Living Next to Airbnb Pool House Worse than Hell

I’m too tired for words right now but it is total hell – worse than hell – living next to a Airbnb with a pool in the backyard. It’s like every weekend or every day there’s a pool party, living next to a water park, and kids screaming their heads off from 8:00 in the morning till 8:00 at night. It started out last night; I didn’t go to work. I work overnight shifts at Amazon and when I can’t sleep, I can’t work. During the summer, it’s particularly hot; we don’t have air conditioning. These houses were built with no air conditioning. We didn’t need air conditioning in Southern California when we moved here. However, now that it’s getting overcrowded there’s more humidity and it’s hotter than hell. Not only that, but this neighbor built a wall in his backyard on the hill so they can look right into our bathroom window, and my bedroom window. It is very uncomfortable and noisy and I’m tired of it. I don’t care where we go on vacation; my parents never allowed my sister and I to scream like that all day long anywhere. It’s ridiculous living next to an Airbnb property.

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  1. I own a small motel (8 rooms) my husband and I do all the work at the property. We spent thousands a year in testing the pool and keeping it up to code for the county standards. We pay $250 a year just for the county to send an inspector every 3 months to test the pool (they test for chemical imbalance, fecal matter, etc..) which is fine with us considering is a “public pool”
    why airbnb and vrbo owners do not have to do that? They are having public /strangers coming to their home every other weekend…Do you think I can sue the county or vrbo and airbnb?

  2. Retain a lawyer to write a letter stating that the hosts will be sued if the noise doesn’t stop.
    Also- do you know if the owner is renting the house as AirBnB, or if someone is renting the house long-term and re-renting as AirBnB?
    Finally, talk to police non-emergency about the ongoing problem.
    Sorry you live next to horrible people,

    • Thanks. The property is owned by the son who is on a revocable family trust. Im considering suing and having it declared as a nuisance property.
      Since i cant just burn it down

  3. Advice: Turn into the NAG FROM HELL TO YOUR LOCAL POLICE, CITY AUTHORITIES AND geovrnment. Drive them crazy. You must have laws on the books against this sort of thing, and here’s a tip: operating a rental business in a residential zone is a great place to start.

  4. I don’t think you can beat them, but why not join them? If the Airbnb next to you is so busy, chances are, yours will be too! You could rent another place, with air-con and still make a nice profit… And who knows, maybe you could ask your neighbor if your guests can use the pool too, just pop a gate in shared wall?❤️

  5. Well, I just learned two things.

    1. Humidity is based on population.
    2. When swimming in a pool and having fun during daylight hours, it’s important to whisper.

    • Development does actually increase the temperature of an area, mostly because trees are cut down and pavement is put down. You should read about how it’s much hotter in cities than in wooded or lightly wooded areas. It’s FASCINATING.

      The reason hotels and water parks must be built in commercial zoning is so that people in residential zones can have quiet enjoyment.

      How much are they paying you?

    • I’ve always been extremely confused about people who scream in a pool. I always had community pools growing up and none of us ever screamed. Screaming is if you are drowning or hurt or terrified of something….I don’t get why people these days feel the need to scream and sound like they are dying to have fun. I would have NEVER been allowed to scream like that; what difference does it being the day have to do with anything? Some people, a LOT of people, like the OP work nights.

  6. Report the address to the city council and the tax office. Call the police when there is too much noise. Indeed, you shouldn’t have to put up with this!

  7. Yeah, Airbnb isn’t likely going to concern itself with neighbors complaints so long as the money keeps rolling in. I suspect your only recourse would be to get together with your neighbors and demand your municipality to initiate a ban on daily rentals on properties within residential neighborhoods. Good luck. Maybe your local hotel associations would contribute support to such a proposal.

  8. Airbnb does no vetting of properties. I wish I had photographed the pit of a bathroom where I stayed—no exaggeration. So, yeah, they aren’t gonna be too fussy if you have to endure pool parties or any other inconvenience.

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