Host’s screaming baby almost leads to violence!

Stay away from 14 Judith St, Ashgrove, Brisbane!  The host became violent and abusive when I simply asked if their baby was OK after hearing it cry non-stop all day!  The response from Airbnb was very good when I called to complain, but it was still overall a nightmare experience.

We had put up with 11 days of screaming from their 2 yr old and the crying newborn. I’m a mother of two and never heard a baby cry like that. We got out OK and avoided voilence, but I see that Airbnb still has not taken down the listing even though there was another review complaining about the same noise issue. I feel it’s very dangerous for anyone to stay at that apartment as the host is clearly disturbed and will become hostile if anyone mentions the noise. Even though we stayed a horrible 12 days, our booking was cancelled by the host, therefore we were unable to post a review warning others. There’s no way to give a negative review on Airbnb as the hosts can block.

The next guests will have no warning because I can’t review on Airbnb!

Horrible in Hong Kong

I booked this room, but I decided not to stay here ( very quickly after my arrival. I just looked at the place and said “not for me”. Whilst I probably should’ve investigated a bit more before agreeing to rent, but you tend to take things on face value, and other reviews, so I thought I’d got a decent deal. After having to navigate my way up a rather steep, narrow and extremely dirty and smelly staircase with brown liquid stuff (which I hope was ices cream or similar) carrying a heavy suitcase, I found a very, very tiny room with an extremely uncomfortable bed, very small outdoor style table and chairs, no place to hang or store clothing, the curtains are see through, and on top of all that, the air conditioner did nothing except make a loud noise. The place is quite central, but that’s probably the only thing it has going for it. Oh and the WiFi works fine, once you get the correct user id and password. It was printed incorrectly on the fact sheet, so I had to contact Romain to get it sorted. To Romain’s credit, he answered all my emails and inquiries very quickly, but unfortunately the place just wasn’t up to a standard I find acceptable. I think there needs to be more honesty in the description of the apartments on AirBnB. Must admit, this experience has left a bitter taste in my mouth and I probably won’t be using this service again. I did contact AirBnB, to complain, but 4 weeks later, I am still waiting for a reply.

Airbnb host never showed up

I had a plan to stay in Delft, the Netherlands for ten days, starting on the 25th August 2015. I flew from the UK and kept an appointment at 3pm on that day. The host Shay Hwa did not turn up. I tried to call, sms and email via airbnb. I spent five hours in Delft, the weather deteriorated and I had to find a hotel room in Amsterdam at extra cost very quickly and pay for train travel there. When the host mailed me via airbnb that evening it transpired that he was in Malaysia and he had presumed somebody would open the front door and let me in. I knew nothing of this and there was nobody to let me in. I returned to the address several times during the few hours I was in Delft and there was nobody present in the house. Having to find a hotel at very short notice on a rainy night and then finding alternative accommodation via airbnb was very stressful and I wasted a lot of my vacation this way as I needed to make several bookings. Airbnb did reply to my e mail very quickly, they offered me a full refund or credit plus a £50 credit. Shay Hwa is an incompetent person who I think failed to even understand the problems he has caused me, even wishing me a good stay in the hotel I had to book in Amsterdam, against my will. The man is an idiot and should not be trusted with anything that affects other people.