Rented a house in Laurel Canyon on airbnb 3 weeks in advance of trip. Evening of trip had not received address of property from home owner. Sent 2 texts and left 3 voicemails. His response took hours. He responded with slight disdain “…the address is shown in the listing…” An hour later he realized he had given me the wrong address. He texted correct address and revised check in time. I asked if we could drop our things off an hour earlier than the 4 PM check in time (we had traveled from NYC with our 3 year old. He said yes. We arrived at the address about 50 minutes before check in time. The exterior of the house was a mess, junk everywhere, large bags of dog food, dirty laundry, old plastic bottles, towels, etc. Nothing was neat or organized around the house. Bad sign number one. Entered the house to find 3 housekeepers doing a very superficial cleaning job in a slow casual way and a handyman with a paint can, other supplies he was using spread around the house. Host was there and seemed unpleasantly surprised to encounter us. The pool was dirty with debris floating on the top, there were cigarette butts and remains of joints on the tiny concrete area around the pool. The cheap pool chairs were rusted and filthy. There was a large ceramic ashtray that looked like it hadn’t been wiped clean in months. The host left, we left and drove around for 45 minutes. We returned at 4 PM. House didn’t look any cleaner. Handyman still working (when not chatting with his girlfriend who had now arrived.) Cleaning crew and housekeepers left at 5:15. Our toddler walks around the house in her socks. Socks are black on the bottom in 2 minutes, pool is still gross, surfaces of house appear to be sort of wiped clean, but nothing feels clean, dead bugs in the shower, lamps don’t work in 2nd bedroom, sheets in master b/r don’t smell clean, ants are everywhere, bedroom tv doesn’t work, upholstery is filthy, living room tv works only after messing around with cables, etc. We call host and complain of dirty house. He sends cleaning crew back who don’t really know the difference between clean and dirty and don’t know what to do. They mop (with water) and leave. Pool guy comes and says pool is clean, but looks dirty “don’t worry.” There are floor to ceiling windows in master bedroom, no curtains, no shades, We stay 2 of 4 paid days and tell host we want a refund for remaining days. House is truly filthy dirty. He fights and ultimately agrees to refund of 2 days as long as we give our word not to post a review on airbnb. Feeling we had no recourse we agreed. I will NEVER use airbnb again. Probably a coincidence, but my daughter and I were both ill for the next two days. Laurel Canyon guy-you’re a jerk and your house is disgusting!

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