Ripped off for £950 and Airbnb wash their hands with me

I’m emailing you to bring to your attention my current, costly issue. I wanted to book an apartment for me and my friends for a forth coming trip to Amsterdam on the 7th May for 3 nights. I’d recently joined airbnb as a member in December and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to use the app everyone was talking about. I found a listing on there that was perfect, a real plush modern apartment that boasted 5 bedrooms, open plan kitchen and a pool table. I clicked the contact host button and emailed the address that was given to me. I was responded to by a host via email and went through the regular questions you’d expect from a host letting an apartment. My ‘host’ (called Yuying) then said they had initiated the booking on their side with AirBnB. I then received a confirmation email that looked more than legitimate. Confirmation code, details of the bank account I was paying in to and even a ‘airbnb live support’ link at the bottom, I had no reason to suspect anything.

Scammed By AirBNB Host

I cannot recommend these apartments and this host. Our experience was very bad. I had told the contact person several times when I would be arriving. Upon arrival I was told it would be 2 hours before it was ready. The first weekend was extremely noisy and disturbing. There was very loud yelling and cussing in the middle of the night for at least 2 hours straight from a close unit. Then some people were arguing and yelling outside our door very early the same morning. I usually don’t wake up easy but these people have problems. My wife was very upset! The next night was almost as bad. Parking was also a serious problem. Before our stay I asked the host about the parking situation at the apt. She said that usually there is parking available directly in front of the complex to the west. If there were no places available I could park in any open places on the streets away from the direction of the beach. The first 3 nights I had to park 6 to 7 blocks away and walk to the complex.

Mispresentation at teh

In September 2013 I booked a nicely looking place in Moscow.
When I arrived there I started receiving my bad experience with Airbnb host.
The floors were dirty,the linen have never been ironed, host was not friendly at all.
I left my negative review of my stay there on the website, then in 7 days I checked in to watch my review and found, that it was removed by the Airbnb.