Host’s screaming baby almost leads to violence!

Stay away from 14 Judith St, Ashgrove, Brisbane!  The host became violent and abusive when I simply asked if their baby was OK after hearing it cry non-stop all day!  The response from Airbnb was very good when I called to complain, but it was still overall a nightmare experience.

We had put up with 11 days of screaming from their 2 yr old and the crying newborn. I’m a mother of two and never heard a baby cry like that. We got out OK and avoided voilence, but I see that Airbnb still has not taken down the listing even though there was another review complaining about the same noise issue. I feel it’s very dangerous for anyone to stay at that apartment as the host is clearly disturbed and will become hostile if anyone mentions the noise. Even though we stayed a horrible 12 days, our booking was cancelled by the host, therefore we were unable to post a review warning others. There’s no way to give a negative review on Airbnb as the hosts can block.

The next guests will have no warning because I can’t review on Airbnb!

Airbnb is a nightmare when something goes wrong!

Being a host on Airbnb since 2013 with 4 houses (I have only received 2 confirmed bookings via Airbnb since I started – all my other bookings have come from other sites that look much more sufficient, honest and effective), I unluckily went on to book a flat in Paris for a month through airbnb. After a very long search around the site I managed to book a property and fully paid for it in one go as was the owner’s policy. This was done in early October for a check in on the 19th of December 2015. One day later the host came back to me asking for more money (137 eur) with the excuse that she had not considered the Airbnb commission. I refused to pay extra money so the host threatened me with a cancellation of my booking. I didn’t really believe her (it was a young girl from Morocco who apparently had not a clue of respecting my trust) – being a host myself, I have never cancelled any booking from my side. I was surprised to receive the host’s cancellation 2 days later! Airbnb hastenned to propose me other apartments more expensive and promised me a bonus of 49 eur on my behalf. I finally booked another property which cost me an extra 88 eur charged on my c.c plus the 49 eur of the bonus. You will not believe what happens since then! I receive every single week (since october 2015 and till now) an e-mail from AIRBNB that I owe them 49 eur and this is under the reference of the cancelled reservation by the host. I have sent them copies of the invoices paid with 0 balance due again and again explaining the facts to them and asking them why they keep on annoying me, but no reply from them! They keep on sending me this stupid outstanding bill and I have found no way to stop them. I had to change my c.c used by them as I am afraid that they would charge me and now they send me messaging “problem with payment” all the time! I have searched everywhere to find a real telephone number to call them from Greece but I got one in USA which will cost me a fortune. After so much trouble faced being a guest, I seriously think I will also stop collaborating with them as a host – I really feel pity for AIRBNB guests trying to deal with it. Also, the host who cancelled my reservation does not have the automatic review mentioning the cancellation – normally this should appear at the host’s profile reviews, no?  How else will future guests know what this host did?