Airbnb: Unprofessional Standards Drive Guests Away

In the last three months I have stayed in three Airbnb apartments and houses: each for a month. I moved to a new Airbnb house two days ago. Already, I have noticed the TV system has a fault, there is no hot water, the fob to the garage doesnt work and I had to climb over the gate all day yesterday because I didnt have a key. The last two places were just as bad.

They are amateurs: they only want your money, and have no sense of professional responsibility or standards. No wonder the terms don’t allow refunds. If you find the electricity constantly cuts out, or the plumbing is so noisy it keeps you awake, or you do not get the necessary keys, or there is not enough hot water for two people to shower, or the fob to the garage doesn’t work, or there is little privacy to work there, or it’s cold with no heating, and consequently it’s overpriced – complain, or leave a bad review. It’s your duty to do so. We are the regulators.

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  1. airbnb should have some basic standards of cleanliness and security — perhaps the company should conduct random “spot checks” at all listings; i don’t know

    and it’s not always cheaper than a hotel; and most of the time you’re not staying in someone’s home, you’re staying in someone’s “business”

  2. Air BnB is the world’s trendiest scam. They take your money and you’ll never get it back regardless of the conditions. $4,000 down the tube.

  3. Well, of course they are amateurs, and obviously there are no standards you can expect across the board, it’s only going to be as cleaned and maintained as the homeowner’s standards are. Because that is what you’re booking afterall, lodging in somebody’s home?

    I mean really. Book at a higher pricepoint or stay in a hotel!

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