Wow, my tenants have a 5 star Host rating!

I’m not a Guest. I’m not a Host. I’m a LANDLORD. And yesterday I received a call from one tenant at a duplex that the other tenants suddenly have a lot of guests in the past month. And the latest guest has been there all week while the tenants are GONE! Turns out that couple has been subleting out my property thru Airbnb. Their 31 reviews in the six weeks average almost 5 starts because the property is so nice! The couple is now being evicted and I pity those who have booked thru September because Airbnb doesn’t think they should refund you. LOL The story is way complicated but pay attention -AIRBNB DOES NO CHECKING ON HOSTS OR GUESTS SO IF YOU ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO USE THEM YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE.

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