Host’s screaming baby almost leads to violence!

Stay away from 14 Judith St, Ashgrove, Brisbane!  The host became violent and abusive when I simply asked if their baby was OK after hearing it cry non-stop all day!  The response from Airbnb was very good when I called to complain, but it was still overall a nightmare experience.

We had put up with 11 days of screaming from their 2 yr old and the crying newborn. I’m a mother of two and never heard a baby cry like that. We got out OK and avoided voilence, but I see that Airbnb still has not taken down the listing even though there was another review complaining about the same noise issue. I feel it’s very dangerous for anyone to stay at that apartment as the host is clearly disturbed and will become hostile if anyone mentions the noise. Even though we stayed a horrible 12 days, our booking was cancelled by the host, therefore we were unable to post a review warning others. There’s no way to give a negative review on Airbnb as the hosts can block.

The next guests will have no warning because I can’t review on Airbnb!

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  1. It must have been terrible. I have looked at the listing and see that they have added a comment about the kids possibly being noisy. It’s probably a new addition. If not then the guest should have been warned.

    “The apartment is the ground floor of our family home. From the end of July to first week in September our children will not be home, most other time you may see and hear our small children, we have put precautions in place to limit noise travelling from our apartment to ground floor apartment. However you may hear the pitter patter of tiny feet, our children playing in the back garden (not early in the morning though) and some normal kid noise”

    I also read that they are also now having a new barrier sound deadening door fitted between the two dwelling spaces. A bit late for your sanity at this stage. Must have been awful.

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