Misogynist Host

The keys to the apartment didn’t work, the host extorted an additional night’s payment in cash (by claiming it was a “tourist tax” & threatening to claim we made damage to the apartment if we didn’t pay), made extremely rude & sexist comments, sent assistants to harass us late at night, claimed that I stole a curtain (!!!) & that he would report me to the police, threatened to say that I stole art as well if I complained, lied about the time of check in + the condition of the apartment + much more on the review. Worst of all – it was only after having checked in for over a day that we realized that covering every wall of the apartment was extremely violent and misogynist paintings incl a painting of a woman with her throat cut and bleeding out, a painting of a vagina with a sword through it, a drawing of a woman’s face as she appears to be raped, slogans such as “your girlfriend is a bitch” and “high men love pussy”.. and more! more details here: bit.ly/1FdPTNU

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  1. Hello !
    Why don’t you post the link to his listing ?
    We had a night with my boyfriend in an Airbnb’s host who was wonderful, except that he had very dark paintings on the wall made by an local artist in Marseille (France). Some african masks hung over the bed, as my bf is jewish and afraid by this kind of art.I have to admit that we delicately put off the wall all this frightening things during our stay, and spent a wonderful night (and obviously delicatelly put everything on when we left). We had a wonderful time there, and wouldn’t reproach our host not to have the same taste in art. We where there not to spend the all time in the flat, but to have a clean, nice and central place for our visit in Marseille.

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