1. ”the claim can be verified or proven false.”

    What I can do, the guy called Airbnb, police never come. I didn’t call it. I don’t have a police record, but also he doesn’t have it. why they suspend me? What will you do if you are saying guest to leave the house and he is starting yelling at you?

    i gave him cash and Airbnb refound. it was 10 dollars per night.

  2. I had the same situation. Not super host, but working with them for many years with many units. I am a budget place and I had a problematic guest who started yelling at me in my house. I kicked him out and he complains. He said he is insured or whatever, police never come. No any prove.

    I chat with the Airbnb moderator, but never on the fone. I was so pissed of that I am the victim here.

    I want profile back, as I use it as a business.

    Any suggestions?

  3. I worked for Airbnb for over two years and think I can explain your being blocked as I am intimately familiar with their policies.

    If your guest called them (as she did the police) and said that you had threatened her safety, the procedure is to immediately prevent the accused person from renting to anyone else until the claim can be verified or proven false.

    As the person above me said, if you provide a police report this could be fixed for you. But only if you get through to the right staff member as a lot of them won’t care and will use the company policy as a way of not having to deal with your claim.

    My advice is to hang up and try again until you get through to someone with an Irish accent, the office there is extremely strict on following full policy so you know you will at least be heard.

    • Hi Nick – I am in a very similar position – but every time I call airbnb, the call is answered by someone in Malaysia or the Philippines and I’m informed that a ‘case manager’ from the safety team is dealing with them but the team do not accept inbound calls.

      Is there an offiicial email address where I can contact a team from the Ireland office? We are based in the UK so wouldn’t be out of the question. Our account has been blocked for nearly 2 weeks now with not a single update, explanation or acknowledgement from Airbnb staff.

  4. Lucia said: “I asked her to leave the key, otherwise she couldn’t leave.”

    IANAL but If you prevented someone from leaving because you suspected that they had your property, you may have engaged in false imprisonment. It is reasonable that AirBnB would disassociate with you because you engaged in a potentially unlawful activity. they saw the potential for more risk exposure and decided to not to take that chance.

  5. Omg !! We just got out of having our account suspended because of a crazy lying guest too and had to fight to reactivate it to, but your story is way worste then ours !! And only for 15usd/night that you refunded her !

    Dont know if it can helped but ask for the police report in hope that the police officers wrote down that she was the insane one so that airbnb could reconsider.

    You didnt filmed her bad behavior ? Never hesitate to do so…

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