Confirmed Booking Glitch Cancelled by Airbnb

I had paid for and confirmed a booking through Airbnb, which was cancelled due to a glitch in their system. On the night before my flight and less than 24 hours before my scheduled check in, I logged back into Airbnb to get my check-in information and the booking was gone. It took over an hour to finally get a person on the phone from Airbnb, and then another hour on and off hold.

All they could tell me was that I had a booking and now I didn’t. The host hadn’t canceled; it was simply an error in the Airbnb programming. Then it was less than 24 hours and I couldn’t book with the same host because he had a 48-hour notice rule. Airbnb issued the refund, but when I asked them to help with a new booking, the guy outright laughed at me.

I could not believe how awful the customer service was. This company simply doesn’t care about people, guests or hosts. They are completely profit driven. They pretend to be a brand that cares, but their actions speak louder. I ended up booking a last minute hotel for the same price.

Airbnb Property Sold 10 days before Arrival

Our family of five booked our holiday to Montreal, four months before our planned date with Airbnb. Ten days before our arrival date, I received an email from the host and Airbnb stating the host had sold her condo. Of course, ten days before our arrival, there was not another suitable spot to rent in the Montreal area- we wanted to stay in. We are out the costs of train tickets, and very disappointed. If we had cancelled our reservation ourselves, we lost would have lost 50% of our booking costs, but obviously Airbnb not does feel that cancelling ten days before the arrival date demands any type of compensation. If I had known the condo was up for sale, I never would have rented the property. I sent an email to Airbnb, with no reply. All in all, very, very disappointing. I would never recommend Airbnb.

More Protection than Guests: Airbnb is Untouchable

We booked a stay in Ha Noi, Vietnam, by the beach based on the blurb and pictures posted by the host. Although their ad left us a little confused as to what it was exactly – a homestay or bnb or hotel or ? – in both the written word and in the pictures, it had ticked enough boxes for us to send the host a few questions about connecting rooms and shared amenities, etc. The host was a little vague but sounded genuine enough for us to make the booking. Some six weeks later the host contacted us stating that several recent guests had complained that the hosts had not advertised what they were offering correctly and that we might want to cancel the booking. So, we asked some very specific and clear questions about the accommodation, always being mindful of the difference in languages. The responses were even more vague than our earlier attempts. It made us feel very uneasy and we asked the host to cancel the booking, which the host had suggested in their correspondence, and tried to find a way of contacting Airbnb for a refund.

When we found out that it was not going to be possible to contact Airbnb about this matter we wrote to the host. Disappointingly but predictably, she wrote back telling us that she could not and it would be up to us to do so and chase up a refund. At the end of all this I find myself $80 out of pocket, but even worse very disappointed in the completely unethical manner in which this huge company – Airbnb that is – hides behind the Internet curtain of anonymity. I cannot in good conscience use or recommend a company that has carefully engineered a site that supports a modus operandi that leaves aggrieved users out of pocket and doesn’t even give them a chance to sort out problems that were not the guests’ fault. In my case they will lose much more than the $80 I lost in this unfortunate deal.

Lucky I found AirBNB Sucks only a little late

I consider myself lucky that I didn’t actually book with this outfit. It’s my own fault for not doing the research myself and relying on the opinion of others. I tried to book 2 rooms for the weekend, racked up close to $800 in authorizations on my credit card before I realized something was terribly wrong. Each “hotel” waited nearly 12 hours and promptly denied my request. “I should have blacked those days out”. I bet you! Don’t book with this company. Save yourself the hassle.