I had a man from Los Angeles, named KYLE XANDER HENDERSON stay in my apartment and we confirmed back and forth through email on a certain amount of money for the stay ($760 to be exact). For some horrible reason the reservation was booked for $150 total for 5 nights in NYC, not $150 a night. When I realized this error Xander was already enroute to NYC and I explained to him the issue. He promised me he would accept the price change so that I would be paid $760. He confirmed several times with me he would pay me and I have text/emails to prove it. The following day still nothing confirming he accepted my alteration on price and he started to ignore me. Sure enough day 5 comes and this jerk still hasn’t paid me or accepted my price change. I texted and called him every day and still nothing. He left on the 5th day never paid me and I came home to find my brand new hardwood floors completely destroyed. I immediately contacted Airbnb and after literally 45 Calls to them and hours of waiting, no one will help me. I did get a call from them but its back and forth rhetoric. NO ONE WILL HELP ME! Anyone who reads the conversation between me and Xander can see this guy screwed me royally on the price. He strung me along, never paid me when I trusted he would and then left my apartment a mess. AIRBNB doesn’t care about their host or anyone. Because I didn’t have a large deposit on my place, I am most likely unable to get any money. I thought the whole point people use AIRBNB is because we are backed by their 1 million dollar guarantee insurance. I am in shock AIRBNB has screwed me so much and I do believe in karma and I hope KYLE XANDER HENDERSON gets what he deserves.

Worse experience ever

My first hosts cancelled on me a few days before arrival when I only wanted to change the day of arrival and kept $400 airbnb refunded that. The next host which I had to find in a hurry because of first hosts incompetence was nothing short of a con woman. She wanted me to pay out side airbnb which I reluctantly agreed to. I paid her $180 for two nights and I was taken to what can only be described as a hell hole which stunk of dog..It was a dirty untidy thread bare flat in social housing block in Hermossa beach with two big stinking dogs. She looked like a homeless woman all her clothers were creased and clearly she had no interested in her appearance. Her car was an English mini with wing missing and back cut off and looked like a skip on wheels in side of it, with no silencer on it, very classy. My bag was put in the back with the dogs and it was being rained on. Her name is Aparna Hermossa beach. We arrived there and I ate my takeaway and then decided to leave as the host had gone out to pay poker after dropping me there and left me with the two dogs , which I knew nothing of the temperament of. I left and I am still awaiting the repayment of my $180 dollars of which I have been given the run around trying to get it back. The third host, was an equally untidy house in a run down area player del rey and on the flight path from the airport so I had to listen to planes taking off every 1 minute of the day and night. I thought I had booked Marina del rey area but that was my mistake. The house was full of dog hair and the kitchen looked like it hadn’t been cleaned for months. My room was nice but the bed wasn’t made and the bedding was dumped on it and still wet, so I had to dry it and then make my own bed. The host was nice to begin with, but I have never met any one so noisy, he shouted instead of spoke and had the tv on until all hours of the morning on high level watching basket ball and it sounded like it was in my room as the house was open plan. As if this wasn’t bad enough he was up at 6 making more noise every day talking loudly as if no one was staying in the house.. Sorry but I was bought up with manners and respect for others and I seriously can not ever imagine behaving in such a way even if a relative was staying let alone a paying guest. On the 5th night of the sleep deprivation when being woken at 2.30 in the morning by him and his friend coming in drunk and watching tv on cinema sound level, I had enough and told him what I thought. He has kept one night of my money clearly because like most people on the site they have no money and prey on unsuspecting people to pay their mortgage they cant afford. This host was Hythum in Payer del mar so avoid!!.. He is an asshole and a sex pest to go with it. He is unfit to host anyone he can barely look after his dog properly!.. I am now with a nice family in Melrose and so far they seem lovely so I will start my holiday from the 9th day of arriving and hope for the best..


