Start Class Action Lawsuit – The People vs Airbnb, Loss of funds

Back to back proof that airbnb is corrupt and cares less about hosts. They should be sued for stealing hosts money. As far as I’m concerned without protection for own livelihood aka NO HOST protection on airbnb terms; thereby, using their site is a gamble at best. Be prepared to pay full rent for guests who bail or cancel. Is it that hard to imagine fake guests who never check-in, find a reason to find you in violation, then airbnb gets their fee no matter what. Imagine this corporate fraud on a global scale. CAUTION: Airbnb sides with guests, everytime regardless of their violations to hosts or policies since they bring the money. So airbnb sees it as lets not make the money mad but screw the hosts who take the chance and lose rent since the calendar is blocked or too late for anyone else on airbnb to have interest in the listing on time not to lose money. You will in turn pay rent to landlord or your mortgage thinking you have a booking then they cancel before showing up.

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  1. Air BNB is offering full refunds to customers like me who qualify under their new coronavirus rules but when I went to cancel and collect they will only give me a credit. I just read a CNBC and Bloomberg article that Air BNB is denying refunds who qualify while publicly stating they are offering refunds. The customers should start their own class action suit against Air BNB.

    • Steven,
      I have the same issue. Below is what appears on their website:

      “Extenuating circumstances policy and the coronavirus (COVID-19)
      Updated April 9, 2020

      On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of coronavirus, known as COVID-19, to be a global pandemic. Since then, the outbreak has evolved rapidly with governments around the world taking swift action to slow the spread of COVID-19.

      In response, we are providing the following coverage for COVID-19 under our extenuating circumstances policy to help protect our community and provide peace of mind. Please monitor this page for updates about coverage.

      Tip: If you’re a guest, you can find cancellation and refund options by going to the Trips page and choosing your trip—find out how. If you’re a host, you’ll find information in your hosting dashboard.

      Reservations for stays and Airbnb Experiences made on or before March 14, 2020, with a check-in date between March 14, 2020 and May 31, 2020, are covered by the policy and may be canceled before check-in. Guests who cancel will have a variety of cancellation and refund options, and hosts can cancel without charge or impact to their Superhost status. Airbnb will either refund, or issue travel credit that includes, all service fees for covered cancellations. In order to cancel under the policy, you will be required to attest to the facts of and/or provide supporting documentation for your extenuating circumstance.

      The host’s cancellation policy will apply as usual to reservations made after March 14, 2020.

      Cancellations will be handled according to the extenuating circumstances coverage in effect at the time of submission, and reservations that were already canceled will not be reconsidered.

      If a reservation has already begun (the check-in has passed) this extenuating circumstance does not apply.

      Different policies apply for domestic reservations in mainland China and for Luxe or Luxury Retreats reservations.

      What reservations are covered
      Reservations made on or before March 14, 2020
      Reservations for stays and Airbnb Experiences made on or before March 14, 2020, with a check-in date between March 14, 2020 and May 31, 2020, may be canceled before check-in. This means that guests who cancel will receive, at their option, travel credit or a full cash refund, hosts can cancel without charge or impact to their Superhost status, and Airbnb will either refund, or issue travel credit in an amount that includes, all service fees.

      Reservations for stays and Airbnb Experiences made on or before March 14, 2020, with a check-in date after May 31, 2020, are not currently covered for COVID-19 related extenuating circumstances. The host’s cancellation policy will apply as usual.

      If a reservation has already begun (the check-in has passed) this extenuating circumstance does not apply.”

      i’m in consultation with a law firm about filing a class-action lawsuit.

