Impossible to Withdraw Payment for Completed Stays

We have had this space posted on Airbnb for over a year. Bookings have ticked over nicely, and money came in regularly, via PayPal. Then suddenly, from July of this year, there was an hiatus of more than four months in which, according to PayPal (on our bank’s Forex site) the balance was undeclared, and it was impossible to make a withdrawal. After multiple visits to the bank, as well as calls to PayPal, it was revealed that the balance was a minuscule R17000.

After quite a lot more to-ing and fro-ing for two or three weeks, that balance was finally available for withdrawal but, despite the fact that November had been friskily busy and December had been booked for all but four days, not another cent, not another dime has appeared in the balance. Of course, as we all know, contacting Airbnb to get information is an unspeakable hellion of a monster. Yes, it might be an issue with PayPal, not with Airbnb, but in the absence of open communication, how are we to know? How can we ever get to the bottom of this? I no longer trust that Airbnb is paying us as they aught to. Very angry and disgruntled – we would certainly have done better, at this rate, simply to have a tenant.

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  1. South Africa? This might be an issue with SARS; you do need to make a declaration each year. The forex goes through a clearing house before it gets to you – I think AirBnb use exchange4free. Check your emails – you have to sign a reporting mandate.

  2. Have you checked your “pay-out” preference and “view transaction” in STATS under EARNINGS in you AirBnB account. (Scroll down on that page to see it).

  3. Cool story.
    What happens when you contact Airbnb –
    Via phone ?
    Via the Airbnb App (iOS or Android) ?
    Via their FaceBook or Twitter Accounts?

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