Worse experience ever

My first hosts cancelled on me a few days before arrival when I only wanted to change the day of arrival and kept $400 airbnb refunded that. The next host which I had to find in a hurry because of first hosts incompetence was nothing short of a con woman. She wanted me to pay out side airbnb which I reluctantly agreed to. I paid her $180 for two nights and I was taken to what can only be described as a hell hole which stunk of dog..It was a dirty untidy thread bare flat in social housing block in Hermossa beach with two big stinking dogs. She looked like a homeless woman all her clothers were creased and clearly she had no interested in her appearance. Her car was an English mini with wing missing and back cut off and looked like a skip on wheels in side of it, with no silencer on it, very classy. My bag was put in the back with the dogs and it was being rained on. Her name is Aparna Hermossa beach. We arrived there and I ate my takeaway and then decided to leave as the host had gone out to pay poker after dropping me there and left me with the two dogs , which I knew nothing of the temperament of. I left and I am still awaiting the repayment of my $180 dollars of which I have been given the run around trying to get it back. The third host, was an equally untidy house in a run down area player del rey and on the flight path from the airport so I had to listen to planes taking off every 1 minute of the day and night. I thought I had booked Marina del rey area but that was my mistake. The house was full of dog hair and the kitchen looked like it hadn’t been cleaned for months. My room was nice but the bed wasn’t made and the bedding was dumped on it and still wet, so I had to dry it and then make my own bed. The host was nice to begin with, but I have never met any one so noisy, he shouted instead of spoke and had the tv on until all hours of the morning on high level watching basket ball and it sounded like it was in my room as the house was open plan. As if this wasn’t bad enough he was up at 6 making more noise every day talking loudly as if no one was staying in the house.. Sorry but I was bought up with manners and respect for others and I seriously can not ever imagine behaving in such a way even if a relative was staying let alone a paying guest. On the 5th night of the sleep deprivation when being woken at 2.30 in the morning by him and his friend coming in drunk and watching tv on cinema sound level, I had enough and told him what I thought. He has kept one night of my money clearly because like most people on the site they have no money and prey on unsuspecting people to pay their mortgage they cant afford. This host was Hythum in Payer del mar so avoid!!.. He is an asshole and a sex pest to go with it. He is unfit to host anyone he can barely look after his dog properly!.. I am now with a nice family in Melrose and so far they seem lovely so I will start my holiday from the 9th day of arriving and hope for the best..

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