They LOOT Hosts

We are a host that have several properties with them (more than 45). We have 5 star reviews and have always taken care of the guests. Once a fraud couple who just wanted to spend the night (as they were not getting anything else) stayed and next day just moved out without telling anyone.

After 1 day we got a mail from airbnb center and after all our feedback and good reviews they did not pay us.

they suck big time!!!

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  1. This is an absolute joke. If you want to compare with a company which really does LOOT HOSTS …try I have to pay 15%, plus 2.75% card commission, plus do all the admin myself. Airbnb charges me 3% and does all the admin.

  2. You have 45 properties, you are using a service that takes away most of your headaches and you are complaining????

    I am afraid i have very little sympathy.

    Leave airbnb and manage these properties yourself. See how you get on, see how your MASSIVE profits decline.

    I am astounded by your attitude. You are clearly very wealthy and that just isnt enough is it?

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