my airbnb account has security issues and been hacked 3 times in the passing week.

I opened my airbnb account around the 15th on September, at first everything seemed great. As I compared airbnb to his competitors online, I was actually impressed, it looked easy, simple, friendly….

After our first booking the problem started:
First we found out that our account has been hacked, email address has changed, payment method has changed to bank-wire to account: XXXX-9000 – Not my account, I can’t edit or delete anything and all in perfect timing with a schedule transfer of the last guest.
So, I send an email and I call airbnb after.
They said that they will “freeze” our account, so no money transfer will occur… so I don’t get paid until they resolve it. When will it be resolved? I asked, “it’s top priority” they said, so I thank for a good service and I waited.

To make it short, It took THREE (3!) days to solve until our airbnb account security issue.
Every day waiting on the phone with them, hearing they can’t do anything, and “we are working on it”, “it’s top priority”. Only at the end of the third day, after being with them on the phone during the day, I got a call!
A nice representative named Malena called and she said she can see that I have a problem with my account , and that she will solve it. It took her 30 seconds to solve it; 30 seconds, 3 days wait.

So the money was transferred and it was going well….. for about 36 hours, when all the messages in my account where locked.
I couldn’t access any of them and my listing didn’t appear on search results. I found out about all of it by a future guest that send me a scared email about him being unable to find us on airbnb… I felt bad.
I called them again, I told them that it’s a really big deal, and that I need to know what to do. I got no answers from them, the “urgent call” service can’t do something.
They don’t have any supervisors, managers, colleagues they can transfer you to, and they can’t help.

24 hours passed before they solved the problem… and another 24 hours passed until it came back again, the same problem , again my account is shut down, the only difference is that this time, I had no one to talk to.

The airbnb representative said that this department is Not available at the moment and they can’t say when it will be resolved, they can’t even say when this department will be available again.
The only thing that they will tell you is to wait.
So I wait, I have 3 bookings starting tomorrow… don’t really know what to do anymore…

Do you have Any suggestions?
Do you know a good alternative for airbnb?


ROBBED! Airbnb posted my exact address online

I have been a happy airbnb user and host for 3 years. A few months ago I saw that the address and map my confirmed guests would see after they booked was slightly incorrect. The FAQ said to click an “edit address” button but there was no such button, it only had a link to “contact customer service”.

I sent a message to airbnb cust service telling them the address and map was incorrect and gave them the correct information. Apparently they also changed the “public address” to reveal the FULL STREET ADDRESS WITH HOUSE NUMBER which obviously I did not request. I typically use airbnb app on my phone which does not show the same information as the full site so I didn’t notice this for some time.

That is, until my house was robbed and ransacked between guests. Upon visiting my listing I was horrified to notice that the full address was visible to everyone in the world. Along with a handy dandy airbnb calendar showing exactly when the place was vacant!

I could not have revealed the street address myself as the option to edit the public address is not available. There is no where that I can change these settings myself. Why a “customer service” representative would do this is beyond my understanding! Perhaps the US based company does not understand European addresses and entered it incorrectly into the “public” system?

Watch your listings carefully or any dummy with an internet connection can easily find out when and where to strike!

Lost Earned Rent to Airbnb

I have been a host on Airbnb for 2.5 years and have 75 great reviews. Now Airbnb seems to think they can just retract my rent and put me in debt to them. Airbnb made a decision that I owe THEM money – like over $2k. They have no reason that I can tell.


I hosted two guests who acted so happy and sweet and then complained to Airbnb (made-up story with no possible evidence). Airbnb not only pulled all the rent back from me, but blocked my calendar. What?! I spent hours on the phone asking what evidence they have, how can I provide my own evidence, etc. They said they were sorry but the guest is saying they may never use Airbnb again. I said what about me, I will pull all 16 of my listings if you do this. Now they are trying to pull $2k out of my money saying I owe them. Completely Ridiculous! It is like hiring a contractor to purchase all the tools and supplies work. Then the owner makes a complaint and so EVERY penny is taken away from the contractor. No request was made. I was completely shocked there was even a problem!

