Airbnb Provides Noisy and Unruly Neighbours

For nearly two years, my life has been completely disrupted by an Airbnb next to my apartment. This is a mirror image of my apartment, and while I live alone, mostly, up to 14 people have been accommodated next door. The floors of this place are tiled, so all sound is amplified.

I have listened to countless nights trying to sleep, through drunken, drugged behaviour, people roaring and screaming, night and early morning. Nothing has been done to address my objections and my life has suffered greatly. The owners of the apartment are registered in Belize and the entire operation is shrouded in secrecy.

This is definitely a tax evasion, and possibly a money laundering operation. My apartment block is a small residential one with medium to long-term sublets. The people at Airbnb are completely disregarding the laws in the pursuit of profit, and ruining my home life.

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  1. Hi there, I’m researching noise issues of those living next to short term lets for an ITV documentary. Would it be okay to chat to you about your experience? If so, could you drop me an email?

  2. Could be worse. I have the exact same issue however its next to the home I purchased. If I knew I’d be living next to an empty home which would be rented by pimps, drug dealers, porn companies I’d have never purchased the home. I cannot believe airbnb goes unregulated and companies are buying up empty homes and renting them to whoever at the residents expense. Airbnb has come to my small city twice to lobby short term vacation rentals and lie and lie. I really hope this ends and I now have to spend my time and energy contacting local officials. I’m all for economic empowerment for property owners but renting empty homes and apartments should not be allowed.

  3. James…one rogue operator does not equate to 10,000. Do you know the circumstances of each and everyone, your hysteria discredits your otherwise credible account.

  4. We had three of these dodgy businesses operating on our stair here in Edinburgh; all of them were owned by outsiders, each of whom ran several of them in the area. It took us three years and a lot of struggle and legal battles to have them stopped. But there are still over 10,000 of them operating here. They are unauthorised and are destroying communities. There are plenty of legitimate hotels and custom-built registered guest houses in this city; don’t use black-market online “whole apartment” rackets.

  5. And it’s these kind of hosts that give us all a bad name. Really sucks that you have to deal with that. I agree with the person above.. if the noise continues I’d reach out to your bylaw officers and eventually they will be fined (or that’s how it works in Canada, not sure where you are located). Best of luck!

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