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Hi, I freelance for Daily Mail features and we’re working on a feature on Airbnb. I’m interested in highlighting potential pitfalls for hosts to balance up all the obvious benefits for guests of a cheap room. Are you British and have had a bad experience as an Airbnb host? I’d be really grateful if you can help. I’m on Thanks, Tim Stewart

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  1. Similar experience as a host which cost me £900. AirBnb have to take sides on host-guest disputes and have little depth on either. My guest had 10 amazing reviews for overnight stays as she travelled the globe: on her stay with me for a month she was disrespectful, damaged the flat and then flipped out early i.e. renegading on the contract. She had full support of AirBnb because of her supposedly strong profile based on short stay reviews, and AirBnb manufactured a scheme where claims on deposit due to damages were offset by the refund for her leaving early. AirBnb are a terrible experience.

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