Airbnb Property Sold 10 days before Arrival

Our family of five booked our holiday to Montreal, four months before our planned date with Airbnb. Ten days before our arrival date, I received an email from the host and Airbnb stating the host had sold her condo. Of course, ten days before our arrival, there was not another suitable spot to rent in the Montreal area- we wanted to stay in. We are out the costs of train tickets, and very disappointed. If we had cancelled our reservation ourselves, we lost would have lost 50% of our booking costs, but obviously Airbnb not does feel that cancelling ten days before the arrival date demands any type of compensation. If I had known the condo was up for sale, I never would have rented the property. I sent an email to Airbnb, with no reply. All in all, very, very disappointing. I would never recommend Airbnb.

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  1. I had a cancellation 2 days prior to arrival and I was traveling with a 1.5-year old baby. It was pretty stressful looking for another place. Airbnb did help with another location and some credit, but they didn’t seem to care about the host. Their policies only protect the host. My particular host, made some excuse up and was able to find another renter for that weekend so basically there was no consequences for them at all and Airbnb doesn’t seem to care. They won’t even post the “The host cancelled the reservation within 2 days of arrival” review and refuse to tell me why.

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