      • Dean, if you are contemplating filing a class action lawsuit against AirBNB, I would like to be a part of that lawsuit, and in fact, help with discovery in such an action. I am a “super host” who has not been paid money due and promised by AirBNB. My contact information is you, Kitty

      • Hello Dean,

        I a also interested in joining your class action lawsuit. I am a superhost in Spain and have had cancellations against my ¨strict¨ cancellation policy with little and also no compensation. The last cancellation was made just last week by a Spanish person living in Spain for a stay planned for the end of June. This cancellation has nothing to do with persons not being able to travel due to airline restriction as the person could drive to our apartments.
        Compounding the unfairness, our president has announced that nationals (Spanish) can travel beginning the month of June and international visitors en July. This cancellation should never have been allowed.
        After calling the Airbnb service line, I find out that the refund policy has been extended from the 31 of May to the 30th of June, without any logical reason.
        Let me know what info you would need. We have, or rather had, 5 vacation apartments with Airbnb and the impact has been tremendous. With other well known platforms, these types of inconsistant and erratic policy modifications have not occured and all of our clients were understanding and were willing to change the dates.

  2. In December 2019, I secured an Airbnb property in Anaheim, CA, paying a total of $214.51 for the two-bedroom condo.

    I was given a confirmation code and assurances the property would be ours Jan. 15-16. I never received information about how to obtain a key, directions to the property, instructions about where to park my vehicle, etc.

    The property was listed in the name of “Lyon,” a female, who told via Airbnb contact on Jan. 15 that her “agent” would be in contact with me. No contact occurred until I and my son contacted Airbnb. It was only after this that we read all the reviews of this place and found others had problems with the property for the very same reasons.

    Airbnb considers the matter resolved, because “Eric,” the agent, phoned me. He put the blame on me that I would not show up at the property. But he never told me that was what I was to do. Airbnb has taken his side. The company considers the matter resolved, so the company appears to support theft and breach of contract.

    I would like for my money to be refunded, or at least charge me a fee similar to what stores charge customers for returning products. I cannot get in touch with Airbnb to protest this.

  3. I booked a loft through AirBnB for $750+ USA dollars with itinerary from March to August 2019. I was unhappy the twenty-three days staying there do to constant interruptions. The host popped in unannounced to tell me to watch how I tip waiters in the lobby restaurant (I tip much more than 15%) because people may take advantage of me. (I don’t know this man well enough for him to pop up and talk to me about how I should spend my money) I asked the host if he knew about the shower head shooting water to back shower wall causing a hole and peeling away of wall. They looked at it and said they didn’t see it before. He asked if he could send someone to fix it. The fixer never showed up and the problem is getting worse.
    Once in a while there would be a bill or a notice slipped under the door. The notice was taken to the receptionist. She explained that she had already notified the host. I sent him a message through Airbnb and let him know that he had a bill. He and his wife came for the bill after he returned from his beach vacation. While on his beach vacation he sent me a picture of him walking along the sand. I was not dressed and was preparing to go out so when he knocked on the door I slipped the bill through the door and told him I was getting dressed . He loudly said “bye”harshly. A female security guard who works in the building approached me and asked if she could clean the loft for me and charge me 300 pesos per week. She said the hosts’ wife had instructed her to ask me.She stated she needed the money. I gave her 300 pesos and told her that I was a minister and I could not take her services and pay her when she’s in need. I had made it clear to the host and his wife the day I moved in that I would clean this place myself because it’s too small to even worry about paying someone to do it. I encountered other problems so I requested to the host and Airbnb to shorten my stay.
    My request to shorten my stay was accepted immediately and a updated receipt was sent to my email. The receipt showed the initial booking date of March 5, 2019 and how much I paid and at the bottom was the amount that would be due which was $1342 and the date of April 5th which the money will be taken from my bank account. It also showed the end of my stay date(move out date.) as May 2, 2019. The following morning, March 28th my bank account was in big trouble. Airbnb took out $740 from my account on March 27th, without my authorization or awareness the same day I changed my itinerary.
    They gave it to the host. Within nine days the host would receive $2,083. I begged them to give the $740.00 back so I could survive. It put me in hardship status. I had no means to buy food, water, or pay a deposit on my next rental. I am a senior citizen, alone, and a foreigner. I suffered from chest pains and cried two days. I asked them why they did not show the amount that they took from my account in the updated receipt so I would be aware. I got no answer other than that it is policy and one person said it was computer generated.
    Two thousand dollars taken from me in a week. I can’t go into my application Airbnb unless I agree or disagree with the policy that pops up. When I close the application out prior to closing a pop up appears and says if I disagree I would no longer be able to use Airbnb application. I did not agree or disagree. I cannot sign into the application anymore. This has disturbed my health and it has been a nightmare.Call Airbnb before you cancel or shorten itinerary. I no longer trust this company and I fear them.
    My bank agrees that it was an unauthorized transaction. Airbnb did not help me. I will never deal with Airbnb again.

