Airbnb Stole My Money After I Had to Evict Tenants

We had to evict tenants that were destroying my home by calling the police. Airbnb penalized me and tried to withhold rental income off my next transaction. This is called a right of offset. I checked all of my documents and nowhere was this discussed. I cancelled my account and would never do business again with this unethical and illegal company.

Home Owners should never use Airbnb!

Airbnb is banned in some cities for GOOD REASON. For homeowners it is a nightmare and puts your investment or home in serious jeopardy. A pet was brought on our property and left damage, Airbnb did NOTHING after pictures, credible witness accounts and replacement cost of furniture was sent in. The agent at AirBNB named Pepper was no help at all. The alleged deposit Air bnb keeps is NOT a legal deposit, it is a hold on a credit card . The deposit is never transferred to the homeowner which leaves a total stranger to take possession of your home without a deposit. The homeowner is not paid till min 24 hours, this can cause a legal nightmare in some places with have very liberal eviction procedures. Do NOT use AIRBNB!  It should be illegal in every state and country. Air Bnb does not take in information such as passports and identification and has no full legal state lease if you are in the States. This is a serious problem. They have no criteria regarding the forfeit of the alleged debit card deposit which never gets to the home owner. No forfeit of deposit for violation of home owner rules. It is nearly impossible to speak to a supervisor . This company is operating outside of the law, do not risk your home or investment with this company.

AirBNB ruined my trip in Italy

I will NEVER use AirBNB again. My host did not let me into the apartment for over 5 hours nor did she have any intention of letting me in despite the confirmation. She was out with her friends and could not be inconvieced to return to the apartment despite the fact I had given her my arrival information far in advance . No apology. I was stuck outside of Rome with little money, no phone, in a dark no traffic area. In the middle of the night a man let’s me into the apartment as I am starting to wander aimlessly into the night. The bathroom light did not work making it near impossible to shower. I wish I could end there however this is just the start of my bad expierences with Air B and B. The night before my host took me to the wrong apartment and I wasted the entire day packing my belongs and waiting for him to move me to the correct location. Again, no apology. The host had the audacity to blaim me because I did not correct him. Excuse me, but how am I suppose to know. This host also lied about the location of the apartment. It turned out to be a completely different part of the city. The list goes on and on. Again, I am NEVER using Air BNB again. NEVER!!!!!!!

NEVER Again Will We Use Airbnb

NEVER Again will we use Airbnb. You THINK you are getting a better deal than staying at a hotel. NOT THE CASE. You can literally find yourself not only paying for commission charges from Airbnb, and the per-night charge from the ‘host’, you leave yourself wide open to a ridiculous security deposit, and claims of all sorts by the hosts of the place you might stay. We were using airbnb since 2013 and we have had fantastic experiences with many hosts, but it was only down to pure luck. If a lunatic / neurotic host decides to ruin your holiday, they can! They claimed that we destroyed (with shower steam ) their baby’s paper planes that were hanging above a changing mat it the bathroom (that should not be left there at a first place) , stained two of their towels with some dirt they couldn’t remove and apparently spilled something on the floor and damaged the laminate. (No one of us remembers anything of this). Nonsense!!! ..airbnb sided with the host, and wants to charge $600 the security deposit to my Visa card. They didn’t even bother to show me the pictures that the host presented as ‘evidence'”. We were not even allowed to dispute their decision!!! I called my bank and spoke with a supervisor, and I hope to be able to stop this totally unexpected and unfair charge out of nowhere!!! . I totally lost my trust to this company. Would you valued me as a client , you would have to compensate me, for putting me through this hellish nightmare! My previous positive experience with other airbnb hosts made me believe that this was a trustworthy company. Alas! They are NOT worth your trust! This would have never happened with a holiday park, a hotel or a proper B&B. This Christmas our holiday will be with a holiday park in the Netherlands. NEVER Again will we use Airbnb.

Incorrect Airbnb Pricing

I booked 9 days in Brooklyn NY. When I reserved the days, it said it was $78 for each night. I didn’t check my email, but saw the difference when I looked at my credit card bill. It stated two nights were $107, two were $89 a night, and the rest were $97 a night. I NEVER saw any price but the $78 a night. Airbnb says that couldn’t happen, but it did to me. They will do nothing for me, so my trip was about $200 more than I anticipated. On top of that, the host did not have all the amenities they listed, they slept during the day on the living room sofa, and wanted us to be extra quiet coming and going because their neighbors were unhappy they were doing Airbnb. I imagine they were not supposed to according to their lease. I would never do Airbnb again, and would NEVER suggest it to anyone else!

Cancelled by host at last minute

In June we booked a place in Sydney, Australia for five days in October. Two weeks later it was cancelled and we booked another place. Two days before our arrival – by cruise ship from Los Angeles – we were advised the host had cancelled on us. So we arrive in Sydney with no place to stay and were put to considerable expense reorganizing our time in Australia. I figure the hosts get a better/longer booking and you are toast. I will never use, or recommend, Airbnb. Airbnb refunded our money but no compensation for additional expenses, not to mention stress and aggravation.