall, pretty much our entire trip was ruined- we were broke after having to find another place; the first night was ruined cause we were literally told to go to bed (with the assumption that we’d be on the street if we didn’t soon) and the next day was annoying and very unpleasant with the children sounding like they were hanging out in the apartment with us; the host even managed to blacken the second day when we were finally far away from him, by harassing me via text.

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