  4. AirBnB have not paid me since 2017 and after all my enquiries to date: they can’t seem to come back to me with any reasonable justification as to why I have not been paid: despite sending them copies of my bank account showing NO PAYMENTS from them for the period in Q. I have great reviews so far and just everyone visiting my accommodation has been a pleasure to have stay.

  5. OP, is this a serious post or were you just venting? If it is a serious post, please contact the hosts that have posted on this message and begin the class action lawsuit filing. I will be joining if this is a serious thread.

    I am a Superhost with Airbnb and am shocked at how miserable their Host guarantee is, enough so that I’m shutting down my listing while I’m still ahead and don’t lose money on damages in the future now knowing that Airbnb has no intentions of ever honoring that Host Guarantee.

  6. Hi, I am from Bali Indonesia and I am a host.
    Airbnb had made mistakes by sending my co host double payments and then make me pay for it with their “Adjustment” and they held one month worth of booking and never sent to me.
    Every time I call their support team, they will say they will escalate it but then they close the case on me and I have to do it again and again and never get resolved.

    They charged me for their mistakes!!!

  7. I want to join as a guest being scammed by a host “
    Howard from Fort Lauderdale .
    I more than agree. The Host is sterling over $2000 from me and no answer from Airbnb at all . A “dedicated case manager “ Jeanette is just a waste of Time and a way to make time thinking you can “forget “ or maybe settle for much less . This must be a scam where both the company Airbnb and some hosts must be running together on a regular basis .
    The host in my case is a Howard in Fort Lauderdale saying “ be free to cancel “ and then keeping over 50% of the few paid all in a process of 5 minutes between the moment I made the payment and the moment “ Howard “ from Fort Lauderdale accepted the payment . I was a first time user coming from a difficult situation that a host had just canceled a rented property ( still waiting for a refund on that too) and needed a house ASAP . I explained it to Howard and after he agreed that I needed more than 2 beds for 7 people ( his information said sleeps “UP TO 16”… he then claims that because of the 5 minutes when my transaction occurred between booking , texting and canceling as per his request is now going to cost me over $2000 right before Xmas .


  8. We as hosts need class A lawsuit against Airbnb.

    I never got a penny out of “Airbnb Resolution” claims (about 20 of them. I manage few Airbnb home). One of the calim was over $3000 in damage. Since Airbnb is not paying, I never bother to clain another resolution cases even if there was a damage by guests.

    Guests lie and they get free stay at the property. ” There was a cobwebs at the property” told by the guest where there was no cobweb. More than thousand dollars are not paid. Airbnb agent did not have any proofs from the guest but just hearsay. The guest stayed at the preoprty few more days after the cancellation. I gave the proofs against 6 lies form the guests, Airbnb agen still say sorry guest said there was cobwebs. I ask her to give me a proof that there was a conweb. She does not answer and that was the end of case.

    We all should figure out some solution to go against this tyrany of Airbnb’s behavior.
    Let us Rise, hosts !

