This website summarizes it all: AirCrapNB Hell!!

I recently had my trip cancelled, TWO DAYS BEFORE the trip. To add insult to injury, I was offered either a refund, or that if I re-booked with Airbnb, they would credit me up to $75 if the new host charged more- all this with TWO days notice. When I contacted the host directly, she said it was due to an Airbnb error in double-booking some of the days of my stay- and since they paid a slightly higher price, my reservation was the one chosen to be cancelled. I coudn’t find anything decent on AirCrapNB, so I ended up paying nearly $1,000 more to book a hotel with 2 days notice. Absolutely LOATH aircrapnb, and please think CAREFULLY before using, either as a customer (you WILL be screwed) or as a host (they are concerned SOLELY with maximizing THEIR income, and not concerned AT ALL with your finances OR reputation). DO NOT USE!!!!!!!

Fake hosts..FAKE listing!!


I lost out on £2910 thanks to Airbnb. They had allowed a person to upload a FAKE villa, under a fake hosts details!! They don’t even check that the host is real…this is basic stuff here??! They offer the “option” that a host can verify themselves? this is SICK! I was communicating with the host, and told to wait until I had a confirmation from air bob before i went ahead with the booking. Guess what…I got the confirmation, which was from a AIRbnb email address. the payment details were at the bottom and i paid it! It was fake!! I called the police, air bnb and the banks immediately. Air bnb didn’t appear to be bothered and didn’t help AT ALL! Even though they cover hosts by £600k each in property damage, they don’t have the time or money to help the people whose lives have been upset because of them! The banks looked into the account and shut it down immediately, although the money had been spent, barclays offered my £27.00 as a good will gesture? Good will… damn insulting!! The police can’t track down the man in question, so have closed the case! I would feel a lot better if airbnb would admit they DON’T take their security seriously, and if they would help me out…but no! I have and am still in talks with solicitors, they cannot get away with this!!


HOSTS BEWARE! AIRBNB’S DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS! LEGAL PROBLEMS: Airbnb has been banned in many cities. Hosts have been sued by the city, and fined thousands of dollars for hosting Airbnb guests. Neighbors and communities are protesting Airbnb hosting.

GUEST PROBLEMS: Airbnb hosts have had their homes totally trashed by guests, property damaged, stolen, requiring police intervention and legal action.

INSURANCE PROBLEMS: Airbnb’s “$1,000,000 host guarantee is a scam!” Airbnb runs hosts through hurdles, only to deny, greatly reduce, or ignore the claims in the end.

HOSTS USED, ABUSED & KICKED TO THE CURB: If a host exercises their right & files claims against guests security deposits due to damage, theft or violations of rules, they are kicked to the curb with no warning. Their listing(s) are deactivated and all bookings cancelled.

COLLATERAL DAMAGE TO GUESTS: When a host is kicked to the curb, so are their guests. Airbnb lies to the guests, telling them it was the host who cancelled their bookings, when in fact, both host and guests are victimized by Airbnb.

AIRBNB’S GREED: Airbnb collects a fee from both ends, the host and the guest. If a booking is cancelled, the only one guaranteed 100% payment is Airbnb.

SELLING YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL: For a little bit of money, hosts sacrifice their home, their privacy, their time, their freedom, their lives, and their pocketbook, only to be kicked to the curb by Airbnb after they have used and abused you, and replace you with new unsuspecting hosts that Airbnb pulls into their web of deceit.

do not host with AirBnB – security deposit means nothing!

I put my house on AirBnB. One of the first bookings I had was for a family of 4 visiting to have a quiet weekend. I was not able to meet the guest when he checked in and left a key. This person threw a massive college keg party/crawfish broil for 100+ guests according to neighbors. There was close to $2000 worth of damage from a $700 booking. I opened a case with Airbnb’s resolution center, submitted the invoices and was reimbursed $300 out of the $1000 security deposit. I have been trying to call Airbnb and speak to a supervisor for over a week and cannot get anyone to return my call.


