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These are stories from real Airbnb Guests… renters beware!

AIRBNB Loophole

I have made three reservations on non consecutive dates on Airbnb… the credit card was pre-approved and the reservation completed… or was it? Apparently one of the reservations did not go through, as my creditcard had gone over the limit because of the two previous transactions. However, because of the pre approval, I was now […]

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Major Airbnb SCAM

Dear Airbnb hell friends, This happened to us last week: NEVER, NEVER EVER BOOK ANYTHING THROUGH AIRBNB !!!!!!! PROTECT YOURSELF AND DO NOT DO IT. We were scammed in the most sophisticated way through identity theft and a hacked account of a host on The communications with the scammer cannot be distinguished from official […]

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Airbnb Outrageous Cancellation Fee

I recently had a nasty surprise that others using Airbnb should definitely know about. Last week I booked an apartment in San Francisco which was advertised at 109euros a night, which ended up being 649euros for 4 nights after all the fees (Airbnb service charge, local taxes and cleaning fee). This total amount turns out […]

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Web site

Used to be a great site, now they’re re only interested in stock options and how cool the site looks. Doesn’t help either that they have turned totally towards the property owner. If you want to rent they could care less. And will fuck you over

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It’s 2 a.m. in the morning in Sri Lanka. We booked a room in a guest house slightly east of Matara. It is an ongoing nightmare. First we were told we should have brought our own soap. Then the internet didn’t work. The bed is hard as a cement sidewalk. There is an ant’s nest […]

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Running out of propane, water, and wakened at 1:30 AM by family fight

Our first, only and LAST EVER time as a guest with AirBnB was at St John USVI the Christmas of 2014. The apartment looked nice in the pictures, but when we got there it was run down—although clean, and the location overlooking the bay was indeed awesome. The host required $50 cash to check in, […]

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unauthorized charge and airbnb won’t even tell me what I’m expected to pay for

Checking my credit card statement recently I noticed a $100 charge from airbnb. I didn’t go anywhere. I called airbnb, actually got to talk to someone, and later received an email saying that airbnb found the charge to be “legitimate”!!!! No, I did not authorize this charge. So I asked them, well, where did I […]

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I should have read this site first!!

Not an original story judging from others on this t but thought it may be worth sharing to prove they haven’t improved! I used the site last year with great success – 3 bookings on a trip to South Africa, the system in place then was the request and approval system, once you had a […]

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bed bug disaster

My sister and her friend just got bed bugs from a dirty bed at the host´s apartment. they had evidence (doctor´s approval, photos), that they have not had them before. they were thrown on the street after the host told them THEY brought the bugs – also they had no more money left because the […]

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Security breach

Warning to AirBnb users: Read my story! A few weeks ago I received an email that my AirBnB account has changed. The hackers changed the email address (i.e. userid) so I could not login. I had my credit card and drivers license and address and phone numbers, so they could adopt a kid using my […]

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  1. Me and my boyfriend just got back from a weekend in California where we stayed in a room we booked on AirBNB.

    There were guests staying in the other rooms who seemed a bit rowdy when they arrived but we just put it down to them being excited. Unfortunately they only got louder and after having no sleep at all I was pretty pissed to say the least.

    We recorded the noise on our phones so we had evidence when we complained to AirBNB but they pretty much accused us of making it up and implying that it was us making the noise.

    What a bunch of con artists – they will tell you anything to get out of reimbursing you.

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