  9. Tonight, September 25th, 2017 at 1:35am EDT, we received word from Airbnb that they were shutting us down and we would no longer be allowed to be one of their hosts. After 4,868 guests across over 660 reservations, with nearly 500 overwhelmingly positive reviews, fielding hundreds of evacuee inquiries that turned into our sheltering dozens of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Matthew evacuees and while on track for Superhost Status at the October 1st, 2017 quarterly review this destination which was the most popular Airbnb destination in this region was rewarded with the shared economy equivalent of an order of demolition. Most companies would look at these numbers and take a less controversial approach like a gold watch, a trip or a testimonial dinner. The news came via a case manager email from a rank and file employee who never bothered to call or even adhere to the same sense of urgency he placed upon us. You see, we were told days ago that we had 72 hours to respond to a guest review as the content of that review was found to be a cause for concern. We immediately responded with a pledge to work with the case manager and then asked for a copy of the review in question so we could properly respond. We received no response to that request and repeated it several times more. In the end, we were never given the review to which we were ordered to respond. Ever resourceful, we read between the lines and determined the allegation concerned something we might have been told about before. Having never received an official warning of any kind during our just over 36 months of hosting, Left with no other choice, we made a guess at identifying the two most likely possibilities then set about building a hypothetical ‘straw man’ for each systematically built arguments to refute them. We sent that finished response within 24 hours of the first email. Over a day went by before our urgent response was even acknowledged. With that acknowledgement came a request for further cooperation and a promise of a ‘final decision’ within 48 hours. This rankled us as this is not our first experience where arbitration decisions were made without a proper opportunity or window to provide a full vetting of essential facts in the case. We were already well aware that we had been blocked from receiving new reservations. Our inquiry stream is such that potential guests told us within minutes.

    Exactly two hours ago (it’s now 3:35am), that decision was handed down by the omnipotent case manager and final arbiter whom we were told actually chose to place him or her self on this case (we observed that the signature of these emails was ‘Jun’, though our customer service rep refused when asked, to identify the gender of the case manager even if only for ease of pronoun use. Still. we note here that according to the “Baby Name Guesser” at, that the likelihood the case manager was female is said to be 1.42 times greater than male), in all things… ambiguity…once again, in the wee, small hours of the morning, like a thief in the night, the case manager struck with brief prose devoid of emotion to inform us that Airbnb had in fact, decided that it was shutting down our host account, cancelling all of our reservations, refunding all future guest payments and shutting down all access for this host. The reason cited? The still unspecified comments made in an out of policy guest review that should never been allowed as the guest had never finished the check in process as she never received the keys. The review was allowed even though she was allowed to execute an after the fact, cancellation which was another move outside of standard policy.
    . The guest arrived with her boyfriend and was on the property for approximately 18 minutes of which we spent the first five minutes with the guest and her boyfriend taking them on our carefully scripted five minute ‘orientation and safety tour’. We were never alone with this guest. At the end of the tour we showed the guest and her boyfriend to their room and told them we would return after turning over the laundry and retrieving the key. When we returned to deliver that key without explanation they were gone.

    This young guest, appeared to be a first time user who had literally just signed up this month as a new Airbnb member and had no reviews. Still, give her credit as she must have dreamed up some pretty toxic allegations to cause the burning of our vocational house of dreams right to the ground. Or, was she just a plant and the whole thing a ruse with the intent to paper over a strategic host execution as part of a pre-IPO house cleaning?

    The charges she made are still unknown to us but judging from the lack of response from so many other stellar hosts who have met the same fate in recent months, we imagine this will remain so. We are now left to pick up the pieces having to guess what she might have said or whether it really matters anyway. In retrospect, both the reason and the 72 hours seem to us inconsequential, as Airbnb began to instantly block our stream of incoming reservations immediately after that first email over 72 hours ago. We are sure the same will be true on the day Jun is terminated as well and so it goes. That’s how our modern business ‘ community’ works these days. I guess we were silly to have believed this might be different. The ‘ultimate decision’ was the axiomatic cart in this game where we and our hypothetical defense were the unwitting horse. Still, for the last couple of hours before dawn, we are Airbnb’s most popular host destination in this region and on track for another Super Host award designation. As the sun rises, we will cease to exist in their world. Still, the dawn brings new horizons and together we have more dreams to dream. Oh and if you are looking for a review of this guest/host experience, try this: “If you are looking for hospitality, you are loath to find it here”.

  10. I,m not a lawyer but per your contract with Airbnb that you signed states that you agree to not sue airbnb.

    You have to take your concerns to arbitration.

    It is what it is, when you make deal with the devil you have to expect their will be some problems.

