Robbery and no help from Airbnb

I had two guests visiting who informed me that they wanted to leave at 4 am. I said OK, I asked them to leave the keys on a table and I didn’t come to let them out because it was really early. I did that many times with other guests before. So those girls forgot to close the door when they left, someone was passing by, saw the house empty with doors wide open and robbed my house. I have tried to contact Airbnb 4 times, sent them 4 emails requesting at least a full name of the guest that I could fill the police report… They didn’t bother to respond any of my emails. And it would be impossible to get refund from Airbnb because of their tricky terms and conditions (you can find a lot information on that in other posts around the internet). I wish that Airbnb alternatives woud become stronger, I would change immediately.

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  1. A tip: better when you guys take a photo about the guest ID-s, of course with their permission with a simple phone.
    You can communicate this method on your airbnb or whatever profile. So troublemakers will be avoid your place hopefully.

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