I had a man from Los Angeles, named KYLE XANDER HENDERSON stay in my apartment and we confirmed back and forth through email on a certain amount of money for the stay ($760 to be exact). For some horrible reason the reservation was booked for $150 total for 5 nights in NYC, not $150 a night. When I realized this error Xander was already enroute to NYC and I explained to him the issue. He promised me he would accept the price change so that I would be paid $760. He confirmed several times with me he would pay me and I have text/emails to prove it. The following day still nothing confirming he accepted my alteration on price and he started to ignore me. Sure enough day 5 comes and this jerk still hasn’t paid me or accepted my price change. I texted and called him every day and still nothing. He left on the 5th day never paid me and I came home to find my brand new hardwood floors completely destroyed. I immediately contacted Airbnb and after literally 45 Calls to them and hours of waiting, no one will help me. I did get a call from them but its back and forth rhetoric. NO ONE WILL HELP ME! Anyone who reads the conversation between me and Xander can see this guy screwed me royally on the price. He strung me along, never paid me when I trusted he would and then left my apartment a mess. AIRBNB doesn’t care about their host or anyone. Because I didn’t have a large deposit on my place, I am most likely unable to get any money. I thought the whole point people use AIRBNB is because we are backed by their 1 million dollar guarantee insurance. I am in shock AIRBNB has screwed me so much and I do believe in karma and I hope KYLE XANDER HENDERSON gets what he deserves.

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  1. Having read through their T&Cs, if the guest doesn’t accept or reject the updated agreement, the onus is on the host to cancel it. This prevents people from jacking up prices at the last minute as people are arriving at the airport and effectively coercing them into paying the higher rate so they don’t end up stranded.

    Sounds like he knew the system better than you and gamed it. Good luck in recovering your money, that sucks. What a douche.

  2. okay so…. I’m renting his apartment in West Hollywood this summer…
    Should I be concerned? Cause this certainly made me a bit worried.

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