    Please let us know about your experience with Airbnb arbitration turns out, if it even exists.

    Rather than a class action suit which is not allowed per contract. Everyone should ask for arbitration.

    Who knows.mass quantitys of unresolved requests for arbitration may Get the bean counters attention . It might even delay their IPO.

  11. I would like to join the class action lawsuit. I was a host to a relative of an investor at Airbnb, a celebrity no less. I scheduled a time with the Guest to show the property to a perspective guest through VRBO. When I arrived I found that the Guests had been smoking on the property and by the odor inside as well. Airbnb offered no protection through the resolution center. I even clearly state in my House Rules that the security deposit will not be refunded if the Guest violates any of the rules. They will not honor estimates for cleaning. They protect the Guests who break the rules and damage properties and do nothing to protect the hosts who provide them with the listings and suffer damages.
    Airbnb should not be able to be in business.

  12. What about the guests? I know someone who booked (and paid IN FULL upfront) for a room for over 20 days when relocating, only to have an unexpected emergency come up within two days of arrival. Airbnb refused to refund ANY portion because host was listed as “strict” reservation and cancellation was not made at least 5 ?? days prior to arrival. I can see a couple days of a penalty, but come on! Over 20???? There should be a cap on the penalty!!

  13. Airbnb should be held to the highest standards as it relates to addressing issues with guests damaging property and the host being paid through the host guarantee in a timely manner. When they (airbnb) have to pay because their guest has damaged your property they drag their feet and give the host the run-around causing the host addtional loss of income and potential guests.
    My idea is that they honor the host guarantee that they through around in conversation. Simple idea!

  14. I want to join this class action lawsuit. Please forward the contact info of the law firm who is handling this lawsuit. Please text me their phone number. My number 1-440-638-9632. I m So Sick n Tired of Airbnb abuse of hosts n their assistance to the abusive guests!

  15. I would like to join this lawsuit. I am a guest, and I was looking to rent an apt in Copenhagen through their platform, I got in touch with a host, which was a fake host. His listing, picture, name were fake. He said he needed to book manually for me on his calendar because it was not up to date. Also he said he could send additional pictures. So I contacted him via his email, and he sent me airbnb confirmation number and page that looked like it came from airbnb. Then on this page, there was a request to wire $1,850 to airbnb account holding in the Uk. At this point, I felt something was strange, so I tried to call airbnb, but there is NO contact number on the guest page to contact them. You have to do a Google search to find their phone number. So I thought maybe I am not supposed to contact them. If they had a tel number, this scam would not have happened! also, they should have a flashing banner saying “DO NOT PAY OUTSIDE OF THIS PLATFORM” – basically, I wanted that apartment and I wired the money. After the money was received, the scammer stopped responding to my emails. I reported the fraud to banks, police, FBI, airbnb. Airbnb don’t want to have anything to do with it. I feel they are responsible, the scammers are on their site, they should control who is there, and if it’s a legitimate posting or not.
    I would like information on this lawsuit.

  16. I would like information on this lawsuit. Airbnb has repeatedly adjusted the price of my listings in favor of the guests. Totally removing the cleaning fees. The multiple guest fee. And just now refunded a guest with a bogus story.

  17. I’m in! I’m a host – and most likely stopping this on their site. I had my sister come home after surgery and needed my first floor ADA room. I had to cancel three reservations and was charged a total of $200 for these cancellations when their site specifically states that a host can cancel due to sickness, death, a family situation, etc. They have violated their own terms. I’m a fully licensed B & B and I had to send two other guests to other establishments because of this same situation. This is not an option with Airbnb.

  18. I got scammed by a bunch of criminals that had a fake listing posted on airbnb. Airbnb says that I am the one who has been so stupid to deal outside of their platform. My point of view is that I did that based on information I found in one of their listings. Since they did not do a proper check on their listings in the first place they have been facilitating criminals to scam normal people that were willing to book their holiday through their platform. A disgrace, will never use their website again!! Anyone that wants to sue them can count on me as well.

