Complaint about Host and Apartment in Portugal

I am writing in regards to an apartment we rented in Albuferia, Portugal, to highlight how dangerous and dirty the place was. The oven and stove were unsafe and outdated; it got to the point where we expected to use matches and keep an eye on the oven just in case the gas ignited. The water was unsafe as it was scolding and you could not make it cold; it nearly burnt the skin off my hands. The apartment was filthy and needed a good clean too. When we complained to the host he was very short and abrupt with us, brandishing us as liars as he had stated that he apparently had nearly 5000 people stay there but only 29 positive reviews… so where are the other 4971 reviews? I wish I could leave a review as it was such a horrible experience. We decided to check in to a hotel as we did not want to stay with such horrible amenities or use the apartment of such a horrible host. We cancelled the booking and only got part of our payment back. This host needs to be vetted as he’s clearly not been to see the state of the apartment that he lets out and leaves his poor mother to do the dirty work. I am abhorred by the way that he has treated myself and my mother.

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  1. We are renting one in Luz- horrid. Misrepresented everything- internet log in and password incorrect, broken front and back door, no hallway lighting. No hot water, no way to contact landlord or management, 2 towels, nothing else. No television, scary extension cords (think Christmas vacation), host refused all calls and e-mails. Could not access the apartment, could not check in until someone left the front door open. Pure hell for the start. I will be following up with escalation and payback. This is criminal!

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