Airbnb Cancelled My Nonrefundable $1,600 Booking


My family and I booked an apartment in Bangkok for two weeks. I paid with my boyfriend’s credit card and checked in around midnight after I got the key from the owner. I checked everything in the apartment and found that the air conditioning in my bedroom was not working.

I reported this to the host who said he would fix it for me tomorrow. The next day my family and I left the apartment around 9:00 AM and came back again at 7:00 PM. The air conditioning in my bedroom was still not working. I contacted the host again and he told me he couldn’t fix it in one day because he had to change some motor or something.

Then I called Airbnb support. They recommended I find another place or hotel. The host agreed to refund me fully and Airbnb said I would get a refund in a few days. Ten minutes after Airbnb cancelled my booking I received an email saying I was no longer allowed to use the platform anymore due to fraud. I really didn’t understand what happened but thought I could just use Agoda or

It’s been a week and I still have not received any refund from Airbnb. I contacted support and they said my booking was still active and Airbnb would not refund any money. They said they had already paid the host and I had to contact him.

After contacting the host, he said he had received the payout but Airbnb told they would take the money from his next booking. He forwarded that email to me. If he gave me cash, I would still be missing roughly $200. Now I have no idea what should I do.

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  1. Airbnb coupons: I wanted to find some coupons towards a $6000 stay at a vacation home. I searched the web for “active coupons.” I found maybe 30 “active coupons” from 15 sites and entered the codes in the format for a coupon when making a reservation. The coupons ranged from $50.00 to 50% with everything in between. Not a single coupon worked. Primary response was “invalid.”

  2. You have to recontact Airbnb. It was a mistake of Nawarat. He forgot to cancel reservation probably. He should cancel it, with a full refund to you and indeed, the amount would be retained from future host’s gains.
    Do it ASAP

  3. I had a similar problem a few months earlier. Where Airbnb suggested I book a hotel due and then refused to reimburse me. Please email me. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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