Airbnb: Unethical, Liars, Cheats

I have been hosting since the end of December. I had 10 five star reviews. Yesterday, I cancelled my account. Airbnb wanted to penalize me for making some guests that were trashing my house leave. They decided to offset my next rental with a charge for making the “guests” leave. I suffered damages to my property, emotional distress, and even had to call the police on them. Yet, Airbnb treated me as though I was the criminal. Airbnb hides negative reviews. I posted one on these people and it never appeared. As a host, there is no way of knowing exactly how awful your guests may be which is very dangerous. Their telephone support is awful, and their reps sound brain dead. I even had a bad experience as a guest, renting a condo in Mexico for 3 weeks that was uninhabitable due to excessive noise. All Airbnb cares about is Airbnb. STAY AWAY.

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  1. Oh yeah and they are trained to say things like, I can tell this is stressful for you, or I can tell this is exhausting for you. As if there is something wrong with you, and another person would be just fine being extorted or conned or having their place trashed. My girlfriend is a talk shrink and she agrees this is really condescending. They are probably doing it for legal reasons or something. People like to be asked how they are feeling, not told in that manner. I cannot put my finger on it, but this really bugs me. I agree they treat you like you are the criminal, when you are the one who has just been the victim of a crime or whatever it is.

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