    • HI, I just went trough the same story, and got scammed with a property in Dubai.. AB&B denies any responsibility, however I got engaged by these criminals inside AB&B site, signed with my Id, they were official hosts for more than 9 months. After several discussions with them they said.. we Recommend to use our platform to do the transactions, therefore if they “Recommend” that means that they are open to use other ways to do the transactions, reason why i did not suspect when I received an “Official” mail from AB&B requesting to do a wire transfer..

      Let me know if you move ahead with the sue..

  19. Im in..
    Ive basically already told airbnb that I want their legal info.. next Ill probably be banned from the site.. I have had 3 bookings in a row with refunds given and no due process given to me as a host.. one where they opened and closed a case within 27 minutes in early morning while I was sleeping and didnt even know there were any issues with a guest or have my right to cure and remedy if complaint was legit and not simply fraud to cancel and get refunded by guests.. much for their detailed 72 hour decision making policy

    airbnb claim they are for hosts as started by a host but its all about guests as they are the ones that airbnb is making the most money from.. I def will be talking to lawyer or even simply take them to small claims court in New York State who basically hate them already

  20. I am starting this lawsuit. speaking to an attorney tonight.

    I have had ALL of your experiences combined in the time I was listed with airbnb. Finally, after guests had a baby while in my residence, scammed airbnb to get their stay for free (for the nights they cancelled), tried to get me to assist in naturalization for their new baby) and used my address illegally to help them in their attempt to receive free medical care as immigrants, I cancelled my hosting with airbnb. This is only after airbnb afforded NO help to me while insisting that I facilitate these errant guests. AND THE LIST GOES ON……

    Let me know who is interested. I’m speaking with my attorney tonight at 7p EST.

    • Danielle I’m in. I got hit twice. Two occasions of smokers trashed my house with tobacco burns and drugs and gum. followed the resolution steps and the host guarantee with no success, lots of documentation, calls, emails and headaches. What’s the next step?

    • Looks like Airbnb has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. I see two categories of annoyed folks here – Guests and hosts. I am an annoyed guest. If someone has spoke to a lawyer, can they get inputs on how these two categories need to be handled? As a guest, i stayed in a shithole in NY ! I wrote to them and asked for a refund. No response. Im ready to go legal but Strength in Numbers would be great since I’m not alone. Let nail these guys !

    • Any updates? Is this still going on? I (host) was robbed in November . Over 42k was taken, everything nice that was locked behind my locked dead-bolt closet.

    • I went through the exact same thing. Super hosts, beautiful B&B, close to 200 glowing reviews and shut down because a first time host calling ABB with accusations that kept changing…. We were stunned for a whole 30 days then quickly bounced back and listed with where we are making more money with less hassle. I want to join this class action!

  21. Following…bad customer service on their part. Guest lied & stole all in order to avoid paying and now I’m kicked off as well as out what the guest took.

  22. Whatever happened with this? I’m all for suing Not only have they allowed a last minute cancellation (month long) without providing any proof that the renter had any emergency issue(s) (I have a strict policy) they also screwed us on a rental that we rented that wasn’t even cleaned when we arrived. Ready for a multi-million/billion dollar lawsuit to begin. Who’s in?

  23. I will like to be part of the class action against airbnb
    I rented a studio in Paris, and before a finished my paid 21 days, they try to throw out of the studio, with out not reason.

  24. Continuously being discriminated with Airbnb host stating “I’m out of town” or “the place has been booked already” while the calendar days remain open… Unacceptable. I’ve rented before, and have a good review from it. Disappointed to the max

  25. We should all get off Airbnb, maybe for people or are renting just a room, then maybe because you are there you can watch your home better, or they will not trash your home. For people renting single family homes or condo stay far away from Airbnb.

    There are better sites to list on like VRBO, Home Away or Vacation Home Rentals. That where I get all my business

    Airbnb Sucks and they should be put out of business

  26. Almost every vacation renta company in LA will join. We built their market and when the city wanted them to pay taxes- they eliminated all rentals from their site, literally cancelling all future reservations In a single day. This professional mangers in a bind. They said “they were only a home sharing site” BULL!!!

