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I have been hosting for 7 or 8 months now and I have had about 60 sets of guests. Amongst that I have had one bad guest and one further guest that I probably wouldn’t have back. That’s a pretty good strike rate. Like anything you have to be a little savvy and learn by experience. I have made about 4 or 5000 pounds from my spare room and its been a god send. The rules of the game are simple as a host: Be the kind of person that others appreciate. Look at guests reviews and use some intuition. If you are unsure, ask questions before committing. Always remember that this is quite easy money. If you make £100 from a stay and someone breaks a couple of glasses – do the maths. Lose the maximize profit mindset. Airbnb manages 90% of the tourism industry headaches for you. I have worked in the travel industry booking travel and accommodation. This is so easy. Noone is there for ever. Handle it. I would suggest that people who cant deal with airbnb will have problems elsewhere in life.

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  1. “I have worked in the travel industry booking travel and accommodation.”

    I think you need to acknowledge that you have a little bit of a leg up in this world then. When you make statements about people using their intuition as if all people have worked extensively within this industry it sounds a bit tone deaf. If everyone had excellent intuition, scams would never work and no one would ever get ripped off or go on bad dates! What intuition do you suggest for the hosts dealing with scam artists or the guests getting ripped off by outdated/not even the real property pictures?

  2. I would suggest that you are an idiot and should not judge people you do not know. People are complaining for a reason. They did not have the same luck you did. Wait till you have a problem and you need airbnb to back you up.

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