Airbnb is allowing illegal subletting!

Airbnb has some very serious due diligence problems. They obviously have grown too big, too fast and too greedy to properly vet Hosts who are illegally subletting, especially single family homes in R1 neighborhoods. Worse, airbandb seems only vaguely interested in correcting or taking down illegal listings, preferring to hide behind boilerplate excuses. The customer service reps are either total nincompoops or obviously trained to do as little as possible to fix problems. Calling 855 424 7262 is pointless, all you’ll get is a frustrating run-around. I am speaking from a very unpleasant experience where a tenant I am trying to evict for non payment listed with airbnb, even got their pro photos and a very exaggerated posting and is illegally sub-renting my property. At this writing it is reserved as a party house for New Years and airbandb has done nothing to help. Airbandb was a good idea now gone very wrong, more Hosts and Guests alike are going to be bitterly disappointed. But, the unaware property Owners are at greatest risk. Airbandb should check real estate title and contact Owners for permission and approval before accepting and posting renters who sublet. They don’t and this is bordering on criminal aiding and abetting. 855 424 7262 is useless BTW.

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  1. When you lease your investment to a tenant they sign on the dotted line to take care of the property and be responsible for the behavior of their house guests. And that is all airbnb guests are, house guests. You are legally not allowed to quibble or harass your tenants about friends, family or those people from the bar coming to stay and yet owners feel that if their tenants house guest is helping out with a few bucks they should be evicted.

    Let’s talk about the real issue here. Some owners think their tenants are earning a profit and are outraged that they are not getting a cut. You already have your cut. Owners are charging more than people can afford for rent so renters are finding guests who can help a little with the rent. Tenants are still fully liable and you have their damage deposit. Nothing has changed except that now, house guests pitch in because the greed had made keeping a roof over your head unsustainable.
    You are already making your tenants pay your entire mortgage, they who cannot afford one of their own (so how can they pay yours?).

    Maybe you should not be renting to people as a way to make profit. You just see this as yours…but when you rent a home to someone it is their home. As long as they are taking care of it then you have to leave them alone.

    It is illegal to kick someone out because one guest gave them money while the others didn’t. It is also illegal to kick people out because they had a party. If no one has been upset and nothing has been damaged….what is your problem?

    People that pay take much better care than people that don’t.
    Seriously owners, leave your tenants alone already.

    • Elizabeth you are an Airbnb schill and dont know sh*t about the law and how it is employed in various localities. Most leases I have seen bar subletting the apartments without obtaining consent, that is illegal.
      Airbnb abets much illegal activity. There are aps where you can sell your parking space which you in no way own and sell it to the highest bidder, that too is illegal and abets illegal activity. Furthermore housing is not a simple exchange of goods but regulated in such a fashion to protect the rights of owners and tenants. Rent control cities have further restrictions that protect tenants much to the loss of the landlords. Airbnb is operating on a lie, disrupting the balances in the housing market, and underming the safety and security of hosts and guests alike. They market themselves as a “sharing community” when in fact they are just raking in billions for a few and destroying carefully contstrued political balance. Push back is coming. I can hardly wait till Airbnb gets kicked out of San Francisco.

    • “House guests”? Lol…that’s rich.

      I’m no fan of slumlords or the fact that rent in some areas, like my own, is beyond insane but acting like the owner of the property has no right to stop anyone from subletting their apartment is just silly and completely incorrect. Lots of leases have a no subletting clause for the very reason that the landlord is renting to the person on the lease, not anyone else. They verified whatever they wanted to verify with the person on the lease, not their friends or “house guests.” House guests are people you know who stay for a short period of time. If you want to make a profit off a property then buy one and take on the risks of being a landlord. If you’re renting from someone else then you don’t really have the right to make money there.

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