Don’t use airbnb airbnb will kick you out

I was using airbnb system as a host and many people came to my house through airbnb and they liked it also. Very few people had complaining about my place but most was them said it’s great. SO I was developing my place putting a lot of money to fix my facility and effort

BUT!!! one day all of my account has been deleted without any warning.

I called airbnb what happen and they didn’t know what happened also
I was waiting more than 10days, and they give me a feed back that their system doesn’t fit to my house. That was the reason to erase my lists.

My reservation was over 10,000 dollar who were gonna come but they canceled everything.

They don’t know how to care their host. We should get together to against airbnb in order to get our effort back.

I am so pissed off because of the airbnb.

if anyone wants to contact me you guys can contact to this email

Please don’t be a victim

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