I wish I would have read this before reserving!

Wow! I paid for a full month and was going to spend three months with a host on air Bnb.  When my daughter and I arrived, the place was freezing even with the fireplace going. This is in 38 degree weather! My daughter and I could not even take our jackets off! Plus the place was grossly misrepresented in the pictures! I told the host and told him we could not live in that environment. I was still charged for three days, cleaning and a service fee totaling $500!  Then I was told that usually the whole amount is kept!

I couldn’t even post a review! You only see the good reviews! Bastards! Fakes!

The place is in Phoenicia NY.

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  1. Have you considered disputing the charges with your credit card issuer or Paypal? People do win those, you know. Especially when you can document your efforts and show evidence like photos, etc.

  2. Rented an apartment in Astoria NY only to find out it was haunted. Host had books on witchcraft, black couple voodoo candles and even had an offering tray set up with bread, herbs, fruit and a lit voodoo candle (which I was instructed not to blow out). Late at night sounds could be heard in the kitchen and on the last day that I was there, her buddha statue moved on its own. Classic example of someone delving into things that she shouldn’t be. Very creepy experience! Filthy apartment as well and dirty bedsheets!

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