Airbnb Hell

Guests and Hosts BEWARE!

AirBNB has grown too big and corrupt to care about the guests and hosts it is supposed to be supporting. Read airbnb reviews and complaints here before using airbnb!

Airbnb Guest Stories

These are stories from real Airbnb Guests… renters beware!


BS company

I have never actually been a guest or host for Airbnb but I did work for the company itself. All I have to say is the employees that work for Airbnb do not get treated equally either. The resources that were available to help guests and hosts no longer exist. to sum it up the […]

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Airbnb Hostel in our house

I live in an apartment block in a now very hip part of Berlin. On the ground floor a family of four used to live in the apartment. They were pressurised by their landlord to move out because he wanted to sell the property. The new owners claimed they would move in themselves. Instead they […]

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Nasty host conundrum

Usually when a guest has a bad experience, it is because the host is a nasty and dishonest person and doesn’t treat all guests equally. This is a no-win for the guest–if you write an honest review to warn others, they will write nasty things about you. Also, airbnb customer service was absolutely unreachable, especially […]

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Airbnb stole my money!

I tried to make a first booking on Airbnb and had my reservation in Kent accepted and confirmed. Without telling me, Airbnb cancelled my booking and told the host that I was a fraudulent account and not to accept me as a guest. The host then rented out the room for my dates and it […]

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dirty apt no help from airbnb

I paid 180 for 7 nights hoping I would save money by not booking a hotel in ibiza and making my own food. When I arrived I realised the place was very dirty…the bathroom looked like it had never been cleaned! I was told I couldn’t cook meat which was no problem but the cooker […]

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Thanks for nothing, Airbnb

We had booked a flat in Barcelona last August and paid $600 for five nights. Before the Barcelona leg of our trip, we stayed in another apartment (also booked through Airbnb) in Paris for five nights, which worked out well. Prior to flying to Europe, I had communicated with the host of our apartment in […]

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Phising in Airbnb

I have been a victim of online fraud totalling 1,297 Euro whilst using your website Below I have outlined what occurred whilst using your website.On 10th February I contacted the host via the internal mail of Airbnb, the landlord of a luxury Chalet. I do not have a copy of that email as all […]

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Ban without explanation, did nothing wrong

This I received during my stay at a host’s place. booking was cancelled during stay. Host received the same message … we have no slightest clue why … We regret to inform you that, following a full review of your account, we have determined that we are unable to support your account on Airbnb. We have […]

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Unauthorized Charge on Credit Card

Two days ago, I reserved a flat through Airbnb in Makati and was going to pay for it with a Visa card. When I pressed the “Book It” button on the airbnb site, a screen came up saying that my reservation had to be approved. So I waited and was expecting to be prompted to […]

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Last Minute Cancellation

Nearly two months ago, my fiancee and I booked a beautiful apartment for a two-week stay in San Francisco. We spent a lot of time looking through listings, and found one that we thought was perfect. The host was well-reviewed, and there were many positive comments. We paid the full amount and thought we were […]

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