Rented a house in Laurel Canyon on airbnb 3 weeks in advance of trip. Evening of trip had not received address of property from home owner. Sent 2 texts and left 3 voicemails. His response took hours. He responded with slight disdain “…the address is shown in the listing…” An hour later he realized he had given me the wrong address. He texted correct address and revised check in time. I asked if we could drop our things off an hour earlier than the 4 PM check in time (we had traveled from NYC with our 3 year old. He said yes. We arrived at the address about 50 minutes before check in time. The exterior of the house was a mess, junk everywhere, large bags of dog food, dirty laundry, old plastic bottles, towels, etc. Nothing was neat or organized around the house. Bad sign number one. Entered the house to find 3 housekeepers doing a very superficial cleaning job in a slow casual way and a handyman with a paint can, other supplies he was using spread around the house. Host was there and seemed unpleasantly surprised to encounter us. The pool was dirty with debris floating on the top, there were cigarette butts and remains of joints on the tiny concrete area around the pool. The cheap pool chairs were rusted and filthy. There was a large ceramic ashtray that looked like it hadn’t been wiped clean in months. The host left, we left and drove around for 45 minutes. We returned at 4 PM. House didn’t look any cleaner. Handyman still working (when not chatting with his girlfriend who had now arrived.) Cleaning crew and housekeepers left at 5:15. Our toddler walks around the house in her socks. Socks are black on the bottom in 2 minutes, pool is still gross, surfaces of house appear to be sort of wiped clean, but nothing feels clean, dead bugs in the shower, lamps don’t work in 2nd bedroom, sheets in master b/r don’t smell clean, ants are everywhere, bedroom tv doesn’t work, upholstery is filthy, living room tv works only after messing around with cables, etc. We call host and complain of dirty house. He sends cleaning crew back who don’t really know the difference between clean and dirty and don’t know what to do. They mop (with water) and leave. Pool guy comes and says pool is clean, but looks dirty “don’t worry.” There are floor to ceiling windows in master bedroom, no curtains, no shades, We stay 2 of 4 paid days and tell host we want a refund for remaining days. House is truly filthy dirty. He fights and ultimately agrees to refund of 2 days as long as we give our word not to post a review on airbnb. Feeling we had no recourse we agreed. I will NEVER use airbnb again. Probably a coincidence, but my daughter and I were both ill for the next two days. Laurel Canyon guy-you’re a jerk and your house is disgusting!

AirBnB has no soul… caution

I had a guest who kept extending their stay. One month became two, two became three, and then he wanted to deal directly with me for a lower rate. I said it is what it is. I really bent over backward to help this guy who I found out later was cruising from airbnb to airbnb… After no complaints during his stay I left a nice review. After I reviewed him he left a defamatory review that AirBnB refuses to remove, even though it is against their own review policy. After getting nowhere with “Clementine” I discovered there was no way to escalate up the chain of command. So I left a comment to the review that warned hosts that this occurred to me.. Surprise ! now the listing is blocked. Apparently AirBnB can’t take their own medicine LOL CAUTION ! If your a Host count on AirBnB to put a knife in your back. Something better will come along than AirBnB thankfully. People rented and BnB’s existed for centuries before AirBnB came along, and it will continue after AirBnB is long forgotten.

Misogynist Host

The keys to the apartment didn’t work, the host extorted an additional night’s payment in cash (by claiming it was a “tourist tax” & threatening to claim we made damage to the apartment if we didn’t pay), made extremely rude & sexist comments, sent assistants to harass us late at night, claimed that I stole a curtain (!!!) & that he would report me to the police, threatened to say that I stole art as well if I complained, lied about the time of check in + the condition of the apartment + much more on the review. Worst of all – it was only after having checked in for over a day that we realized that covering every wall of the apartment was extremely violent and misogynist paintings incl a painting of a woman with her throat cut and bleeding out, a painting of a vagina with a sword through it, a drawing of a woman’s face as she appears to be raped, slogans such as “your girlfriend is a bitch” and “high men love pussy”.. and more! more details here:

Ripped off for £950 and Airbnb wash their hands with me

I’m emailing you to bring to your attention my current, costly issue. I wanted to book an apartment for me and my friends for a forth coming trip to Amsterdam on the 7th May for 3 nights. I’d recently joined airbnb as a member in December and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to use the app everyone was talking about. I found a listing on there that was perfect, a real plush modern apartment that boasted 5 bedrooms, open plan kitchen and a pool table. I clicked the contact host button and emailed the address that was given to me. I was responded to by a host via email and went through the regular questions you’d expect from a host letting an apartment. My ‘host’ (called Yuying) then said they had initiated the booking on their side with AirBnB. I then received a confirmation email that looked more than legitimate. Confirmation code, details of the bank account I was paying in to and even a ‘airbnb live support’ link at the bottom, I had no reason to suspect anything.

Scammed By AirBNB Host

I cannot recommend these apartments and this host. Our experience was very bad. I had told the contact person several times when I would be arriving. Upon arrival I was told it would be 2 hours before it was ready. The first weekend was extremely noisy and disturbing. There was very loud yelling and cussing in the middle of the night for at least 2 hours straight from a close unit. Then some people were arguing and yelling outside our door very early the same morning. I usually don’t wake up easy but these people have problems. My wife was very upset! The next night was almost as bad. Parking was also a serious problem. Before our stay I asked the host about the parking situation at the apt. She said that usually there is parking available directly in front of the complex to the west. If there were no places available I could park in any open places on the streets away from the direction of the beach. The first 3 nights I had to park 6 to 7 blocks away and walk to the complex.

Mispresentation at teh

In September 2013 I booked a nicely looking place in Moscow.
When I arrived there I started receiving my bad experience with Airbnb host.
The floors were dirty,the linen have never been ironed, host was not friendly at all.
I left my negative review of my stay there on the website, then in 7 days I checked in to watch my review and found, that it was removed by the Airbnb.