Home Owners should never use Airbnb!

Airbnb is banned in some cities for GOOD REASON. For homeowners it is a nightmare and puts your investment or home in serious jeopardy. A pet was brought on our property and left damage, Airbnb did NOTHING after pictures, credible witness accounts and replacement cost of furniture was sent in. The agent at AirBNB named Pepper was no help at all. The alleged deposit Air bnb keeps is NOT a legal deposit, it is a hold on a credit card . The deposit is never transferred to the homeowner which leaves a total stranger to take possession of your home without a deposit. The homeowner is not paid till min 24 hours, this can cause a legal nightmare in some places with have very liberal eviction procedures. Do NOT use AIRBNB!  It should be illegal in every state and country. Air Bnb does not take in information such as passports and identification and has no full legal state lease if you are in the States. This is a serious problem. They have no criteria regarding the forfeit of the alleged debit card deposit which never gets to the home owner. No forfeit of deposit for violation of home owner rules. It is nearly impossible to speak to a supervisor . This company is operating outside of the law, do not risk your home or investment with this company.

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  1. Well, to be fair.. airbnb is more legal in san francisco where they got actual legislation passed.

    But wow I wasn’t aware there not doing the deposit right? (I’ve never used it) but yah.. your and many others say the $1 million host insurance thing is a bullshit.

  2. They do take ID. However, I believe you are correct regarding the deposit. Airbnb is a nightmare. You are right about that!

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