I am so disgusted with airbnb that I have been seriously branching out to other sites.  Anyway, the owner or manager from New York Stay called me and we talked for over one hour yesterday. She told me that the reason airbnb is dumping super hosts in NYC is because of the law here. She said this has been planned since airbnb came out with the warm and fuzzy campaign and the new logo. I asked airbnb about it and they said yes it is true. They are dumping you if you have more than one listing in NYC. The thing is that if airbnb did not have a financial stake in the process, they would not have to do that. If they would just collect a commission for hooking you up with the guests, and stop with holding the money to collect interest, stop with the 1099s, stop meddling with unqualified arbitrators, and just take their 15% and then have the guest pay the host directly and use the host’s contract, they could spend there time making sure the listings on their site are all real instead of causing grief for people due to their unethical incompetence. This company is a nightmare!!!! Plus, they could have warned people about this when they came out with the new warm and fuzzy campaign and that stupid logo.

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  1. Don’t people understand what the rules in their city are? Don’t you know how economics works? Airbnb doesn’t govern they have to abide by the laws of the city they are in… this is a brand new bill by the way. “Prioritize hardworking New York families and affordable housing, and will give law enforcement the tools they need to crack down on illegal hotels that destabilize communities and deprive us of precious units of affordable housing.” Basically people don’t have anywhere to live, that’s what that means. So they live on the street and beg you for money. Read the article here, and if you don’t understand it than you shouldn’t be using Airbnb.

    Good honest people who try to rent apartments now can not because of you dummies who rent out one or more apartments and sometimes just up and leave and live in another country. What do people do in your empty apartment? Party and have sex… Anyway, the rents now go up and the good people who can’t afford it are pushed out. I know people who had to move because they couldn’t afford the rent anymore. I wish people would step outside of their little bubbles and start caring about what really matters sometimes. People are just angry because now they can’t make the extra cash. God I hope someone with a brain reads this. Some people can’t even afford to have a tiny matchbox apartment in New York, or to afford rent in their city. It’s not all about YOU. What you do affects others. End of story.

  2. i have just had the same experience, they are de listing my property, but letting me keep the booking i already have, I have another property unaffected. NO WAY to contact anyone at airbnb to get an explanation, now have no faith in company!

  3. They just did the same thing to me in Portland Oregon. No warning. They will ‘honor’ the confirmed bookings, but no one else can book, which means I have costly gaps in my calendar. They cloaked the action with an excuse that my listings aren’t personal enough, despite reviews chronicling how I hung out with guests and gave them my clothes and shoes to wear when their luggage was lost. Pathetic.

  4. Follow up- I received an email from someone else at Airbnb, They said they are only dumping people who have a lot of listings and have been complained about. Because of my past experiences with them, I do not trust them. However, I tend to believe this one, because they lost money by dumping people.

  5. They knew it was illegal to have more than one listing and they let people do it for years, and now they are dumping the hosts that they made the most money from.

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