Automated termination of service

Automated termination of service with no details or response to inquiries.
I have been a host for Airbnb for six months, all with
positive reviews. I have received no feedback that there was a problem of any kind. My account with Airbnb was terminated for no
apparent reason and with an automated email that explained only that I had “violated the terms of service.” The company
cancelled all reservations and informed the guests that the company would find them alternative arrangements. Several guests
complained to me directly and wanted to keep the reservations, which they eventually did. Several guests simply abandoned their
reservations. When I called to inquire as to what had occurred, the customer service representative stated that she didn’t know what the problem was and said, and I quote, “… I don’t know what the problem is and I would not tell you if I did know.” She refused to transfer me to a department that could provide me with an answer and stated that she would email them and they would contact me. A few days later I received the same automated email stating that I had violated the terms of service and my account has been deactivated. This one was signed Marcia B.
Again, I wrote back requesting information and asking for a way to resolve the problem and offered to pay any fees, fines or costs that the company had incurred, once I understood the problem. I received the same automated message and the company has not responded to my repeated requests to provide a specific response to my inquiry.
I view this as almost hostile; the company seems to cancel one’s ability to use the site on a whim; and then simply is non-responsive.
I’d be interested in others’ views on this subject.

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  1. My only concern is that even after they supposedly close your account it isnt truly closed and they allow guests to still leave reviews and look at your profile.

  2. Do any of you guys know if you actually violated the terms of service? Now, I am paranoid cuz I told them off recently because they do not protect the hosts and it is easy for a criminal to use your place etc, and they told me they would not communicate with me anymore. I wonder if telling them off is against the terms of service. Ever since I started reading stories on here, I have been getting all of their contact info in case they do this to me. If they do, my guests can sign up through VRBO and pay no commission.

  3. I only used Airbnb once to book a place back in Sept of 2013 for a month. My payment went through with no problem and I received an excellent review after checking out. Now I tried to log in to search for a place for an upcoming trip and got a message to email them and I could not log in. Their response is that they have deactivated my account for ‘violating the terms of service’. I haven’t even used the service for a year and a half, much less broken any rules. And they refuse to tell me exactly what it is I allegedly did. I called because I was afraid someone may have hacked my account and they STILL won’t tell me what the problem is. What the heck is wrong with these people?!

  4. Same thing here! Airbnb cancelled all my pending reservations. For me, no explanation! All they will say is a “technical difficulty”. Phone support is a front – they say they have passed along the information to the right department. And, they will get back to me in 24 to 48 hours. What good is that when I had a guest checking in in 3 days.

  5. A client of mine experiences the same troubles. First, airbnb informed that the account will be deactivated. And after three month of investigation, countless calls and emails (even talking to the manager of the customer service, who promised to call back and never did!) they just sent an ‘final’ email. In this they saying ‘terms of service’ has been violated and no more explanations will be given nor action on this matter will follow. Of course, I don’t want to leave it like this. But I would like to hear what would be a reasonable and effective way to complain/negotiate. I would be be happy for any feedback (where to go/whom to talk to etc.)

  6. Hi, I’m going through the same thing, I had 2 guests, all 100% feedback and going well, I’d invested in the flat with the intention to keep using AirBnb to make the money back and then all of a sudden the reservations stopped coming and a few weeks later I contacted AirBnb to find that my account was deactivated for violating their terms but they wont tell me anything more!

    I’ve been phoning them and agents have arranged for someone to email me, this has happened 3 times now and each time I’ve had a reply from someone called ‘Sanaz’, the emails are very short, sharp and to the point and not disclosing any information.

    It’s just going back and forth now, I’ve threatened to write a complaint and take this further, I intend to do that, so it would be good to get people who have had the same experience to help out. I just find it really disrespectful.

    Send me your comments.


  7. I had the same experience. I called so many times just trying to talk to them. I still want to use their services because it’s better than vrbo. I see you posted on bbb but doesn’t look you got any resolution. I’m surprised I’m not seeing more of these situations. I’d love to chat to see what we can do.


  8. I just went through the same thing. They couldn’t resolve an issue regarding my listing not shown system pembroke 15th. As of last night I was even discussing by way of the supervisor hunters me chinese and that represents for my listing not telling would be possible. And then I got a termination unexplained I’ve been doing this for 2 years and now I’m terminated as of this morning

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