Airbnb Guest Stories

These are stories from real Airbnb Guests… renters beware!

Misogynist Host

The keys to the apartment didn’t work, the host extorted an additional night’s payment in cash (by claiming it was a “tourist tax” & threatening to claim we made damage to the apartment if we didn’t pay), made extremely rude & sexist comments, sent assistants to harass us late at night, claimed that I stole […]

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Ripped off for £950 and Airbnb wash their hands with me

I’m emailing you to bring to your attention my current, costly issue. I wanted to book an apartment for me and my friends for a forth coming trip to Amsterdam on the 7th May for 3 nights. I’d recently joined airbnb as a member in December and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to […]

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Don’t Stay with DeLonta in Los Angeles

FIRST: DO NOT STAY WITH DE LONTA IN LOS ANGELES!! HIS BOOKING IS LISTED AS “PRIVATE ROOM, SAFE, COMFORTABLE IN HOLLYWOOD” I booked his flat for a night, not only did he give me a FAKE ADDRESS, he simply stopped communicating with me the day of the booking. I tried for 8 hours to reach […]

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Disabled Veteran account disabled by Airbnb

Airbnb disabled the account of a disabled Veteran traveling in Brasil. This has interfered with my travel plans. This has also made it impossible for me to respond to disputes with my hosts.

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Nightmarish old guests

Horrible guests. Had a 100% perfect record until a bunch of old people came to our old apartment in NYC and they started tearing it apart, even stole our keys. We renting it out for only $40 a night and never misinterpreted anything- we took actual pictures of apartment and the moment they came in […]

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Scammed By AirBNB Host

I cannot recommend these apartments and this host. Our experience was very bad. I had told the contact person several times when I would be arriving. Upon arrival I was told it would be 2 hours before it was ready. The first weekend was extremely noisy and disturbing. There was very loud yelling and cussing […]

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Where’s the refund? No help from Airbnb!

I have been trying to get a refund for a canceled stay overseas. The host agreed to refund but my bank account was closed when I moved cross country and airbnb said it had to go to closed account. An airbnb employee gave me incorrect info and the host reduced the amount of refund because […]

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Sorry, we have no rooms available but we’ll take your money anyway

I tried to make a reservation on Airbnb and the host’s reply was “sorry, not available those dates”. But when I look at my bank account I see an “authorisation” for the amount of the reservation, which was 140€ as the reservation was for 7 days. Supposedly I will eventually get the money back but […]

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Airbnb now ring fences money on pending reservations

I used to use airbnb a couple of years or so back. I am sure they have changed the way they now treat pending reservations. Correct me if I am wrong – you used to be able to send out multiple reservation requests – someone would accept your request and then you would pay. No […]

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AIRBNB Loophole

I have made three reservations on non consecutive dates on Airbnb… the credit card was pre-approved and the reservation completed… or was it? Apparently one of the reservations did not go through, as my creditcard had gone over the limit because of the two previous transactions. However, because of the pre approval, I was now […]

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  1. Me and my boyfriend just got back from a weekend in California where we stayed in a room we booked on AirBNB.

    There were guests staying in the other rooms who seemed a bit rowdy when they arrived but we just put it down to them being excited. Unfortunately they only got louder and after having no sleep at all I was pretty pissed to say the least.

    We recorded the noise on our phones so we had evidence when we complained to AirBNB but they pretty much accused us of making it up and implying that it was us making the noise.

    What a bunch of con artists – they will tell you anything to get out of reimbursing you.

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