Getting back at Airbnb

I recently had a horrible experience with Airbnb customer service, so I’ve decided to get back at them! Long story short, I’ve bee an airbnb host for several months but I just had some super crazy guests that were insanely loud and filthy so I asked them to leave. They refused to leave, and basically made my life a living hell for 3 weeks! I asked Airbnb for help, but they took forever to respond and were not remotely help when they did finally get back to me with a form email! Anyway, I figured out a better way, here it is:

Basically I kept my airbnb listings online, but now EVERY TIME I get a message from a potential guest, I offer them a discounted rate (remember the guests are paying about 15% MORE than you’re getting anyway due to Airbnb fees) if they’ll book privately with me in cash. This is a total win win! The guests are happy to save money, I’m happy to NOT be bound by any crazy airbnb contracts that force me to allow psycho people to stay in my house for fear of a bad review or worse, a 50% refund from airbnb!

I’m not saying this is 100% ethical, but you know what, until airbnb fixes their retarded policies, I think this is an extremely fair solution!

Host Account Hacked and NO Help from Airbnb

I started hosting a few weeks ago with Air BNB. Since then my account has been taken over by hackers, bank account details changed. I can’t login to my own account anymore. I have not received payment for my first guest who left already and I don’t know what to do about the next guest who is due Wednesday. I have called C Service every day for a week but they can’t help, only note my issues. I received one mail saying they would look into it and since then I keep getting emails that my bank account has changed, email etc again.. My account has now been closed and my listing removed from the internet. The communication from AirBNB has been atrocious, ie. leaving me hanging with no answers and not even the decency to reply to my 15 emails. I will be filing a police report and contacting my lawyer on Monday.

Airbnb SCAM!

I’ve hosted several dozen guests via Airbnb without a single complaint or bad review… until I got hit by some total scam artists and airbnb didn’t do a thing about it!

This past month I had a seemingly nice couple staying with me in my condo… I saw the couple almost every day, talked with them, even drove them to the grocery store a few times! They NEVER had even the tiniest complaint about anything having to do with me or my condo. Well guess what, the day after they moved out I got a notice from Airbnb stating that the couple claimed they saw a MOUSE in the condo and that that Airbnb policy was to give them 50% of their money back FOR THE ENTIRE 4 WEEK STAY!!! Apparently the couple sent airbnb a picture of a mouse… which I actually FOUND using a reverse search and google! I sent airbnb customer service numerous messages explaining that the incident was a huge lie and I even showed them the picture of the dead mouse the couple “saw” on another site that was posted over a year earlier! Airbnb took over a week to reply with a standard form email that simply said there policy was to supply a 50% refund. HOLY CRAP was a retarded service! See if I EVER host another airbnb guest in any of my properties as long as I live!!!

Don’t host on airbnb!!!

I rented out my home for the first (and the last) time through AirBNB earlier this year to a middle aged couple who on paper seemed legitimate.
There were only the two of them staying and they had the choice of 2 double sized bedrooms. Before they arrived a put a lock on my bedroom door because I wasn’t going to be there while they were staying and let’s be honest – I didn’t know them from a bar of soap.
So call me naive, but I assumed that a lock would be a clear indication that I didn’t want them in my room. They had two rooms to choose from, there was no need for them to go into mine.
Obviously the lock made no difference because it’s quite easy to just unscrew the hinges and take the door off! All of my personal belongings got rummaged through, my lingerie was all over the bed and sentimental jewellery items were stolen that can never be replaced.
AirBNB’s response when I reported the situation? “You shouldn’t leave your belongings out if you don’t want them tampered with”
Out? They were in my room behind a locked door! I am so beyond angry – If you’re thinking of renting your home through AirBNB – DON’T!!


After being a host on AirBNB for 3 years with fantastic reviews I’ve got to say I am truly disgusted with the way my complaint about my last guests was handled.

I came home to find all the batteries taken out of my smoke detectors and a huge burn mark in the center of my lounge room – like they had lit a campfire inside the house!
I took multiple photos and emailed them to AirBNB for evidence but since I don’t have receipts for my carpet they won’t do a damn thing.

This company doesn’t give a toss about their loyal hosts – they’ve lost me!