The Tables have Turned: Hosts Rating Airbnb

On March 10th 2017, I happened to check my account on Airbnb and found that my response rating had been reduced from 100% to 50%. No prior warning was provided. It appears that I had not responded to Airbnb inquiries, but I had not received any. I set about trying to make contact with Airbnb, but that proved to be impossible. There is no contact point and no way of raising a support ticket. There is a feedback form I found on their website but after trying to write in my complaint, I got a response saying that the feedback form will not receive individual responses and it s not a support ticket. So where is the method or means to raise an individual support ticket request? It appears there is none. Airbnb is happy to take our money and dish out severe ratings but certainly does not want to hear about any problems that they may have created themselves. I tried to post the following to their feedback form, but I think this will not get any response:

Complaints about Airbnb as follows:

1. Unable to make any form of direct contact with Airbnb, almost suggesting the company is not interested in any contact from its customers.

2. Airbnb suspended my listing without any notice or threat due to my lack of response to their inquiries. However, none of these enquiries have come through in any of the methods usually deployed by Airbnb including:

a. No email indicating an inquiry was issued by Airbnb.

b. No notification alert from Airbnb.

c. No mobile phone text message from Airbnb.

However, Airbnb threatened to suspend my hosting as well as immediately reduce my response rating from 100% to 50% with no prior notification. This clearly is an Airbnb system fault and not my lack of response. I know this because customers have actually made contact with me since there was no response via Airbnb. This clearly supports the fact that it is your system that has the problem. A Google search on the matter brought up multiple similar occurrences with other Airbnb hosts. While this may be a glitch in Airbnb’s system. There is no way of contacting Airbnb to inform of the problem or get help to rectify this problem. There is no human contact available. Given this lack of response, there is a loss of customer revenue from the host’s point of view, which also translate to a loss of revenue from Airbnb. I would therefore reduce my rating of Airbnb as a hosting site from 100% down to 50%, similar to what they have given me. Unless I hear from Airbnb within the next two days, that satisfaction rating on Airbnb as my hosting site will be reduced further from 50% to 0%.

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  1. We had the exact same issue happen to us last year. I spoke with a human four different times and they insisted that even though the reduction was made in error that there was nothing they could do about it. After two months of calling and complaining about them being unable to do anything it magically disappeared and my response rating went back up.

  2. I would reach out to Airbnb through twitter. I have found them very responsive. Sounds like a bug in the system to me. I hope you get it sorted out.

  3. When you figure out how to rate them – please let us know.

    My rating for airbnb went from 100% to 20% in less than 3 months time – (being generous here with the 20% rating – as I do now have wonderful returning Guests that were met through airbnb) – However, I no longer will take on any of their Guests, nor be held ‘hostage’ to their outlandish platform and deceitful business practices, that unfortunately only were discovered when I became one of those “We assure you, it RARELY happens to a Host” Host. And to those who are still involved with airbnb – the term ‘RARELY’ is rapidly being phased out to ‘When’ – so please, be VERY careful.

  4. This is most likely related to your e mail address. Too often guests and hosts forget which e mail address is linked to their ABB profiles. That is where all your inquiries are going.

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