Strong Arm Robbery, Never Stepped Foot in Airbnb

I made an Airbnb reservation a couple days in advance in Oakland for a work-related stay that the host was aware of. I cancelled within the 48-hour timeframe due to a job termination. The stay was for Sept. 21 to Oct. 19 for $1281.27. I waited the 15-day grace period for my refund and it never arrived.

I wrote to the host inquiring where my refund was and she never responded. I never stepped foot in her home and she pocketed my $1281.27. I am a single mother with four kids that are still dependent on me. The Airbnb help center was of no help — they do not hold their hosts accountable.

I would never recommend Airbnb to friends or family; it’s been a terrible experience. Unfortunately common courtesy and hospitality are not in this host’s nature.

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  1. You need to follow up with Airbnb customer service. You can get refunded, but you have to be persistent and do not give up if you want to get your money back. Especially since it was work related and you had to cancel through no fault of your own.

  2. You said you cancelled within the 48 hours, but was it 14 full days prior to the check in?

    As per the “strict” cancellation policy : ” For a full refund of the nightly rate, the guest must cancel within 48 hours of booking and at least 14 full days prior to the listing check in time.”

    From experience I can tell you right now that 99% of people stop reading after “48 hours”.

  3. What a scam! We planned a two day getaway in Wisconsin. For some “unknown” reason, Air B’n’b CANCELLED us! And is letting the host (who has been not very kind in this situation, ne terrible to work with) keep 3/4 of the money. We were refunded 87 out of over 200 dollars (why? We never cancelled!) and the host is saying no, you can’t stay with us – and Air B’n’b wants us to re-book and pay twice! What. A. Scam. We’ve used their service for over 10 years, all good reviews, but can now understand – the company is coming apart. They are ripping good people off all over the world – the cleaning & admin fees went way up, and now its’ cheaper to stay in hotels – again. Well guess what?! Hotels don’t randomly cancel & rip you off. Air B’n’b – – is a common crook of a company. ick.

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