1. SAaaaaaaame happened to me as a host. Great reviews consistently, booked through June, then BAM, email sent with same legal jargon. They held onto my last guest payment too. Its been 2 months and I have yet to get an answer regarding my payment. Besides loosing thousands of $$ and cancelling on all these poor people, I’m mostly bummed that they said I’m not even allowed to be a guest anywhere. My heart sinks knowing I may never get the answer….

  2. I’m willing to bet that the fact that you have a rental in Spain and a bank account in the UK is why Airbnb shut you down–they think you are shady.

  3. same thing i was superhost was booked up threw may, then bamm cancelled no reason, im filiing on bbb, ca attorney general and business oversite

  4. It happened the same thing to me as a well reviewed host for more than 2 years.
    Airbnb is very unprofessional and should be out of business .
    They do not even respect basic ethics rules.
    I never dealt with such an inappropriate company

  5. This is hard to believe. As a Superhost it would be my nightmare. I can only hope that this new user broke a few rules, like trying to share contact information before the booking was confirmed. Such as a mobile number disguised as “oh ate too too free for fife ate for free” Or “Google me – my place is called Heaven Scent” and “save Airbnb”s commission by coming direct”

    Anything like that? I hope so.

    • Came across this website and going through the posts. Just wondering why you are here as you seem to be a big fan of Airbnb…
      In response to your comment, if you really go through all their terms, you’ll find that most hosts have broken at least one rule. Their policies in layman’s terms: “We can do whatever we want with your listing/account and you have no say. We can also change our terms anytime to suit our needs and if you have any problem with that, you can get delete your account any time.”

      One example of what I mean:
      If you know how the search works, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Units are ranked not depending on their quality, but based on what Airbnb feels maximizes their business targets. That’s why guests can’t search by price, popularity or reviews. If they see a host is not getting any bookings, unless the unit is very badly rated, they will bump it to the top. If they see a unit has no problems getting booked, they will drop it down even if it’s a superhost.

      Also, they have a new thing going on where they don’t even include some listings in the search for certain criteria (meaning the unit doesn’t show up at all, not just lower in ranking). For example, some units only show up when you search for more than 3 nights, although they have no minimum stay, some units only show up when you search for 4 guests, when they could also accommodate 2 obviously. They don’t care about you as a host individually, as long as they do well overall. Anyone working under such an employer would quit or sue, don’t know why people are so happy being mistreated just because Airbnb conducts their evil deeds under an excellent marketing campaign.

      • “Units are ranked not depending on their quality, but based on what Airbnb feels maximizes their business targets.”

        This is a remarkably big deal that seems to be lost on most people. Because of this people aren’t matched by how good they are for each other but instead by how good they are for AirBnB.

        I suspect that much of the consternation is because of this. I had a few weeks where i couldn’t host and noticed immediately that reservation requests were only coming from people w/o any feedback or profile. No AiBnB, I’m not going to rent my only home to someone who can’t take 5 minutes to fill out a profile.

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