  27. I would join your class action suit in a minute having had almost 150 guests come into my house through the Airbnb platform only to suddenly have my account cancelled without notice and without explanation. Despite the fact that we had over whelmingly positive reviews from guests from all over the world staying at our house. Airbnb claimed that there was a violation but no specifics as to what the violation was; Then they claim that there was a technical problem with the account without giving any details. Then they just said that our place does not fit there brand! Well we had more than 100 guest love the space and we represented Air bnb very well. This type of arbitrariness and capriciousness is both unAmerican and unlawful. We all have detrimentally relied on a presumed customary business etiquette which has been woefully lacking on the part of Air bnb. I found out that there are more than 429 Better Business Bureau complaints with this company many of which include some of the same claims of breaches of contract breaches of trust. Would somebody do something about this situation already let’s stop talking in this get to class actions.

    • I had my condo delisted and all my booking cancelled because I got injured falling down the stairs of another host home. They claimed the reason was I has not filled out an insurance claim (not true) . I loss over 12000 $ in booking instantly including a poor lady stuck w/ no place to stay due to Airbnb cancelling the day of her arrival. They convinced her not to stay at my place an I assumed found her another place. They also made it look like I cancelled all the and charged me 100$/ concellation. I have all well documented w/ voice males, Emails ETC. What it is , is international workers who are not familiar w/ USA laws are delisting people for not reason because they can and do not care about the consequences. Airbnb needs to be held responsible for allowing this to happen! Please get in contact w/ me through the owner of this site. Lets get the ball rolling. Thanks

  28. I am in with a class action suit against Airbnb. The location of a place I tried to rent was listed as another location. When I made the discovery I cancelled with 72 hours of requesting to rent. I have reached out to Airbnb to point out their flawed information about the rental. They refuse to return my money. How can they do business’s like this.?

  29. First, of all–in regards to the original poster–I thought that Airbnb had a way to change your cancellation fee so that it charged guests who bailed out at the last minute. Second of all, I don’t think it’s wise to depend on Airbnb for your second housemate/rent. You ought to either find a smaller place that you can afford, be looking for a full-time sub-renter in the meantime, or increase the price per night. Just my two cents.

    • Airbnb actually has a selection of options for the cancellation policy, the most lenient gives a full refund up to a day ahead and the most strict offers no refunds, personally I go with the “Moderate” refund policy which gives a full refund up to 5 days before the reservation and a partial refund inside that period.

  30. Watch out!. I am a host and Airbnb just cancelled all of my pending reservations! Yes! ALL of them. no warning. When I called they said there was a “technical difficulty with my account and they would get back to me in 24 to 48 hours”. I have over $5000 in pending reservations. (I guess I HAD $5000 in pending reservations as I have ZERO now). The first was scheduled to check in 3 days from now. When they cancelled they blocked my contact with these guests so I can’t even contact them to ask them to wait. Airbnb support – 24 hours for an “urgent” issue. They said they had no way to contact these guests either. BAD BAD BAD

  31. I would be happy too to join such a lawsuit. After raising a claim in 10 days there was no communication from them. I needed permission to fix the damages caused by negligent guest, flooding and drain blocking in the believe that someone would look at my claim. Claim was rejected and I had to stay with the whole house messed up until the claim was rejected. So 2 things bad about them:
    1 they don’t care to help you if you in distress due to their type of business
    2 their million dollar host guarantee is absolutely crap, you are by your self

  32. I would be happy to join such a lawsuit. I had a very bad difficuly with a fraudulent couple who intentionally gave airbnb false information about my listing. They took a photo of a storage room and claimed it is the main bathroom, some pictures they claimed to show safety risks. Worst of all, the woman guest claimed I told her she will be raped in my neighborhood. How would anyone say something like that to any woman. Of course they believed her, never bothered to check my version and never payed me.
    It is in complete contradiction to their own policies, claiming they must bring guest’s concerns to the host beofre making any decision.
    I believe legally there should be a case. Is anyone here from America? Anyone has the knowledge and means to pursue a class action lawsuit?

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