Years have passed since that Winter I discovered the AirBnB revolution of happy people sharing homes. I’ve seen hundreds of AirBnB guests, and now, they really sound different, sometimes really annoying, making you feel like your appartment is a Deluxe hotel for 40$/night. Expectations increased for lowered prices, as the platform became really popular. But the whole point of AirbBnB wasn’t business at all. It was meant for home sharing. We may even have contributed to make AirBnB more commercial, as hosts. But popularity killed the simplicity in the end….

Airbnb: Unethical, Liars, Cheats

I have been hosting since the end of December. I had 10 five star reviews. Yesterday, I cancelled my account. Airbnb wanted to penalize me for making some guests that were trashing my house leave. They decided to offset my next rental with a charge for making the “guests” leave. I suffered damages to my property, emotional distress, and even had to call the police on them. Yet, Airbnb treated me as though I was the criminal. Airbnb hides negative reviews. I posted one on these people and it never appeared. As a host, there is no way of knowing exactly how awful your guests may be which is very dangerous. Their telephone support is awful, and their reps sound brain dead. I even had a bad experience as a guest, renting a condo in Mexico for 3 weeks that was uninhabitable due to excessive noise. All Airbnb cares about is Airbnb. STAY AWAY.

Airbnb Outrageous Cancellation Fee

I recently had a nasty surprise that others using Airbnb should definitely know about. Last week I booked an apartment in San Francisco which was advertised at 109euros a night, which ended up being 649euros for 4 nights after all the fees (Airbnb service charge, local taxes and cleaning fee). This total amount turns out to be just over the cost of booking a hotel, but we thought it would be worth it. After one week (more than a month before the date of arrival) I was offered a place to stay with a friend. So I cancelled. First I got a mail saying I would be refunded 572euros (because unlike hotels, Airbnb keeps their service fee even if you cancel), and then I was told that the host charges a $100 fee for cancellations! This of course appeared nowhere in the booking confirmation or the description of the place! Now that Airbnb is becoming more popular, they are being bolder about fleecing their customers and allowing their hosts to do the same. Beware of ‘The Suuny Upstairs Apt’ in San Francisco!

bed bug disaster

My sister and her friend just got bed bugs from a dirty bed at the host´s apartment. they had evidence (doctor´s approval, photos), that they have not had them before. they were thrown on the street after the host told them THEY brought the bugs – also they had no more money left because the airbnb money they already paid in advance takes a while to get back to their accounts. after hours of exhausting phone calls they finally got 500$ from airbnb to stay at a hotel and a few options for new apartments (btw they were in treatment already and the bugs are gone). after booking another one after a week airbnb called the host to throw them out again because they´re too dangerous. funny thing is: the apartment where they got them from is available again!

Airbnb, Daily Mail enquiry

Hi, I freelance for Daily Mail features and we’re working on a feature on Airbnb. I’m interested in highlighting potential pitfalls for hosts to balance up all the obvious benefits for guests of a cheap room. Are you British and have had a bad experience as an Airbnb host? I’d be really grateful if you can help. I’m on Thanks, Tim Stewart

Airbnb is allowing illegal subletting!

Airbnb has some very serious due diligence problems. They obviously have grown too big, too fast and too greedy to properly vet Hosts who are illegally subletting, especially single family homes in R1 neighborhoods. Worse, airbandb seems only vaguely interested in correcting or taking down illegal listings, preferring to hide behind boilerplate excuses. The customer service reps are either total nincompoops or obviously trained to do as little as possible to fix problems. Calling 855 424 7262 is pointless, all you’ll get is a frustrating run-around. I am speaking from a very unpleasant experience where a tenant I am trying to evict for non payment listed with airbnb, even got their pro photos and a very exaggerated posting and is illegally sub-renting my property. At this writing it is reserved as a party house for New Years and airbandb has done nothing to help. Airbandb was a good idea now gone very wrong, more Hosts and Guests alike are going to be bitterly disappointed. But, the unaware property Owners are at greatest risk. Airbandb should check real estate title and contact Owners for permission and approval before accepting and posting renters who sublet. They don’t and this is bordering on criminal aiding and abetting. 855 424 7262 is useless BTW.