1. This just happened to me 3/19/2022. Booked a place in the Poconos pa . Was approved for the place. Paid my deposit. An hour later I was informed it was canceled . No real reason ! I read the rules an nothing applied to me. How do they just cancel. This is the first time ever booking and not a very good experience for sure.

  2. I had a similar incident just recently. I was banned for my background check also or at least is what I assume happened. I’ve had one stay with airbnb years ago. I stayed in a treehouse. It went well. I stayed one extra night and when I left the host later emailed with a discount if I ever returned. Now I go use it again and it banned me. I emailed airbnb asking for clarification and they gave me a link refereeing to all the rules. So it could be 1 out of 100 possibilities. I tried emailing again asking for a consumer report or whatever report they used to come up with the answer and they merely stated that there would be no further support in this regard. Don’t I have a right to said information? I was arrested at one point for a criminal charge, but not charged with it. Admit a year and a half after that arrest, my record still had the arrest on there, even though they started it would be dropped. I pushed on that subject stating how it was interfering with jobs and the judge wiped all reference to said case. So either it’s the one good stay I’ve had or they saw this a long time ago before being wiped off my record. I don’t know if that’s the reason for my denial, but I would assume that if it was dropped completely, no evidence on my record can a business hold that against me? Honestly I have no idea how to move forward from here, but I noticed your post and it is similar to my incident with them. I realize you posted this only about a week ago, but has any forward progress been made? I agree with your statement regarding multiple voices. They’re should be a way for us to organize everyone that has had this happen to them. If you could please keep me updated if anything changes or any progress/ideas come to mind regarding a grouping. My email is down below. Feel free to emsil and if there’s anything I can do to help all of us t they are in the similar boat, I’ll try. Thanks.

  3. I wish I could help but Airbnb ripped me off in an entirely different way. They will never help you. Check out Airbnb competitors on this page and let everyone you know not to do business with them.

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