Psychopathic airbnb host in Hawaii

We booked a room that was formerly called “the surfer room” in hawaii. It is now listed as “hawaiian spirit and lots of aloha”. The host was a crazy woman that posted reminder notes all over the place. These reminders were an insult. Turn off the lights, turn off the fan, don’t put quilt on floor, leave door open, leave sand at the beach, and more. All she did was complain about past guests. Read some of her very very long replies to comments guests have left on the site! This lady yells and screams when she talks. Her site has listed many amenities that aren’t available unless you pay her some cash. She refuses to do laundry unless you pay $10 per load. She claimed that it’s a contribution because the resources in hawaii are so limited and so expensive. We can understand that but then don’t offer them as “guest amenities”.The glass shutters in the room were broken. The toilet was awfully dirty with hair, mold and sand. The kitchen was even worse. The toaster oven was gross and the microwave was worse. There is a coffee machine that was also gross. And this host brags about how much of a clean freak she is. All this crap for close to $100 per night. The $40 cleaning fee was a joke. We had to do most of the cleaning ourselves before checkout. Then finally she begged us to post a great 5 star review. We refuse to post anything positive because there was nothing good about the surfer room. We expect that our negative review will be removed by Airbnb since it looks like this is what they do. I highly suggest you avoid this terrible hawaiian airbnb listing 100% at all costs!

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  1. She’s done hosting because her precious daughter got into a school in California! She’s a pro-Trump conservative too…

    She is also quite active on airbnb community, where she never fails to drop information about her superhost status, her very special husband, and her perfect daughter. It is so bizarre.

  2. Stayed with Momi and it was a nightmare. Honestly STAY AWAY! the stories I have from my stay are unbelievable. She is insane and shouldn’t be an air b and b host let alone have status as a super host.

  3. We also stayed with Momi. September 2016… It was horrendous. Put us off Hawaii altogether. We posted negative feedback after contacting Airbnb directly. It was never placed on her airbnb site. Terrible superhost for airbnb!!

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